Violet Voss Drenched Metal Palette | Review & Swatches

Hi guys!

So today, I am going to be writing allllll about the Violet Voss Drenched Metal palette.

Violet Voss is an American based company which sells a range of different makeup products, such as: beautiful liquid lipsticks, a phenomenal range of glitters and of course, the incredible eye shadow palettes.

Now, because I live in the UK, Violet Voss can be pretty hard to come by, resulting in not enough English publicity and lack of credit. From what I have gathered from the Violet Voss products; they are extremely high quality and something us UK makeup gals need to get their hands on.

I was lucky enough to receive the ‘Drenched Metal’ palette for my birthday a few weeks ago (as you may have seen in my latest post). I was overwhelmed with excitement as my favourite American Youtubers have often raved about Violet Voss eye shadow palettes, and I have been dying to try them out for myself.


My mam ordered the eye shadow palette off for a very reasonable price of £38. Now, that may seem expensive to some, but I promise you the palette is worth it, but we’ll get onto that soon. Beauty Bay is the most accessible website to get Violet Voss products from if you live in the UK, and it sells their eye shadow palettes, their glitters and their liquid lipsticks. However, these products sell out very fast, so do not hesitate to add them to your cart!

Unfortunately, the most sought after ‘Holy Grail’ palette has been consistently sold out for months now – so I suggest you keep an eye out, and you may just get lucky (I haven’t been – yet). I am also absolutely dying to get my hands on the ‘Laura Lee X Violet Voss’ palette. Laura is one of my favourite YouTubers (check her out here) and the palette is absolutely incredible. The range of shades is perfect, and i’m devastated at the thought I may not be able to ever try the palette (please Beauty Bay pleeeeeeease).

Anyway, back to this palette. The ‘Drenched Metal’ palette has been a makeup product I have had at the top of my list for a veryyyyyy long time. I have to say it did not disappoint.

The palette comes with 20 amazing shades; they are all unique in their own way and I can honestly say I do not have a palette like this in my collection, nor have I ever seen one like it. The mixture of warm and cool, colourful and neutral tones make for a perfect variety of shadows in a palette.


Shades Included:

  • Poppin – A light, champagne pink colour.
  • Kisses – A rose gold shade.
  • Confession – A rosy, shimmery pink.
  • Crushed It – A beige/shell colour.
  • Secret – The only matte in the palette: a soft, warm brown.
  • I’m So Fancy – (cue Iggy Azalea song) A bright, deep green shade.
  • Mermaid Vixen – An Emerald green colour with reflects of navy and gold glitter.
  • Grunge – A, well, grunge colour. Brown/green and gold reflects.
  • Minx – A bronze shade.
  • Squad Goals – Another bronze shade, but with more warmth and orange pigment.
  • Frisky – A deep navy shade.
  • Dark Desires – A vibrant purple.
  • Slaycation – A green/slate colour.
  • Come Thru – A beautiful light gold.
  • Livin – An orange/sunset pink tone.
  • Shade – Your traditional deep slate grey.
  • Bliss – An olive green.
  • Huntress – A deep brown with red undertones.
  • Forbidden – A pink/cranberry shade.
  • Midnight Tryst – The only satin in the palette: a perfect black.

All shades in the palette are a foiled/metallic finish except from the two mentioned above.

Top – Bottom: Poppin, Kisses, Confession, Crushed It and Secret.
Top – Bottom: I’m So Fancy, Mermaid Vixen, Grunge, Minx and Squad Goals.
Top – Bottom: Frisky, Dark Desires, Slaycation, Come Thru and Livin.
Top – Bottom: Shade, Bliss, Huntress, Forbidden and Midnight Tryst.

Not only are there an excellent range of colours, the formula of the shades are buttery and creamy; ensuring you don’t need to pick up a lot of product for it to show up to its full extent.

As for the palette itself, it’s not bulky and is instead sleek and lightweight. I personally don’t love it when a palette is so bulky that it is tricky to carry around/travel with – this is not that!

Overall, this palette has honestly climbed the ranks and is in my Top 3. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this palette, and that is extremely rare. I completely recommend this palette to anyone (you can buy it here); I’m sure the other Violet Voss palettes will be amazing so if anyone has any way of getting them could you please leave me a comment down below or send me an email at – thanks! 🙂



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