Affordable Makeup Look | Using All Drugstore Products

Hello everyone! ūüôā

Tonight’s post is going to be on something I have wanted to write about for a while… a makeup look using all affordable products. I have held off doing this, but only because I am never satisfied with how my makeup looks on photos. This really annoys me, because I don’t want those seeing¬†my pictures to think my eye shadow is not blended or my eyeliner is wonky. However, the photos I took to showcase this makeup look went kinda¬†alright, but I do have the dog snapchat filter on a few (how couldn’t I, it’s so cute).


I bought most of these products¬†on one trip, around 3 weeks ago. I have had the chance to try out the products so I will be providing a little review as well. Some products were a huge hit for me, but others disappointed me. Overall, I think the cost for all of the products was around ¬£80-90, which is still a hella lot of money, but in comparison to my usual products that is a heck lot cheaper. I am going to do a ‘How much does my face cost’ post asap, but I almost don’t want to know!!

So, the¬†first product up is the Maybelline ‘Baby Skin Pore Eraser’ Primer. I have wanted to try this for a hot minute, so I was pleased when I eventually picked it up. I smoothed this onto my face, focusing mainly in the T-Zone and worked it in until the texture became tacky. I really like this primer. It does do a lot to fill in your pores and make the texture of your skin smoother; the thick, gel like consistency feels really nice on the skin. This primer costs: ¬£7.99.


After the ever so important step of priming, I applied my foundation withy usual Zoeva buffer brush (104): Maybelline ‘Dream Satin Liquid’ in the shade ’04 Light Porcelain’ ( I have reallyyy pale skin). A lot of people take the mick out of ‘Dream Matte Mousse’ as it is what every 14 year old used in high-school, but I have to say I still really like it; my success with this foundation encouraged me to try the liquid version. The liquid version, unfortunately, is a miss for me. The finish looks really nice when first applied, but after a few hours I found the foundation settled into the fine lines of my face (NOT a good look). It also found it emphasized the dry patches of skin. This foundation costs: ¬£7.99.


I then conceal with Kiko’s ‘Full Coverage Concealer’ in the lightest shade. This concealer is definitely full coverage and does a great job of concealing under-eye circles (great for us students) and any problem areas we may have. I also use the remaining product on my brush (usually a flat definer brush from BH Cosmetics) to prime my eyelids for eye-shadow. This concealer costs: ¬£7.50.

I set the foundation and concealer¬†with my new favourite powder: Kiko’s ‘Colour Correcting’ powder. This buttery powder has all of the colours used when completing the process of colour correction, but in one step.

To summarise:

  • Green: Used to cancel out red tones
  • Lavender: Corrects dullness and sallow tones
  • Yellow/Orange: To remove dark under-eye circles and brighten up the skin.

The powder does a great job of colour correcting, but still sets foundation and concealer into place¬†so they don’t feel sticky on the skin. This powder costs: ¬£12.90.


For eye shadow, I wanted to purchase a Sleek palette, as I have heard many rave about the Sleek eye shadows. I bought the ‘I-Divine’ palette as I liked the range of colours included and felt it would be the most versatile palette to choose. I thought of a reasonably simple eye shadow look, and I only used 4/12 of the shadows.


I used the warm brown shade (top row, 4th along) for my transition/crease shade, and it left a really nice eyelid contour; this shade is an exact dupe for Makeup Geek’s ‘Cr√®me Brulee’ and ‘Salted Caramel’ in the Too Faced ‘Chocolate Bar’ palette. I then highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with the gold-based champagne shade (top row, 1st shadow). I wanted a reasonably dark lid colour, so I decided to use the incredible shimmery brown shade with gold reflects for this (top row, 5th along). I did¬†spray fix+ on my brush for this, which is not drugstore, but I wanted a bit more intensity in the pigmentation, a cheaper alternative would be eye drops or any drugstore setting spray. Finally, I linked the lid and crease shade together using the chocolate shade (bottom row, on the end).

Overall, I did like the eye shadow look I ended up producing, but I was a tad disappointed with the product overall. The colour range is fantastic, but the pigmentation and colour payoff, not so much. I found I had to use a good few layers of each shadow to get the effect I wanted, and for a girl that’s always in a rush, this wasn’t ideal. I would however, still recommend this. This palette cost: ¬£8.99.

I wanted to accompany my eye shadow look with the addition of some winged eye liner. I used a combination of a pen eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner from Seventeen and I do like this combination overall. However, it’s annoying I have to use 2 products for 1 makeup step. The pen’s colour payoff isn’t the best, but I like to create the initial shape with this as I have more control of the product. I then go over the line with the liquid to build intensity. The cost of these are: ¬£3.99 each.


After eye liner, I use my favourite mascara L’Oreal’s ‘False Lash Telescopic’ in blackest black. I love this mascara because of the applicator; it’s small but has really thin spokes which ensure every lash is coated with product, thereby giving you that voluminous look. This mascara retails at: ¬£10.99.


I usually do my brows strangely after I have finished my eye makeup – I know that is completely opposite to practically everyone else nowadays , but hey why not switch it up. I used Rimmel’s brow pencil in ‘003 Hazel’. This is a really good product, and I have only good things to say about it. The formula is creamy and the payoff of colour ensures you get your money worth. This costs ¬£2.99, what a steal!


Stupidly, I forgot to buy a drugstore bronzer so unfortunately I had to stick to my go-to for this one guys, sorry! (It’s Too Faced’s ‘Chocolate Soleil’ matte bronzer). I applied this in the hollow¬†of my¬†cheek bones, under my jawline and on my temples to contour my face and make it look more defined and structured.

I then used a Max Factor blush in the shade ’10 Nude Mauve’. I really like the packaging of this product, it looks expensive and elegant¬†but was instead very affordable. The product itself is a beautiful dusty pink colour, but it almost has a lilac undertone which complements the skin nicely. It’s really easy to blend out and has a beautiful creamy consistency. This costs: ¬£8.99.

To finish the cheeks, I used the MUA ‘Undress your skin’ highlighter in ‘Iridescent Gold’. Although this product has a hella lot of gold up in there, it’s still surprisingly beautiful on the skin and not too yellow toned. It looks incredible in natural light, and it gives the appearance of your skin being wet (something fab highlighters do). This highlighter costs: only¬†¬£3!!!!

Finally, to complete the look, I used 2 lip products. I lined my lips with Rimmel’s ‘047 Cappuccino’ lip liner before completely filling in my lips with the creamy formula. The colour is an beautiful dark nude brown shade, which I originally purchased to go with MAC’s ‘Stone’ lipstick. This costs: ¬£3.99.


I then went over the colour with Sleek’s ‘Matte Me Lip Cream’ in ‘Birthday Suit’ which is a lovely nude with warm pink undertones. I really like this combo as it is the perfect medium between a pink and a brown lip. This product costs: ¬£4.99.

This is the finished look:


I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want me to do more looks like this please let me know ūüôā





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