HUGE ColourPop Order | Part 2 – Haul & Swatches

Hi guys 🙂

This post is literally just an extension of my last which you can read here. The first part of my ColourPop haul, was all about my shipping and delivery experience. However, this post is all about the goodies I actually got my hands on!

I started writing this a few days ago, but I unfortunately came down with a mega cold and have barely been able to do anything. I wanted to put this up pretty much immediately after the other but I couldn’t 😦 waaaah 

I know I have been doing a lot of hauls recently, but I will be on a no-makeup-buy from now on i’m thinking. I need to begin to be smarter with my money, and would quite like to rediscover products I haven’t used in a while before splurging on more.

You know when you order something and begin to realise it was a bit excessive? Well, that’s definitely me right now. But, I have no regrets. As mentioned in my previous post, I have wanted to try out ColourPop makeup for a long time, and the products I have tried out already have certainly not disappointed me.

The usual disclaimer I have on my haul posts: I am extremely lucky to have this makeup, and I am entirely grateful for it. I am in no way showing off, I am just showing fellow makeup lovers what I purchased. This is what I like spending my money on, and makeup is my passion.

Without further ado, here is what I bought!

The main reason I have wanted to put in an order is for the well-praised liquid lipsticks, one of ColourPop’s signature makeup products. As some of you are aware, they have released these liquid lipsticks in 3 different finishes: Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin and Ultra Metallic.

Ultra Matte:

This is the formula category from which I bought the most products. Matte lips are my absolute fave, but I really struggle finding a good formula that is not extremely drying and uncomfortable on my lips. I have only worn these a few times so far, so cannot give a complete review but these have immediately climbed up to my favourite formula of matte liquid lipsticks.


  • First Class – A warm, orange/red shade.
  • Pacific – A vibrant orange/coral shade.
  • Donut – A warm pink shade.
  • Chilly Chili – A deep brown shade with red undertones.
  • Teeny Tiny – A brown/plum shade.
  • Bumble – A deep nude colour with red/pink undertones.
  • Beeper – A deep tan brown nude.
  • Lumiere 2 (Kathleen Lights)- A dusty rose shade.
  • Chi (Karrueche)- A warm medium brown nude.
  • Trap – A cool-toned light pink nude.
  • Platform – A peachy pink light nude.

One thing I have to mention with these, are that half of the colours were different to what I was expecting. I went off the colours/shades the picture provided on the website, but despite this I am not complaining. The colour range I have purchased is beautiful, and I am very excited to experiment more.

Top-Bottom: First Class, Pacific, Donut, Chilli Chili, Teeny Tiny
Top-Bottom: Bumble, Beeper, Lumiere 2, Chi, Trap, Platform.

Ultra Satin:

I was really intrigued to try out this formula to see how they looked on my lips. As mentioned above, I love matte lips but they are sooo drying. The Ultra Satin Lip claims to dry down not completely matte, but with a slight shine which indicates it’ll be more comfortable on your lips.


  • Littlestitious – The perfect, light-pink nude.
  • Alyssa (Kathleen Lights) –  A classic rose pink colour.
  • Point Zero (Kathleen Lights) – Yet another Kathleen Lights shade, can you tell I like her? An amazing grey toned brown.
  • Frick’n Frack – A rich, deep pink colour with red undertones. May have just got this colour for the name?
Top-Bottom: Littlestitious, Alyssa, Point Zero, Frick’n Frack.

Ultra Metallic Lip: 

As many of you probably know (if not, where you been?!) Metallic lips have been all of the rage throughout the Summer months. I never thought I would ever suit metallic lips, but all of the shades in ColourPop’s range really stood out to me. I decided to just try one in case I wasn’t a fan.

  • Maneater – A bronze shade with metallic gold reflects.

I love this shade, and now I am really regretting not purchasing more.

Ultra Glossy Lip:


Ok, although this isn’t classed as a liquid lipstick, ColourPop also brought out a new lip product to fit in with their ‘Ultra Lip’ range. The Ultra Glossy Lip range is the newest range of lip finishes to hit ColourPop’s website, and it is proving to be very popular.

I usually hate glossy lips on me, but seeing YouTuber’s swatch all of the amazing shades, I decided to give it a go. I ordered 2 colours:

  • Weho (creme)- A pigmented brown/pink nude gloss.
  • My Jam (metallic) – An amazing Rose Gold pigmented shade.
Top-Bottom: Weho (gloss), My Jam (gloss), Maneater (Ultra Metallic).

Both of these are incredible, and the best lip glosses I have ever tried. They aren’t sticky at all, and stay on the lips for a very long time. Within the Ultra Glossy Lip range there are three finishes available: Metallic, Creme and sheer.

Lippie Stix:

Ok, also some more of ColourPop’s bestsellers are yet more lip products.

Their ‘Lippie Stix’ are definitely some of the most raved about lipsticks within the beauty community, and for good reason. I decided to pick a few of these up to try them out, as I have only heard good things about them.


  • Chi Chi (matte): A bright, hot orange.
  • Aquarius (Kathleen Lights) (creme): A light nude shade.
  • Pillow talk (matte X): A mid-toned brown.
  • She Bad (matte X): A light, nude pink.
  • Cookie (matte): Another light, nude pink but with hints of peach.
  • Lumiere (Kathleen Lights) (matte): A beautiful, dusty rosy pink.
  • Skimpy (glossy): A light, baby pink.
Top-Bottom: Chi Chi, Aquarius, Pillow Talk, She Bad, Cookie, Lumiere, Skimpy.

Lippie Pencils:

Alongside the renowned ‘Lippie Stix’, you can also get ‘Lippie Pencils’. The range of shades available in these is incredible, and I decided to pick up a few of these also; not just for my new ColourPop lippies, but for all of my other lip products as well!


  • Frick’N Frack: Matches Ultra Satin Lip.
  • Chi Chi: Matches Lippie Stix.
  • Aquarius: Matches Lippie Stix.
  • Tootsie: An ashy, brown colour with hints of purple.
  • Chi (Karrueche): Matches Ultra Matte Lip.
  • Lumiere (Kathleen Lights): Matches Ultra Matte lip and Lippie Stix.
  • Skimpy: Matches Lippie Stix.
Top-Bottom: Frick’n Frack, Chi Chi, Aquarius, Tootsie, Chi, Lumiere, Skimpy.

Super Shock Shadows:

Finally, I’ve listed all of the lip products! Sorry, I think this is going to be a long one!

Another raved about ColourPop product is their eyeshadows; these can either come in specific sets (still packaged in individual pots) or singularly. I was dying to try some of these shadows; while browsing through the website for the 1000th time, my jaw was down to the floor when looking at some of these amazing colours. I made the decision to only pick up what I would class as ‘Lid shades’ as I feel I can match these with crease shades that I already own rather than making a bigger purchase.


  • Krinkle: An icy blue with silver AND gold reflects.
  • Midnight (Kathleen Lights): A bronze shade with gold glitter.
  • Envy: A vibrant purple with lilac reflects.
  • So Quiche: A shell colour with gold and pink glitter.
  • Partridge: I can’t for the life of me work out what colour this is. I perceive it to be a green/gold/grey colour?
  • Bae: A purple shade with heavy blue and silver glitter.
  • Shameless: A christmas-sy dark green colour with blue, grey and gold reflects.
  • Friskie: A charcoal grey shade with silver glitter.
Top-Bottom: Krinkle, Midnight, Envy, So Quiche, Partridge, Bae, Shameless, Friskie.


Super Shock Cheek:

I realllllly wanted to try a highlighter from ColourPop, as my favourite YouTuber’s often use them in their videos and they look amazing!

I picked up ‘Lunch Money’ – A gold, champagne shade.


Sculpting Stix: 

I also picked up a cream contour stick in the shade ‘Dove’- which is a ashy light brown colour suited for lighter skin tones (it doesn’t show up well in photos so no swatch). I completely gambled on this colour, as the picture wasn’t too clear online. However, I am very impressed with how much it suits my skin.

Brow Colour:

I decided to try their reasonably new ‘Brow Colour’ in a hunt to find a dupe of Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow Pomade (comparison post coming soon).

I picked up the shade ‘Dope Taupe’ (WHAT a cool name!) and now, I wish I had also picked up the pencil form.

Creme Gel Liner:

FINALLY, the last products in my haul. I’m sorry this was such a long one guys, but now i’m guessing you can see why I felt I was being excessive.

I picked up 2 liners in pot form and 2 in pencil form so I could see how each form compared with the other.

Pot Form:

  • Mr Bing (Kathleen Lights): A red-based warm brown.
  • Show Me: A bronze-gold.


Left-Right: Dope Taupe (Brow Colour), Show Me (Liner), Mr Bing (Liner).

Pencil Form:

  • Get Paid: A gold/rosy/bronze.
  • Overboard: A dark bronze.


Left-Right: Overboard, Get Paid.


Rightio, so that’s the end of the ColourPop Haul guys, I hope you enjoyed reading!

My first impressions of these products is extremely good; I haven’t provided a lot of info about each individual product as I would quite like to write separate reviews on each product category.

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post, was that ordering off ColourPop blocked my debit cards. No need to panic, but as ColourPop is an American-based website, they wouldn’t let me make the purchase as it was deemed ‘suspicious’. As annoying as it was at the time, I think this is great fraud prevention on the bank’s behalf. Basically, when I tried to place my order, the screen came up with ‘card declined’. I attempted this a few times with no luck, so asked my mam if I could use her card instead and give her the money. Of course, the same was said for her card (from a different provider) and we realised that both of our cards had been blocked. We both had to ring up our banks and explain that we did try to complete this transaction and our cards were unblocked. Before doing this, we managed to authorize the payment through PayPal but I just want you all to be wary that if you are a UK customer, this will most likely happen to you and don’t panic about it. Your bank will still let you process the transaction, you just have to ring up and prove it’s you 🙂



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