Florida 2016: Day 3 -Shopping Day

Friday 10th June:

So, today it was another early start. The alarm was set for 6.30am, and we had the usual shenanigan of my mam attempting to wake me up before she went in the shower, only to return to find my left arm hanging off the right side of the bed and my feet hanging centimetres from the floor while snoring my head off…standard.

As soon as I threw myself out of the bed to get myself up, I was wide awake as it was SHOPPING DAY!!!! I was literally so excited, there was no containing me. I quickly got ready and did the usual cha cha slide on the floor of the bathroom due to the slippery suncream residue, and then we left on our way to get some more delicious American fat to digest. Despite my cravings, I opted for a yogurt parfait while my Mam had a cinnamon roll. The parfait was nice, but let’s be real, it wasn’t no pancake. We ate in the Pepper Market, and once finished, made our way to the front of the hotel to catch a taxi to the Swan and Dolphin Resort. It was just before 8am, aka really early.


We were being picked up at 8.30 at this resort to go on a shopping ‘extravaganza’ tour, and the Swan resort was the nearest pick-up place for us to get to. We went with Florida Dolphin Tours, and they were absolutely fantastic. Our driver, Nicky, was absolutely hilarious and was really friendly. I 100% recommend anyone visiting Florida and wanting to experience some day trips to go with this company, they were fabulous.

We got to the Swan Resort at about 8.10am, so we just explored for the next 20 minutes before going to the reception of the hotel to meet our tour guide. Funnily enough, it was just my Mam and I to be picked up from this hotel. The second stop, was Caribbean Beach Resort, where we picked up this lovely family also from the UK. There should have been another family, but they didn’t end up showing up, so after 20 minutes of shaking our heads and swearing under our breaths, we left them behind. The final pick up, was at the Universal Garage, where we met a Scottish family, who were also really nice. We got on with everyone, and it was really nice to meet some new people.

So, the basic shopping day plan, was to start at Walmart, then venture to the Premium Outlets and finally end up in Florida Mall. So, we ended up at Walmart around 10 minutes after leaving Universal, and were early which meant more time to spend in there!!! I was really excited; as I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with the American way of life. I feel like I should have been American. I have always dreamed of going to Walmart which is absolutely ridiculous as it is just an American ASDA but nevertheless… So, I skipped in through the door and stared in disbelief at how big the place was. It was separated into 3 sections; pharmacy and beauty, home stuff and FOOD. We had a plan of attack, as we knew we were not going to be able to have a thorough look everywhere we wanted to due to time constraints.

First stop, was duh, the beauty aisles. I was dying to buy some drugstore brands of makeup that we can’t get here in the UK, e.g. Physician’s Formula, Elf, NYC etc. I filled my basket with makeup, most of which I still haven’t tried, and then we moved onto the food.

We bought so much, I won’t even lie.

I could honestly spend all day here. We managed to get 99% of the items on our list (INCLUDING red velvet oreos!!!!) and then headed to the checkout to pay. We were due to meet everyone back in the car park at 11:15 so we could get to the Premium Outlets by half past. Everyone got back early however, and we jumped onto the minibus to go on our next adventure (how corny). We arrived at the Premium Outlets at about 11:15am and all departed to explore all of the designer outlets and cool shops. It was such a huge place it was so difficult to see everything, we were planning on coming back at a later stage of the holiday but that plan was cancelled after the devastating terrorist attack.

The first shop we went to was Victoria’s Secret and I could not believe how cheap everything was! I bought some lovely things and we moved on: my purse $125 lighter. We also looked in Converse so we could buy my lovely friend something nice as she was looking after Chester and Cassie (our bunnies) for the whole time we were away. We also looked in Puma, American Eagle Outfitters, Fuzzywigs Candy and ventured into the food court.

After we’d finished at the outlets, it was time to get back to the bus and get ourselves over to Florida Mall, aka my fave place! I will spare you all of the boring details by saying we went to Taco Bell, Mochi, CVS, Macys, Hollister, Abercrombie and Sephora, and surprise surprise, spent more money…

By the end of the trip, we were honestly both absolutely shattered. Although a lot of the day had been inside in the beautiful, welcomed air conditioning, the temperature was still around 93 degrees F and being on our feet all day had really hurt our legs. We were happy to get back onto the bus and sit down for the trip home (which ended up taking a hella long time due to it being rush hour with a major thunderstorm going on). We were the 3rd stop, and it ended up taking us just short of 2 hours to get home, which would usually have been about a 50 minute journey tops.

Rather large beauty haul…

By the time we had got back to the hotel, luckily it had finished raining. We decided tonight that it was best if we just had a night in instead of going to one of the parks or to Disney Springs. It was already about 7.30pm by this time anyway, so we just headed to the Pepper Market to have some dinner.



Coronado Springs resort is absolutely beautiful, especially in the night-time. I urge anyone thinking about staying in Disney World to stay in this hotel, you will certainly not be disappointed!


Back in the room, we watched Mrs Doubtfire for probably about 20 minutes before we fell asleep. Not the most successful film-watching I must say…

I apologise if today’s trip report hasn’t been the most exciting, there is only so much you can say about shopping! Tomorrow will be better, I promise.

Tomorrow: Epcot & Animal Kingdom.


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