Summer Skin and Hair Care | Tips and Tricks with The Dollar Shave Club

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So, today’s post is going to be on something really important – summer skin and hair care regimes. We all know just how damaging the sun can be, but a lot of us (me included), often don’t think about the consequences of not looking after ourselves properly during the summer months.

I understand how excited we all get when the sun makes an appearance from behind the clouds and we all want to jump into our favourite pair of shorts and hit the beach. But why should this compromise our need to care for our bodies? Simple, it shouldn’t.

In order to spread awareness of the damage that can be caused by too much sun, I have collaborated with The Dollar Shave Club to bring you some of my tips and tricks to enjoy the sun in a healthy way.

The Dollar Shave Club, is an American subscription service committed to sending their subscribers high-quality razors for a few dollars a month. Alongside razors, they also sell a variety of skin and hair-care products which accompany the razors extremely well. To learn more about this company, please visit their website or watch this video.

The top tip I suggest for those reading, is that a heavy use of SPF will not go a miss. I can relate to those who hate suncream; it’s sticky, clammy and a faff on to apply. The lovely scent does not sway my opinion on this, but, i’m afraid to protect your skin you have to put up with these factors. Although suncream is tricky to apply and somewhat uncomfortable on your skin, it is an extremely effective tool in preventing the sun’s UV rays burning your skin, which can consequentially cause aging, wrinkling, burning and ultimately, skin cancer. Trust me, it is more of an issue to try and find a comfortable position to sleep in when your shoulders are burnt to a crisp, and those bikini tan lines are¬†not¬†a good look. My favourite brand of suncream, which we unfortunately cannot get here in the UK, is Banana Boat. When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, I used the stuff religiously. The formula is very smooth and non-sticky, it sinks into your skin right away and provides intense protection. The aerosol applier also makes it so easy to apply; a quick spray and you’re all done!

Obviously, the main reason people lie in the sun is for tanning purposes, but this can really affect your skin in the long-run. Amazing brands such as St Tropez offer healthy fake-tanning products that will give you that bronzed glow you are looking for without the added risk of skin cancer.

It is also important to protect your face when you are in the sun. A lot of people don’t bother with sun protection on their face, as they don’t want to apply their expensive foundation over the top. This is where a lot of people don’t realise that a handful of makeup brands include SPF in their products, for example Smashbox offers a BB Cream (Camera Ready) which has SPF 35, this gives you coverage¬†and¬†protection. When buying a foundation, primer, setting spray etc, check the product information to see if it includes SPF. Also, although lip balm is more commonly used to treat dry lips, it is also handy to have one in your pocket during the hotter months of the year. Most lip balms include SPF, so you can not only have smooth lips, but also you are protecting your lips from the harsh sun-rays.

Another tip I find important, is a tip The Dollar Shave Club brought to my attention. They ¬†maintain how important it is to use a fresh razor as much as possible, ‘if you shave, you should use a fresh¬†razor¬†that you change often to keep skin healthy and avoid bumps and ingrown hairs. With shorts and skirts in season, it’s time to stop stretching disposables to their breaking point and give your skin a break’. The more use a razor has, the more clogged up and blunt the blades become, leaving your hairs half-cut and sometimes scratching your skin instead of doing its job.

To avoid having clogged up skin, it is essential you shower as much as possible to remove the build-up of sweat and sun-cream that is seeping into your skin. When I shower, in order to make sure my skin is as clean as can be, I use a body scrub before my shower gel. Many people believe that body scrubs are only designed to use in the winter, when our sky is suffering from the cold air and icier weather conditions, but this is just a myth. Sometimes shower gels do not remove all of the build-up on our skin, so it is important we follow this extra step.

The Dollar Shave Club also sees cleansing as a vital part of ones morning routine, especially in the summer months: ‘When it comes to morning routines, it’s so refreshing to wash away any sweat and oil from the humidity of summer sleep. A¬†fresh body wash and face wash¬†will keep pores happy and wash away that “humid” feeling you get on summer mornings after you’ve used up¬†both¬†cool sides of the pillow’. I love waking up in the morning and using a facial exfoliator, a lip exfoliator and a foaming cleanser before I apply any of my makeup; it not only makes me feel fresh, but it also wakes me up!

However, it is not only skin you need to look after during the sunnier, hotter weather; your hair is also extremely vulnerable to the heat and humidity lurking in the air. I suggest swapping out your usual shampoo and conditioner for either a ‘Heat Protection’ formula or a ‘Anti Frizz’ formula rather than using a concoction that will not benefit your hair during summer. You will most likely also need to use more products to keep frizz at bay. The Dollar Shave club also stresses the important of product use: ‘Humidity leads to frizz, and frizz leads to bad hair days, and bad hair days lead to less summer fun. You can use¬†hair pomade, gel, clay, or paste to keep things in check in the humid heat’. They provide a number of products perfectly suited to any hair type and length.

It really is important to think about your skin and hair more when we are exposed to more sunshine and hotter temperatures!¬†I hope this post was helpful for you guys ūüôā

If you want to learn more about The Dollar Shave Club, please click here for their website and read their post on skincare which you can access here!





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