Florida 2016: Day 2 – Magic Kingdom & Disney Springs

Hi guys!

Ok, I said I was going to post about my time in Florida back in June (just after I got home), pretty obviously, this hasn’t happened. These posts take a hell of a lot longer to write than I first thought, and I just haven’t had the time to write up the 2nd day of the trip until this morning.

I still want to post about my holiday as I had originally planned, but the Florida posts wont be as often as I first expected.

I had a great time in Florida and I can’t wait to go back. I’m itching to have cuddles with Mickey Mouse while smelling the sweet scent of cookies drafting up and down Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Until then, I just have to experience Florida all over again by writing up my daily trip reports, looking at my photos and watching YouTube videos.

I also love reading other people’s trip reports which is why I decided to share mine with all of you! I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

Read day one here.

Tuesday 9th June – Day Two:

            So, we had an early start this morning but neither of us seemed to mind. I was so excited to return back to my beloved Magic Kingdom, which meant that for once, sleep was on the back-burner. Magic Kingdom opened at 8am today, so the alarm went off at 6 and I was up and in the shower by half past (I tried). We both got ready, but we had completely forgotten how long it took to put our suncream on. Although suncream is a faff on, I need to cover myself in it on holiday as I get burnt sitting in the garden for 5 minutes in ENGLAND. It took about 25 minutes each for my mam and I to get ready, and then we set off to the main building of the hotel to get some breakfast at around 7am. The hotel is absolutely beautiful, of course we had a little look around yesterday, but it looked even more amazing in the dim, early morning light. The food court at Coronado Springs is called ‘The Pepper Market’, this being because of the Mexican theming of the resort.

            My mam got a veggie omelette with a mixed fruit juice, while I got the more unhealthy option, pancakes with a side of bacon (it was either that or sausage). If meat and pancakes was not already a weird combination, the pancakes came with syrup. Now, call me weird but I decided to try the rasher of crispy bacon covered in syrup, and it was pretty damn good I must say. I purposely put syrup on my bacon for the rest of the holiday…yay or nay?

After we had our breakfast, we headed to the bus stop to catch the next bus to the Magic Kingdom. There were already a lot of people waiting, it seemed as though there hadn’t been a bus for a little while already and we had to wait for about 15 minutes – not the best start! Finally, a bus arrived at 7:50AM; we were worried that it may already be full as we didn’t know if the bus had stopped around the resort first. Luckily, it hadn’t and we were the first stop (out of 4). We got to Magic Kingdom really fast actually, there wasn’t much traffic on the road which we deemed unusual. By 8:05, we were off the bus and excitedly walking to the entrance.

Despite getting to the Magic Kingdom early on the bus, it didn’t make a difference. There were hugeeee queues for bag check and we had to wait a little while. However, it is really good that there is increased security now in light of the recent tragedies. Not only now do you get your bag checked, random people (I would say about every 3 people) get selected for additional screening through a metal detector. This doesn’t take two minutes, so does not hinder your time at all.

Finally at the entrance, we scanned our magic bands and watched in delight as the little Mickey Mouse on the gates lit up and we were allowed our entry.

As we walked into the park, the familiar sweet smells and cheerful music filled us with happiness; it was really good to be back. We didn’t dawdle for long, as we really wanted to get on some of the more popular rides before the wait time jumped up. Our Fastpasses didn’t start until 10am, so we headed to Fantasyland to see what rides we could get on there. Last time we visited (2014), the courtyard area in front of the castle was all boarded up as it was being renovated; it looks absolutely beautiful now! There are little patches of grass surrounding little bridges covered in flowers, stunning!


Our first stop was Peter Pan’s Flight. We really wanted to get on this, as this is by far one of the most popular rides in the whole park. The wait time was listed as 20 minutes, which was fine but however, when looking at the queue, it was obvious it was a lot longer than that. We decided to give it a miss, and instead went on the Little Mermaid ride nearby. We then went to Dumbo, but there was only one side of the ride working so we didn’t bother waiting in the growing queue. Next to Fantasyland, is Tomorrowland (probably one of my favourite lands in the park), we considered riding the Speedway, but again, the wait was longer than we wanted. Looking back, we probably should have just waited but there was always the risk there that we would miss the opportunity to go on rides we wanted to go on more due to the long waits posted.

One of our favourite rides, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger’s spin was literally a walk on, which was fantastic. I really love this ride as it’s more of a game. You have to shoot targets in a little car in order to gain points. My mam usually beats me by a lot on this ride, but this time I actually won? I was also wearing my prescription sunglasses as silly me forgot I can’t see and didn’t have time to get my glasses out (it’s a reasonably dark ride).

The good thing is, with the package holiday that we booked, we got the Memory Maker for free. This extra service Disney offers is usually about $200, and we really enjoyed using it during our time there. Most rides have a photo opportunity, so after departing, you can scan your magic band and the picture/video goes straight onto your Disney account, where you can access it from anywhere: tablet, IPhone, laptop etc.

We found our photo and scanned it (after we had finished laughing at how silly we looked), and then headed to my FAVOURITE RIDE EVER, The People Mover. Now, I really don’t know why I love this ride so much. It is literally like a monorail ride around Tomorrowland with this weird robotic voice telling you where all of the rides are. I think it’s just because it is a nice sit down in the boiling hot weather and you can see views of Magic Kingdom, which I LOVE. It was closed the last time we were here, so I had to entertain myself with YouTube POV videos of the ride (how sad).

It was gone 10 by now, so we decided to head to Frontierland to use our Big Thunder Mountain Railroad fastpass. We bought a yummy strawberry and banana smoothie from Auntie Gravity’s and began the trek across the park. However, we decided to not use the fastpass, and instead went on rides we passed that had no wait: Small World, Haunted Mansion.

Our next fastpass was not until 11am, so we went over to Tom Sawyer’s island, a little forest with lots of secret trails surrounded by the river “Great Waters of America”. It was really starting to heat up now (91 degrees F) so the raft ride over the river was brutal. Thankfully, due to the trees it seemed a bit cooler on the Island. We explored for about half an hour, had a jump around on the famous barrel bridge and then caught a raft back to the mainland.

A squirrel came right up to me on the Island.
‘Rivers of America’.
View of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from the Island.

The next fastpass we had lined up was for Pirates of the Caribbean, another of our favourite rides. We were both getting a little hungry though, so we first stopped at Pecos Bill’s to get some Mexican food. We thought coming early to beat the crowds was a fabulous idea, only to find out the crowds had the exact same idea! The food order queue was massive, and then it was difficult to find a seat, and believe me, there was a LOT of seating. Finally, we snagged a seat from a Lady who was just about to leave and sat down to eat.

My mam had a veggie burrito, packed with: rice, beans, salsa, lettuce and cheese and I had some nachos without the beef – I wasn’t in a very beefy mood. With the meal plan we were both on, you get a dessert free, which in this case were churros with a chocolate dip. We didn’t eat them though, they were cold and aren’t our favourite dessert anyway.

Suitably full, we headed for Pirates and got on the ride within 5 minutes. Same old great ride, but they have now added smells to go along with the scenes which is a nice touch.

We headed back over to Tomorrowland (this holiday involves a hella lot of walking) to ride Buzz with our final fastpass of the day, go back on the People Mover one more time and then we decided to leave. The one thing with the Disney Parks that I would suggest, is to go earlier rather than later. The rides get really really busy around midday and the weather really heats up, and for us English folk, that is hard to deal with.

On the way out, we stopped at the Candy Store on Main Street USA. I was craving a plain Rice Crispy treat, but unfortunately they all had yucky icing on them. I still bought one however, in the shape of a baseball, mainly because it was the one with the least icing on. We left the park absolutely shattered and headed to the Coronado Springs bus stop.

Back at the room, I dragged a chair outside onto the balcony and Facetimed Tom for around an hour and a half. It had only been 3 days since I had last seen him, but I was missing him already. I then had a little nap (I love my nana naps) and we left the room again at around 5:45pm.

The plan for tonight was to visit Disney Springs again via El Centro (the main building of the hotel). We, again, had to wait a little while for a bus but were soon on our way. We got to Disney Springs at approx. 6:30pm and entered via the Town Centre. We tried to take a slightly different route to see more of the new shops: Alex & Ani, Under Armour (we saw this logo EVERYWHERE while on holiday, is it popular in America?), Sprinkles, L’Occitane, the Boathouse etc. Of course, I was disappointed we didn’t walk past Sephora in all of its mighty glory, but I was convinced to go there before we left later on that night, I just couldn’t get enough!

Disney Springs.

After having a bit of a mooch around, we headed to the original Marketplace for dinner. We both love the Tuna Melt Paninis from Earl of Sandwich so we got one of them each and sat outside. I really love the food from here, even the desserts are delicious – chocolate pudding for me and fruit jello for my mam. But, my my my… Ice Tea is NOT the same in the States. I got sweetened ice tea with my meal and quite literally spat it straight back out. It was disgusting! A few days later when we went back, I tried the unsweetened ice tea and that was even worse. Lesson learned.

Outside the Lego shop in the Marketplace area.
The Boathouse restaurant area – You can actually eat in old boats!

After dinner, we had a look in the biggest Disney Merchandise store in the World – The World Of Disney. It really is a Disney lover’s biggest dream come true being in this shop, they sell everything! There was an amazing Donald Duck mug that I really wanted to buy, but there was no chance I would have been able to get it back home. With a sad heart and a frown on my face, I walked away (lol dramatic, but it was a lovely mug). I also looked at phone cases while my mam looked for stickers for the scrapbook. Neither of us found what we were after unfortunately. The one problem with how big the shop is, is that it is so tricky to find what you are looking for.

Inside the World Of Disney.

It was getting late now so we decided to get the bus back to the hotel, conveniently past the welcoming doors of Sephora. My mam had to make sure I didn’t spend anything, as I didn’t want to blow all of my money so early in the holiday, and we had a shopping day planned for the next day. Instead, I just swatched, sprayed and snapchatted the array of beauty products in front of me.

We got the bus at about 9.30pm, and we were both shattered. We got off at our bus stop for once (Casitas), and were surprised at just how close it was to our room. We used this the most for the rest of the holiday.

I was so knackered that I pretty much went straight to bed when we got in. My mam put on NCIS and went to open some wine, which didn’t end up happening as she didn’t have a corkscrew. She was most upset.

Apparently there was loads of noise from our building’s pool again, which may I say, never bothers me. I sleep through anything! However, I did wake up at about 12:40am to extremely extremely loud fireworks. We were surprised to hear them, as it was so late and we were confused as to where they were coming from as all of the parks were now shut for the night. We later found out it was Hollywood Studios testing out their fireworks for the new Star Wars show. We went back to sleep without a problem.

Tomorrow: Shopping day!


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