Eylure Brow Shaper Strips | Review

Hi everyone 🙂

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while but whenever I sat down to write it, another idea for a post would come into my head and I would write that one instead…

I wanted to talk about this product, as it seems to be a more affordable way of getting the brows you want rather than having to trek to a salon and pay £30 for your eyebrows to be done.


I came across this product a few months ago while i was casually looking at the makeup brushes and fake eyelashes aisle in Boots, I don’t do that often obviously. It’s ridiculous how much time I spend in Boots, literally leave me in there for a day and I will be as happy as Larry. Anyway…

I was really intrigued with this product as I hadn’t seen a brand do these waxing strips before, and they were only £3, so I had to give them a go. My eyebrows are really blonde, so I often struggle to pluck all of the hairs as they are so hard to see. This is why I thought this product would be perfect for me.

It comes in a thin packet, with three strips of paper displaying 22 wax strips of different lengths and widths. The packaging says the product will last around 12 applications, however I find it to only last around 3.


I don’t find the strips to be that successful if i’m being honest. The stickiness of the strips seem decent, but not as many hairs come out as they should with one swipe. I tend to find it pulls more of my skin than individual hairs, which leads me to having red around my eyebrows for at least a day after using it. The strips themselves are not painful to remove, but they leave friction burns around my eyebrows which are painful. It does remove some of the hairs and does make your life a bit easier, but I wouldn’t say they were the most successful DIY wax strips on the planet.

Despite this, I do keep on buying them purely for the convenience. In this case, you get what you pay for, and for only £3 they do the job enough to satisfy.

I have to say overall that I am disappointed with this product. I did think they would be a lot better than they are, but they are still usable and I do repurchase. If another similar product came out from another brand, I would definitely jump to try that however to see if they were any better.

I’m sorry this is a short review, but I just wanted to write about the product as I believe easy and convenient products like these will benefit a lot of people. I don’t like posting negative reviews of things, as everyone is different and different people will like different products; but I feel bloggers have to honestly review and critique any products we come across that we both like and dislike. For beauty bloggers, providing an honest opinion of a product is kind of our ‘job’ and i want to make sure I do a good job at it.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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