Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay

Hellooo everyone!

It feels kinda weird to be writing again, it’s been so long since I actually had the time to sit down and write a post. I’ve really missed it, but I have now officially finished my final year of University – which is crazy. Obviously I have to wait for my results which will come through around the end of June/beginning of July before I know which mark i’ll be graduating with. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, enough about that. I just wanted to explain where I have been. University was my priority for the last few months, but I am now back and planning on focusing on this full-time. Exciting!

Today, I want to talk about an event I was lucky enough to attend on Thursday the 11th of May. It was the newest product launch by Urban Decay, and it was held in the Newcastle Debenhams store in the upstairs restaurant. I was invited to attend this launch by the amazing ELLEfluence.

The best way to describe this incredible platform, is to take a sneaky bit of info from their website:

‘This is our newest platform launching early 2017 where we bring brands together to create creative fusion with our growing collective of bloggers and influencers. This will not just be a blogging platform, but a place where brand managers can build a strong relationship with bloggers and influencers to maximise their ROI through gifting our bloggers their products or services or offering them Sponsored Post opportunities. We search through our comprehensive list based on the stipulation of the brief and find the blogger or influencer(s) with the greatest fit to work with you’.

Although I am a recently new member of ELLEfluence, I have to say that this platform is absolutely fantastic. It creates so many opportunities for bloggers, and provides a way to connect with brands; something that many of us rely on. I really recommend becoming a member: it is completely free, takes two minutes and will really benefit your career. Sign up here!


Jean-Michel Basquiat, was an incredibly famous artist around the world in the 1980s. His work is admired by many still to this day, so it makes perfect sense as to why Urban Decay would utilize his work to create a beautiful collection inspired by him. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1988 when he was only 28 years old, but it is amazing his work is still so recognized almost 40 years on.


From the colors to the shade names to the packaging, EVERYTHING in this special-edition collaboration evolved from the work of groundbreaking artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Like Urban Decay, Jean-Michel Basquiat was an outsider who challenged the status quo and used color in nontraditional ways. From his informal graffiti work and the way he mixed mediums and colors to the way he spoke out against social injustice, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit for our brand.


(Taken from the Urban Decay website). 

The Collection.

The collection features 9 different makeup products in a variety of colours. There are also a variety of canvas makeup bags graffiti-ed with Basquiat’s designs available to purchase.

Gold Griot Eye shadow Palette:


This palette could be classed as what some may call ‘the more wearable palette’ out of the two. This beautiful palette includes 8 different shades of eye shadows in both matte and metallic finishes. The colour range is extremely versatile; featuring an army of different colours which match together perfectly.

The shades are as follows:

  • Enigma (matte)- an essential cream colour, perfect for setting a tacky eye shadow base and highlighting the brow bone.
  • Levitation (matte)- A dusty nude colour, a perfect transition shade.
  • Not For Sale (matte)- A rich, warm brown with red undertones.
  • Suckerpunch (metallic)- A smokey grey shade with gold reflects.
  • Influence (metallic)- A bold, dazzling bronze.
  • BK (metallic)- A high-intensity silver with a shift of blue.
  • Pseudonym (matte)- a vivid navy shade.
  • Crown (metallic)- an incredibly unique gold metal with a duo-chrome effect of electric green.
Top – Bottom: Not For Sale, Suckerpunch, Pseudonym, Crown.


Tenant Eye Shadow Palette:


This is the undoubtedly the boldest and most vibrant piece in the entire collection. Filled with a range of bright colours, there are endless amounts of looks you can create with the versatility of this palette. During the launch, I was sitting nearest to the makeup artist and model who were actively demonstrating this palette, and I have to say I was blown away with the pigmentation and colour payoff each shade offered when used on the eyelids. The makeup artist created a fantastic look which demonstrated the perfect formula.


Unlike the previous palette mentioned, this palette offers more finishes within the eye shadow formula; there are matte shadows, shimmer shadows, metallic shadows and satin shadows.

The shades are as follows:

  • Studio (matte): A pale pink shade which could be used as a transition shade.
  • 1960 (matte): A shocking pink colour which will most definitely turn heads.
  • Neo (shimmer): A deep purple with tiny reflects of glitter.
  • Les (satin): A dark-soul, essential black shade.
  • Graffiti (metallic): A crocodile green pigmented metallic with heaps of gold glitter.
  • Exu (shimmer): A vibrant grass-green shade.
  • Boom (matte): the perfect bright teal colour.
  • Untitled (matte): A beautiful, unique rich blue colour.
Top – Bottom: Studio, 1960, Neo, Les, Graffiti, Exu, Boom, Untitled.

When swatching both of these palettes, I have to say that I was blown away by the colour payoff. The mattes were creamy, and not at all chalky, which is a problem I have encountered in the past with some Urban Decay eye shadows. The metallic and shimmer shades are better than ever, and offer the most beautiful finish on the eye lids.

Vice Lipsticks:

When the huge range of Vice lipsticks launched last summer (2016), there was a fantastic response with beauty lovers from all around the world adoring the new collection. Since the first launch, Urban Decay have released new shades, a range of liquid lipsticks and most recently, special effects glitter topcoats. With the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection, three new Vice lipsticks were also launched celebrating this renowned artist and his fabulous creations.

One of the best features of these new shades however, is the packaging, it’s amazing. The lipstick holders are covered in canvas, each one demonstrating a different piece of JMB’s artwork.



Abstract (cream formula): A cool nude with hints of grey.


Epigram (cream formula): A rusty brown shade.


Exhibition (comfort matte formula): A bright, fuchsia purple shade.


L-R: Abstract, Epigram, Exhibition.


Gallery Blush Palette:

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I did not get a picture of the actual palette. I’m sure I took pictures of everything, so I have no idea where the picture of this beautiful blush palette has escaped to, my apologies! To look at the product in more detail, please click here!

I am slightly confused as to why this is not called a face palette, but regardless, this product is beautiful! It features one bronzer, one highlighter and two blushes.

The shades are as follows:

  • X-Rated (blusher): Hot pink shade.
  • Now’s The Time (highlighter): Pigmented gold-champagne.
  • Jawbone (bronzer): A neutral bronzer, can also be used for contouring.
  • NOHO (blusher): A deep berry colour.
L-R: X-Rated, Now’s The Time, Jawbone, NOHO.


24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner Pencil:
Top – Bottom: Vivid, Post Punk, Anatomy. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of them separately!

The 24/7 Glide-on eyeliners are undoubtedly a staple in Urban Decay’s makeup line. Extremely well known for their incredibly creamy consistency and lack of transfer, it is great that they uncovered three new vibrant shades as part of this limited edition collection.

The shades are as follows:

  • Post Punk- An electric yellow/green shade.
  • Anatomy – A rusty warm red colour.
  • Vivid – A bright, pool water blue perfect for summer.


My Thoughts:

All in all, I think this collection is absolutely stunning. There’s just something about the inspiration and creativity behind the products which deserves endless amounts of praise. The fact that each product is covered in the consumer’s own exclusive piece of JMB’s artwork is also amazing.

I did not buy any of this collection, but this is not because I didn’t love it. I’m simply trying to cut down on my own spending so I can save for other more important things. I tell you though, it was hard to walk out of that gleaming Debenhams store without a bag full of the products…

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

Jess x




6 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay

  1. This Urban Decay looks like a dream! I definitely want. Thank you for sharing! I love your content and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.

    Come visit some time!

    💗, Mena from

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  2. I have purchased the both eyeshadows palette and the blush and bronzer and right now they’re on my top fav and it just a perfect collection for those who are a fan of Basquiat great collector pieces.

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