HUGE ColourPop Order | Part 1 – My UK Ordering Experience

Hey guys!

Today, i’m writing a post that I have wanted to write for a very long time now – all about ColourPop.

ColourPop is an online-based US brand that has recently started shipping internationally (as of July 12th 2016).

Before I go on to my ordering experience and tell you all about shipping costs etc, I just want to tell you a bit of background about my order.


In all honesty, I have wanted to try ColourPop for about a year now (i.e. ever since I first heard about it). All I have ever heard about this brand, is fantastic things. ColourPop is best known for its incredible range of liquid lipsticks (in different formulas), ‘Lippie Stix’, Cream Gel Eyeliners and ‘Super Shock Shadows’, but they also sell lip pencils, ‘Sculpting Stix’, cheek products and so much more!

Their product range and colour choice are absolutely phenomenal – there is something for everybody. At just $5/$6 a piece, the brand is also extremely affordable, while offering quality better than a lot of high-end makeup retailers.

So because of all of this, i’m sure you can understand why I was dying to put an order in, right?

My original plan (before shipping became international), was to order some products and get them sent to my hotel in Florida back in June, as it had the US shipping address I needed. I went to put my order in 3 days before arriving in Florida, and was absolutely devastated to discover I could not place my order as I needed a US billing address. I really was gutted, because at this point I didn’t know international shipping was coming.

But, THANK YOU COLOURPOP! They listened to their fans and made the plunge to start international shipping, probably making thousands of makeup lovers cry with relief (i’m not admitting anything).

OK, so I very gratefully received money for my birthday, and I knew immediately what I was to spend it on…

I placed my rather large order on the 31st August, and was provided with a tracking number and a tracking website link, which of course I stalked 10 times a day. ColourPop’s website states that international orders will take from 7 to 21 days to arrive, and I kept my fingers crossed that mine would be one of the early international deliveries. I was wrong.

Here’s a breakdown of the tracking timeline:

August 31st: Shipping label created – Oxnard, CA

September 1st: Arrived at facility – ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

September 1st: Processed through facility – ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

September 1st: Arrived -Los Angeles, United States

September 1st: Departed – Los Angeles, United States

September 5th: Processed through facility – UK

September 5th: Held in Customs – Coventry, UK

September 13th: Processed through facility – Coventry, UK

September 14th: Arrived at Post Office

September 14th: Payment of charges – item being held, addressee being notified

September 14th (5:46pm): Delivered

So, as you can see, there were a lot of steps involved for what I thought would be a reasonably easy delivery. I was extremely frustrated that my order was in customs for 8 days, and actually was getting nervous that there was a problem. Obviously, all products ordered outside of the UK have to go through customs, but I had never known it take so long before (looking back, I suspect this was because of how much I ordered, but that is not confirmed).

Finally, It was ready to be delivered but could not be left at my door due to impending customs charges that needed to be paid beforehand. Now, I was expecting this. What I was not expecting, was to be hit with the ridiculous charge of £51.40 just to get my parcel that I had already paid for. Understandably this made me extremely angry. That is a hell of a lot of money to pay, but my parcel would have been sent back to the US and I would have not been able to try my ColourPop so I had no choice to pay the ridiculous fee.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with ColourPop, but I am extremely unhappy at how much I had to pay. However, nothing more could be done and I will just have to grin and bear it unfortunately.

Overall, I felt the order took a long time to arrive (the back-end of the estimated delivery time). This was not due to ColourPop, but was instead due to English Customs, which is a necessary step in international orders.

I would definitely place another order, even despite the hefty customs charge. However, what I would suggest to anyone ordering is to save enough money in your budget in case something like this happens to you. I was lucky that I still had a bit of bday money left, but for others, it could be a nasty shock.

I am really happy with the makeup I have ordered, and please stand by for Part 2, which will be a haul and swatches of my new goodies!




3 thoughts on “HUGE ColourPop Order | Part 1 – My UK Ordering Experience

  1. Sorry to hear about your customs charge, I was hoping to place an order myself! I always thought custom costs was calculated as 20% of the amount including shipping. How big was your order/how much did you spend?

    Kind regards

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