My Favourite YouTube Halloween Looks

Hey guys!

So with Halloween creeping up, I love seeing my YouTube recommended page full of creepy and fun Halloween makeup tutorials created by my favourite YouTubers.

I also love watching videos from the past as well, to get some fresh inspiration.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have any plans for Halloween this year, but hopefully some will appear in front of me like them creepy clowns wandering the streets at the moment. Have you heard of them?! If not, read the news article here:

I thought I would share some of my favourite videos to watch on here with you guys. I honestly think that these transformations are phenomenal, and the way the artists explain the steps make the looks so easy to recreate.

If any of you are stuck for any Halloween makeup ideas, or just generally like watching people looking creepy as hell, check out this list below.

Hope you enjoy! And happy Halloween (mwah aha ahah).


Stapled Face


Click here for video

Stitched Up Mouth 


Click here for video

Zombie Unzipped Face


Click here for video

See more of Shaaanxo on her channel




Click here for video

See more of Chrisspy on her channel

Desi Perkins:

Melting Skull


Click here for video

See more of Desi on her channel

Nicole Guerriero:

Demented Fortune Teller


Click here for video

Rotting Riding Hood


Click here for video

Ice Queen


Click here for video

See more of Nicole on her channel

Holly Boon:

Burn Face


Click here for video

See more of Holly on her channel

Disclaimer: all of the photos used were screenshots of the videos.



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