Morphe Brushes | Hit Or Miss?

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Apologies for going missing for the past few weeks. Uni has started up again and I don’t think I have ever felt so in over my head in my whole life. Obviously, it is my final year so I don’t know what I was expecting but at the same time, the pressure put on final year students is greater than I would ever have imagined.

I have to put my uni work first unfortunately. My final year mark has a huge impact on my probability to get a job when finished, and I need to make sure I do my absolute best to succeed. My blog is going to suffer. But that is just the way it is. I wish I could find a way to be able to put 110% into both, but that isn’t possible. I will still try and post as regularly as I can, but meanwhile there will be a lot of crying into empty Dominos pizza boxes. You know how it is.

Right, today I thought it would be cool to write another brand review. I wrote one last year on BH Cosmetics (read here) and I really enjoyed writing it.

Morphe Brushes is a US based brand which has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Both famous faces and YouTubers have helped publicize this makeup and brush brand to make it one of the leading names on the market.


I first tried out Morphe Brushes Cosmetics in September 2015, and I have never looked back. I bought two eye shadow palettes to try out with some birthday money and a makeup brush set. Today, I will be talking about my three eye shadow palettes (one of which I recently received for my 20th birthday back in August from my best friend) and my makeup brushes.

Although I haven’t tried out enough of Morphe’s products to give too much of a brand review, I hope my opinion will be somewhat helpful.

Makeup Brushes:

The Makeup Brush set that I purchased was the 684 18 Piece Professional Brush Set. When I bought both this set, and the two palettes, I actually ordered them off as at the time, I wasn’t aware of


Let me just take a few minutes to talk about Beauty Bay. It is a treasure, a gift brought down from Heaven etc…

Beauty Bay is a UK online based store that sells over 200 different beauty brands. It sells everything from makeup, to skincare, to beauty accessories, to haircare; it has something for everyone! It specializes in selling brands that beauty addicts would find hard to buy in the UK due to international shipping prices and demand, for example, Morphe Brushes, Anastasia Beverly Hills, LA Girl, Colored Raine, Makeup Geek etc.

Beauty Bay actually currently has an offer on where if you enter the code ‘FLEEKOUT’ at the checkout you can receive money off your final bill: 20% off £40, 25% off £60, 30% off £100.

Can I just add, that in no means is this post sponsored by anyone. All views are my own and I am writing about both Beauty Bay and Morphe Brushes just because I am a huge fan of them.

Let me just say, that the makeup brushes are fantastic. There is a brush for EVERYTHING, want to put a bit of highlighter on your cat’s nose? Why yes, there is a brush. The brushes are great quality as well and you get a lot for your money. Morphe, all in all is an extremely affordable brand, and the brushes do not compromise this. The brush set I got, for 18 great, multi-purpose brushes was less than £40 to buy. I’m sure one of the most popular MAC Brushes is £36?!?!

Makeup Brushes included in the set:

*This was copied from the Beauty Bay website in the Morphe description box – This description was not written by me*

  • “Pointed Liner Brush – Applies eyeliner beautifully to the lash line.
  • Brow/Lash Groomer Brush – To be used on the eyelashes and arches to ensure maximum effect.
  • Angle Liner Brush – Excellent for creating a winged look with eyeliner.
  • Lip Brush – Applies lip colour using control.
  • Spoolie Brush – To be used on the eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Smudger Brush – Creates the iconic smokey eye effect effortlessly.
  • Small Fan Brush – Rids the complexion of eye makeup fall out whilst also contouring the complexion.
  • Pencil Brush – Applies precise eyeshadow effortlessly.
  • Oval Shadow Brush – Blends eyeshadow beautifully into the eyelid.
  • Concealer Brush – Magically hides all imperfections and blemishes.
  • Small Blending Fluff Brush – Blends makeup onto the complexion flawlessly.
  • Deluxe Blending Fluff Brush – Blends the product into the face with impeccable results.
  • Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush – Blends eyeshadow onto the light stunningly.
  • Foundation Brush – Flawless, even coverage is guaranteed with this brush.
  • Duo Foundation Brush – Stipple the foundation to create a dimensional effect.
  • Angle Blush Brush – Blusher blends seamlessly onto the complexion with this beauty necessity.
  • Deluxe Powder Brush – Dusts powder over the face to create a fabulous finish.
  • Powder Dome Brush – Seamlessly applies powder-based products to the complexion crafting a flawless finish”.

I also separately picked up the Flat Contour Brush (M460) which is perfect for cream contouring.

The only complaint I have with these brushes as that they tend to shed, but only the bigger brushes with more hair. The first time I used the white domed powder brush, within two minutes I looked like Tim Allen did in the film ‘The Santa Claus’ when all of a sudden his appearance started changing to Santa’s. This is not ideal when you chose sleep over appearance and you have to spend five extra minutes that you don’t have picking the little white hairs off your face, admittedly. Despite the odd shedding brush however, I think this brush brand is fantastic.

Eye Shadow Palettes:


I am very lucky to have these three pride and joys in my collection. They are all unique in different ways and extremely versatile; I will never run out of looks to do. Morphe sells a range of different eye shadow palettes, each having a different theme. It is obvious that they think long and hard about which shadows look the best together and therefore which to include in each palette.

Something in specific I find amazing is how much inspiration I can get to create different eye looks just by looking at these palettes.The range of colours are phenomenal and there is something to suit everyone.

As for the formulation of the eye shadows: this is incredible too. This is a huge claim to make, but the pigmentation of the matte eye shadows is the best pigmentation of this finish of eye shadows I have ever tried. Everyone knows that matte eye shadows can either be a complete miss, or a complete hit, but this is not known just by simple hand swatches.

When I swatch eye shadows, I tend to gravitate towards the shimmer and metallic finishes before the mattes, as I am scared of being let down before being impressed. This was not the case with the Morphe shadows. The mattes swatched extremely well, both on the hand AND on the eyes. The pigmentation is perfection; allowing you to put your complete trust in a Morphe palette whatever you need it for. The formula is also very buttery and easy to blend out, exactly what you look for in a top quality eye shadow palette.

The only complaint I have, is that the fall out is pretty bad with the deeper shades.This is however to be expected with extremely pigmented eye shadows, and it is worth putting up with. Yeah, you’ll have a messy palette and you’ll have to for sure create your eye look before putting your base on, but what does that matter for the quality?

Here are a few pictures and swatches of the eye shadow palettes I own.










Overall, I think Morphe Brushes is a phenomenal brand. It offers fantastic quality for your money, and you most certainly will not be disappointed.

To buy Morphe, click here for their website or here for Beauty Bay.



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