YouTuber Alert – SofieBella

Hello lovelies!

I would just like to start this post by mentioning how disgusted I am with this awfuuuul weather. I own a few beautiful orange lipsticks that I only wear in the blazing sunshine and they’re just sitting in my draw. Not really good enough is it?

Summer gripes aside, I wanted to write a quick post tonight about this YouTube channel I have recently discovered. I was searching around for some more tutorials on the brand new Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette when I came across this video.

I really enjoyed watching this video, so much so that I proceeded to binge-watch their makeup tutorials for the rest of the day. I know Mam, I’ve already said sorry for not doing the dishes!

These girls, alongside running their own beauty company (shopsofiebella), are absolutely incredible at makeup. Their makeup looks aren’t only beautiful to look at, but the creativity they hold is insane.

Here are a few examples of their work…


Guys honestly I was so blown away by their talent, especially when watching their YouTube videos. If you’re looking for anyone new to watch, these are your girls!

Love from, Jess x

P.S. To all of my American fellow bloggers, Happy 4th of July!


Check out their YouTube channel here.
  • @shopsofiebella
  • @bellamakeup_
  • @sofia_torress

Disclaimer: All images taken from SofieBella’s Instagram accounts. 



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