Things I’m Doing On My Holiday/ Things to do in Florida

Helloooo y’alllll 🙂

I’m currently wallowing in self-pity at being ill, and this has resulted in me watching and reading anything Disney I could find to build the excitement for my upcoming holiday.

I thought I would write about my future holiday to Florida and what I’m doing while I’m over there etc. Florida is a pretty popular tourist destination for all ages, and I love reading/watching what other people do on their travels.

Florida is definitely my favourite holiday destination, and I have been a few times before. My mam and I have so much fun not only being there; but also planning what we are going to do/see and talking about it for months beforehand. I worry for our conversations when we get back – we will have nothing to talk about!

I’m not going to say when I am exactly going on holiday for privacy and security reasons, but it is this summer and I am so so excited!

I just want to make it really obvious that none of the below pictures are my own, I got them ALL off Google Images. No Copyright infringement intended.

Here is a list of things we will be doing, but I will also include things we aren’t doing this time for one reason or another, but it may give any Florida-goers some outing ideas:


Ok, so the main reason we go to Florida is for Disneyworld, obvs. Many people have pre-conceptions of Disney being just for children, but this is false; Disneyworld is such a special place where people of any age can visit and have the time of their life. Disney offers 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping and entertainment village and 22 themed resorts and hotels.


  • Magic Kingdom


  • Epcot


  • Animal Kingdom


  • Hollywood Studios


Water Parks:

  • Typhoon Lagoon


  • Blizzard Beach


Shopping/ Entertainment:

  • Disney Springs (MORE BELOW)



  • Art Of Animation (Value)
  • Pop Century (Value)
  • All Star Movies (Value)
  • All Star Sports (Value)
  • All Star Music (Value)
  • Coronado Springs (Moderate)
  • Caribbean Beach (Moderate)
  • Port Orleans French Quarter (Moderate)
  • Port Orleans Riverside (Moderate)
  • Saratoga Springs (Moderate)
  • Old Key West (Moderate)
  • The Grand Floridian (Premium)
  • The Contemporary (Premium)
  • The Polynesian (Premium)
  • Wilderness Lodge (Premium)
  • Fort Wilderness: Campground (Premium)
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge (Premium)
  • The Beach Club (Premium)
  • The Yacht Club (Premium)
  • The Boardwalk (Premium)
  • The Swan (Premium)
  • The Dolphin (Premium)
  • Various Resort villas (Disney Vacation Club)

The first few times I went, I was very young and we had access to a car so we stayed outside of the Disneyworld resort. However, the last few times we have stayed inside the Walt Disney World in some of their incredible themed hotels:

Pop Century (x2)


All Star Movies


Caribbean Beach


Coronado Springs (this is where we are staying this time!!)



Visiting the new Disney Springs:

‘Disney Springs’, formerly ‘Downtown Disney’, is Disneyworld’s shopping village in the heart of the resort as a whole. Renovation began over a year ago, and although it is not finished completely, the change is extraordinary!

Many new shops are opening including: Sephora, MAC, Kate Spade New York, Pandora, Fit 2 Run, Kate and Leo etc. I was over the moon when my favourite shop (Sephora) announced a new store in the heart of my favourite place on this Earth…I am so there!

Disney Springs also has a range of eateries and entertainment venues such as: Wolfgang Puck, Earl of Sandwich, Ghirardelli, Sprinkles Cupcakes, AMC dine-in theatre, House of Blues, Splitsville Bowling, Cirque de Soleil etc.

We’re planning on coming here a lot during our 2 week trip – including on our very first night. Although I was sad to see Downtown Disney change, I can’t wait to see the end result!


There were not any ‘real’ photos available, as the grand opening was only last week.


Visiting the theme parks:

We have obviously planned our time around visiting the main part of Disney – the parks!

We are planning to go to each a good few times, we absolutely love Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot! However, we really only want to go to Hollywood Studios once. They have got/ are planning on getting rid of some of our favourite attractions and it’s no use us going there anymore…

I loved the Walt Disney attraction, the Muppets 3D show and don’t even get me started on the removal of the backlot tour. I am fuming.

Hollywood Studios is planning on creating a Star Wars land, which is class for the people who like it, but for those who don’t, HS is basically a write off.

I’m going a off on a tangent but I am really disappointed in Disney for the extreme Hollywood Studios change…

However, I love the other three parks. They have so many attractions and shows to enjoy so we never get bored there. Also, Epcot’s new version of Soarin’ will be opening while we are there (we have thankfully been lucky to get a fastpass), as well as the new Frozen ride which has replaced Maelstrom in the Norway pavilion. Animal Kingdom has also introduced a ‘dusk’ safari and a new Rivers of Light show, so we will be doing that as well!

We also love visiting all of the themed resorts while we are there: whether it be to enjoy a nice walk, eat somewhere different or just explore, visiting the resorts is sometimes just as fun as the parks!

Universal Studios:

My mam and I usually visit the Universal Studios Resort, but this time, we are doing things a bit different.

We are actually staying at the Universal Hotel: Cabana Bay Beach Resort. My mam and I have not stayed out of Disney since I was around 5 years old, so this is a new thing for us. It is only for one night, but we are really excited to stay at a resort that we have never visited.


We decided to stay to make it easier the next morning to get to the parks. We will be doing both parks in one day, while in the past we have had a day for each park. As there are so many new things in Disney opening, we wanted to minimise the time we used up outside of Disney, so we decided this was the better option.

Both parks are brilliant, but I have to say the best feature of both for me are the themed Harry Potter lands. I wont spoil anything, but the theming is absolutely impeccable and you really do feel like you are inside/ are a part of the films.

th1J5WCMW4Universal Studios03thZCEFP25OthM9RVZIL8

Wizarding World of Harry Potter trip report - July 2011.


Orlando International Drive:

We also want to take the time to visit International Drive and see the attractions there. Not only is there now an ‘Orlando Eye’ (it wasn’t there the last time we visited), there is also a Madam Tussauds and a huge aquarium.


I also really want to visit IHOP when we go; my mam and I don’t have access to a car when we are on holiday so it is harder for us to get to certain places. With an IHOP on International Drive, we don’t have to worry about making an extra trip to get some pancakes, which are my fave food btw.


Being the girl I am and that, i’m so excited to go shopping on holiday. I have been counting my pennies and putting them aside, specifically so I can make use of buying all of the American brands of makeup barely accessible here in the UK.

In the past, we have always got 3 buses to Florida Mall and back in order to go shopping. However, we didn’t want to do this this time as it takes a mission to get there and back (6 buses, whaaaaaat). My mam was doing some research, and we found that many companies actually do shopping trips and we thought this was the best bet.

Now, I know this is really strange, but I am obsessed with the American way of life. I don’t know why, but i’m fascinated with anything American, whether that be suburbs, high schools/colleges or even grocery stores. This is why I have wanted to visit Walmart for a while now.

The shopping trip we are going on, stops at Walmart for 1.5 hours (!!!!!!!), the Premium Outlets (not sure how long for) and then heads to Florida Mall or the Mall at Millennia for the rest of the trip. It really is a full day of shopping, and the only bad thing about this is that you lose your own control. You are only at places for a certain amount of time, and if you haven’t finished, tough. However, this is a much easier way to go shopping, and I am SO excited.




Kennedy Space centre:

We had originally planned to visit here when we were first discussing our holiday, but we decided to give it a miss. Although we both really want to go, we have too much on our itinery and just do not have the time. I wish we were going, but it gives us an excuse to go back, right?

The Kennedy Space Centre is basically a huge museum on Space Technology and Astronauts, and has held some of the biggest space launches in History. I find this place really fascinating, as I love History.


There is lots you can do here: such as watch 3D documentarys, touch moon rock and see the actual space shuttles. I have been here when I was about 18 months old with my Mam and Dad but I didn’t really know what was going on.

Interesting story though: The next year my mam and I didn’t go back but my Dad went for a visit and ended up meeting the famous astronaut Story Musgrave!

I do recommend going here however as it is supposed to be fab, don’t make the same mistake my mam and I did and not plan this into your holiday!


That’s the end of this post – I hope you enjoyed reading it. When I am away, I will have previously written posts scheduled to upload so I will still be uploading content.

I was thinking about vlogging when I was there, but I don’t know who would be interested? If you think this is a good idea please tell me in the comments or email me (link on about page).





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