Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette | Is it worth the money?

When the long-awaited Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette was first announced on Jaclyn’s YouTube channel back last June (2017), everyone went bonkers with excitement.

To discover Jaclyn was collaborating with the high-quality/low-price brand for the second time, was great news to those who not only love Morphe, but Jaclyn too. I am definitely one of those people.

Personally, I think the opportunities that beauty influencers have nowadays are outstanding. When I first stumbled upon Bethany Mota’s channel when I was around 14 years old, I thought YouTube videos were a fun way to express creativity, but that was it. Slowly, as the beauty community grew in its entirety, so did the collaborations and business breaks. I think it’s fabulous how makeup brands make an effort to create a relationship with influencers, whether that be through sending PR packages, invitations to events or, in rarer cases, allowing them to create their own products in a collaboration with said brand.

I do make a good effort to support beauty influencers, as I understand that without support from subscribers and followers, they would arguably not have the opportunities that they do today, whether they deserve it or not.

One of the beauty influencers that deserves the world, is Jaclyn Hill.

She is extremely passionate about makeup and beauty, and her talent with a makeup brush is out of this world. She radiates happiness to all that watch her.

I only really discovered her channel a couple of years ago, so some may say I was a bit ‘late on the bandwagon’. Because of this, I missed her first launch with Morphe, The Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette. This palette was stunning, and definitely worth buying; but alas, I missed out. When I found out one of my favourite YouTubers, who I had ultimate respect for, was bringing out another palette, I was determined not to miss it this time.

However, it was a pain in the bum to get a hold of. The last time I had that much trouble buying something, was back early last year when I was trying to purchase Ed Sheeran tickets for his upcoming UK Tour. After 50 minutes stuck on the website on launch day, the palette sold out and I was as crushed as those pressed pigment eye shadows.

I decided not to waste my time during the next launch, I wasn’t going to sweat it as it had been announced it would become a permanent product in Morphe’s eye shadow palette line. Whatever would be would be, you know?

It’s taken me until a couple of weeks ago to get my hands on it, and the wait was certainly worth it!


Most of Morphe’s best-selling palettes (such as the 35O, 35R, 35F etc.) all include, funnily enough, 35 different shades. This palette is no different which is fabulous as it allows endless looks to be created. Jaclyn included a grand total of 7 different shadow formulas in this palette specifically to give us something new: Satin, Frost, Matte, Shimmer, Duo-chrome, Foil and Pressed Glitter. Now I don’t know about you, but I do not own (or have even seen) an eye shadow palette that offers this many different formulas. Jaclyn herself stated in her YouTube video that she wanted each shadow to be individual so they were pressed in a unique way.

Before I talk about the actual product any further, I want to mention the packaging…

The palette itself is a pure white colour with chrome lettering plastering Jaclyn’s name on the front. This packaging is simple, yet chic, and lightweight which makes it easy to travel with.


As you open the palette, there is no mirror which is one down-side to this product. Instead there is a nice message displayed in the centre/top of the inside lid:

“This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers. Xo Jaclyn”


This is a really nice touch to add to the palette, as it shows how appreciative Jaclyn is to her fans.

To be fair, the lack of mirror doesn’t bother me too much. I tend to use my own on my desk when doing my makeup and the addition of a mirror, specifically in this case, a big one to fit the size of the palette, would have increased costs on an already slightly pricey palette.

Now, let’s get onto the good bit, the shadows…

As previously mentioned, Jaclyn offers 35 different shades in the palette, each different to one another.

There is undoubtedly something for everyone; you have your warm shades, your neutral shades, your cooler shades, colourful shades, wearable shades etc etc.

First Row, Top-Bottom: Enlight (satin), Beam (frost), Silk Creme (matte), M.F.E.O (matte), Faint (shimmer), Sissy (duo-chrome) and Little Lady (shimmer). 
Second Row, T-B: Creamsicle (matte), Butter (matte), Pooter (matte), Pukey (matte), Hunts (matte), Firework (shimmer) and Queen (foil). 
Third Row, T-B: Obsessed (foil), S.B.N (foil), Hillster (shimmer), Roxanne (matte), Jacz (matte), Buns (matte) and Cranapple (shimmer).
Fourth Row, T-B: Royalty (shimmer), Twerk (shimmer), Hustle (shimmer), Meeks (shimmer), 24/7 (pressed glitter), Chip (matte) and Mocha (matte). 
Fifth Row, T-B: Pool Party (foil), Jada (matte), Diva (foil), Enchanted (matte), Central Park (matte), Soda Pop (matte) and Abyss (matte). 

When first finger swatching the shades, I was pleasantly surprised at how buttery they felt. The colour payoff was definitely there and the swatches gave you a glimpse into shades that looked like a flat colour in the pan, but were actually more exciting when swatched.

Don’t get me wrong, pretty much all of Morphe’s palettes have impressed me with their pigmentation and soft texture, but this one just felt extra extra special. It was here, that it really hit home how hard Jaclyn must have worked on this palette to get it absolutely spot-on perfect. Now, I’m not suggesting that Morphe’s other palettes have just been clashed together, that is not the case at all; but, this one just felt different on first touch.

When using the shades on the eyes, I was still beyond impressed, especially at the matte formula. Some darker matte shades, in particular reds (like Hunts) can be really tricky to formulate without streakiness and patchiness, which was not present at all in any of the shades!

All of the other formulas also impressed me, except from…

Duh Duh Dummmmmm

The Pressed Glitter, ‘24/7’. This was not giving me ANYTHING.

To be fair, at the time, I was unaware it was actually a pressed glitter, and thought it was instead an unpigmented foil with chunks of glitter included in the formula. It was only when I watched Jaclyn’s video back that I realised. The next time I used it, I pressed glitter glue on my lids and, voila, the perfect result.

All in all, this is, in my opinion, the best palette that Morphe has ever released. I got a bit of a shock at first glance at the price, not because it was particularly expensive, but more so because of the comparison between the prices of their other 35 pan palettes. To answer my question, this palette is undeniably worth the £37.

The quality is so high, and you can tell it has been really thought through and perfected by the Morphe team and Jaclyn to deliver incredible results.

All that’s left to say is, congrats to Jaclyn (not like she’ll ever read this lol I’m too low-key).

I completely recommend this palette to all of you; even better, did you know Morphe now has a UK website with free shipping over £30?! This isn’t sponsored I’m just excited ha.

It was lovely to get back writing again, I’m sorry for the silence guys. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Love from, Jess x

Buy the palette here!


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