Birthday Makeup Haul & Reviews

Hi everyone!

So, i’m now 20 and to be honest I feel absolutely ancient – forget under-eye concealer, give me the iron to smooth out my under-eye wrinkles. Ok, I may be being a bit dramatic, but it doesn’t seem like two minutes since I turned 18. I do worry about how fast the years go by, so I guess you just have to enjoy your life as you live and never waste a moment.

Let’s stop being philosophical and get on with the post now Jess? God I ramble so much.

But first, I am really excited to say I now have an actual domain name. My wonderful boyfriend surprised me on my birthday by editing one of my business cards to say ‘’ instead of ‘’. This seems like a huge step in the right direction for my business, and I can’t thank Tom enough for knowing me so well and doing something that means so much to me.

Ok, long intro: check. I wanted to write a post hauling the new makeup products I got for my birthday/ I bought with my birthday money or vouchers.


I love collecting new makeup; it’s what I enjoy doing and I have great pleasure in trying out all of the new products I have purchased. I don’t need this much makeup, that’s a given. But, in relation to that meme going around on social media right now, Deborah doesn’t need that cupboard full of fancy plates that no-one’s allowed to use, but if she wants those plates then whatevs.

I am going to include a few mini reviews in this post of the products I have tried, but some of these I haven’t had a chance to play around with yet.

Riiiiiiiight… I may have bought a few products from NYX Cosmetics. I am a huge fan of NYX and have been ever since I tried my first product: Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘London’. I am so thankful that NYX can now be bought in BOOTS stores throughout the UK, however my bank, not so thankful. Why they didn’t branch out earlier is a burning question in my mind.

Picture Credit: Google Images

NYX products are extremely affordable and are, in my opinion, some of the best products on the market (drugstore and high-end).

I collected a few things to add to my growing NYX collection:

  • Pro Foundation Mixer in ‘Luminous’. My Mam actually bought me this for my birthday, and although I have only used it a few times, I am already a big fan. I use this by putting a little squeeze on the back of my hand and mixing it with my usual foundation; it applies brilliantly and leaves a beautiful dewy finish on the skin without the appearance of oiliness. Although it is perfect for the summer, it will also be fabulous for use in the colder months, as it will provide hydration and prevent your skin from looking dull.
  • Pro Foundation Mixer in ‘White’.


  • Dark Circle Concealer Corrector in ‘Fair’ (a light salmon pink colour).


  • Roll-on Shimmer in ‘Salmon’. This is a rose gold creamy glittery formula that is extremely pigmented when swatched, I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but I have high hopes.


  • Two glitters in ‘Bronze’ and ‘Gunmetal’. I have the gold version of this specific glitter and I absolutely LOVE it. I’m sure these two glitters will be just as amazing as the gold that I probably over-use.


  • Liquid Crystal Liner in ‘Pewter’. This is an incredibly beautiful purple shade with silver reflects of glitter. I bought this because it was pretty. I cannot resist pretty makeup products.


  • Wonder Stick (highlight/contour) in ‘Universal’. My Mam also bought me this as I have had my eye on it for quite a while now. I have only used the contour side of the double-ended stick, but I am extremely impressed with the formula. The colour is perfect (not too warm, not too ashy) and it blends out like a dream. Set this baby with a contour powder and your cheekbones will be sharp enough to cut for the rest of the day.


  • Sculpt & Highlight Contour Brow Pencil in ‘Vanilla/Taupe’.


  • Highlight/Contour Pro Single Pan in ‘Bone’. I plan to use this as a brightening setting powder.


  • Tinted Brow Mascara in ‘Blonde’ (hoping this will be a dupe of Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ but we shall see.


Ok, so that was all of the NYX products. A lot eh? But NYX really is all that, try them!

I was really lucky also to receive some Lime Crime products. Lime Crime is a brand I have wanted to try for quite a while now, so I was over the moon that my cousin came up with the idea to buy me some products for my birthday.

I received one of the Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks in ‘Cashmere’, which is a described as a ‘greige’ colour. It’s very beautiful, and is also very cool-toned which will match perfectly with smokey eye looks. The formula is great; it’s very creamy and thick which allows the pigment to stick to the lips for an extended amount of time. It’s transfer proof and drys in about 5 seconds, which is very useful. I 100% recommend this liquid lipstick – my new favourite!


I also got a Superfoil Eye Shadow Duo which includes the shades, ‘Electric’ and ‘Barbarella’. These eye shadows are honestly incredible, the pigment is astounding and the colours look amazing on your lids. Both of the colours are so unique also: Barbarella is a smokey metallic pink colour with reflects of bronze, gold and purple glitter and Electric is a metallic green colour with reflects of gold, forest green, brown and yellow.


Left-right: Electric, Barbarella

Another product I have had my eye on (excuse the pun) for a hot minute are the Makeup Geek Glitters. I love Makeup Geek’s eye shadows, they are so pigmented and buttery and the colour range is phenomenal. I knew the glitters would not disappoint, so I was dying to give them a go. My Mam bought me ‘Solar Flare’, which is the most beautiful multi-tonal glitter shade; it has equal parts of pink, orange and gold glitter, the perfect combo for warm eye shadow looks.


Now, can I just shout-out Debenhams for being the amazing department store that sells Too Faced in the UK!!!!! The amount of Too Faced products I love that I thought I was unable to buy due to them being an American brand is astounding. You can buy them either in store or online (in store is usually just a little stand with a fraction of the products however, so I personally would recommend buying them off of the website). I picked up the Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lady Balls’ which is a true, classic red shade.


Left-right: Lady Balls, Cashmere

Can I just point out how funny the name is? How Too Faced decided on that name baffles me, but that is part of the humour so who’s complaining?  I already knew I loved the formula of this before I bought it as I have the shade ‘Cool Girl’ which I purchased in Sephora when I was in America. It is a really creamy formula – but most importantly, it does not crack on my lips and it is comfortable to wear, a big yes from me.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Also in Debenhams, I bought the Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush (mouthful or what?!) in the shade ‘Kinky’. I haven’t properly used this yet but I can tell already that the pigment is there. This is a soft peach shimmery colour which will look perfect as a slight wash of colour on the cheeks.


Ok, so finally I was lucky to receive three new palettes for my birthday. I love palettes, and probably have a collection a bit too large.

The first palette I received was actually the night before my birthday (cheeky) and was from one of my bffs. She bought me the Morphe 35C palette which is just amazing. It is so versatile, not only does it include your neutrals, but it also includes colour shadows making it the perfect mix-and-match palette. I have raved about Morphe eye shadows before on my blog, and these are no different. Great quality shadows which last a long time = perfect!

I also got the amazing Violet Voss Drenched Metals palette. Everyone always raves about Violet Voss eye shadow palettes, and I can totally see why. This palette consists of pretty much all metallic shades (you could probably tell that from the name of the palette but I always have been one for stating the obvious), but it also has one matte brown colour ‘Secret’ and one satin black colour ‘Midnight Tryst’. I wouldn’t say this is a palette where you could use only this on your eyes due to the finish of the shades, but it is extremely versatile. The looks you can make with this palette are endless and all of the colours are unique in their own little way. I don’t have any other palette like this is my collection, it is certainly unique!

The final palette I received was the amazing new ‘Moondust’ palette from Urban Decay. Similar to the Drenched Metals palette, the colours in here are all metallic and glittery. There are 8 shades presented, ranging from golds, bronzes and silvers to bright pinks, blues and greens.


Any of these shades on the lid will step up your makeup game a hella lot. I haven’t used this palette yet (I know, what am I thinking?!) but just from arm swatches, the pigment you get just by tapping your finger into the product is extremely exceptional. I am definitely going to love this palette.


Top-bottom: Specter, Element, Magnetic, Lightyear, Granite, Lithium, Vega and Galaxy.

So, there’s my most recent makeup haul! I am so thankful and grateful to have received these products, makeup is what I love and is what I would always jump at the chance to spend my money on. A little disclaimer: I am not showing off, I am simply showing fellow makeup lovers the new products I have introduced into my collection.

Also, with my birthday money, I have put in an order with ColourPop Cosmetics as they now ship internationally eeeeeek! I am planning on doing a post all about the ease and cost of shipping, getting it delivered and the products etc.

I hope you all enjoyed reading 🙂 Happy September!



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