Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review, is it worth it?

Hello everyone 🙂

I’m so so SO excited to be writing this post, because it’s about Too Faced’s newest eye shadow palette – The Sweet Peach Palette.


There has been an awful lot of hype over the product during the last month, with everybody and their mama’s trying to get a hold of it.

I don’t know the exact release date – but I know the online release date for was March 29th and the in store release April 15th. I do know however, that ever since this palette has been on sale, it has been selling out QUICK. Every re-stock date, you have to act fast if you want this in your collection!

Because of all of the craziness surrounding this palette, I didn’t think I would ever get my hands on it. I longingly watched YouTube tutorials and looked at beautiful Instagram pictures of the palette, knowing fine well I probably would never get this palette as it’s limited edition…I’ve had the same problem trying to get the Kylie Lip-kits – but that’s a whole other story.

So I wandered into Debenhams in the Metro Centre last weekend just praying they by some chance had it displayed on the beautiful Too Faced stand, and they did! But, there was none in stock. Debenhams took my name and number, and said they would contact me when they got some in, and on Wednesday I got the call. They were holding it for me until 9pm that night, so there was no way I wasn’t going to take advantage of this opportunity (payday, where u at).

I’m so happy I managed to get one, if any of you want a Sweet Peach Palette, check your local Debenhams and if possible, put your name down for one. Also, it may be worth checking online to see if it comes back into stock, you can get it on the Debenhams website here.

This palette, alongside all of the Too Faced merchandise, has absolutely top notch packaging. Too Faced always goes above and beyond to ensure their products are not only brilliant quality, but also aesthetically pleasing. I personally feel packaging is extremely important when selling makeup, it is one of the main selling points for me. Before I knew the shades included in this palette, I wanted to buy it just because of how pretty it is. Too Faced does this extremely well.

The packaging of the palette is a beautiful ombre colour; peach fades into pink, pink fades into orange. The gold lettering on the front of the palette matches perfectly with the sunset theme they have used and as always, it stands out.


This palette is about the same size and shape as the Chocolate Bar palette range, which is good because it means you get a lot of product. However, I have to say the packaging is a tad bulky.


Despite this, it doesn’t bother me as the opening of the palette is joined by magnets and is therefore really easy to open and close. I wouldn’t recommend travelling with this palette just because of its shape and weight, but it is perfect for everything else.

Too Faced also includes an information leaflet with their palettes, something I feel is a really nice touch. There is a little information about the palette provided, but the leaflet is really functioned to give some ideas to the consumer for looks they can create with the shadows in the palette. This is really helpful for new starters in makeup as it gives you a few ideas to get you started and make you aware which colours blend together nicely.


The palette includes 18 individual shadows, which is more than the Chocolate Bar palette. The Chocolate palette has 16 shades, but 2 of the pans are double the size of the rest. I personally don’t think this is necessary, so I am happy they have not done this with the Sweet Peach palette.


This palette is extremely versatile, it has such a mix of colours. With peach shades, pink shades, purple shades, green shades and brown shades – there are so many looks you can create with this. This is called the PEACH palette, so at first glance it may seem weird that there are such a range of colours, however, a lot of the shades have peach undertones.

Shades included are:

  1. White Peach: a satin pure white.
  2. Luscious: a 50/50 metallic brown and gold shade.
  3. Just Peachy: a peach based pink shimmer.
  4. Bless Her Heart: the most beautiful metallic olive green with gold shimmer.
  5. Tempting: a darker forest green colour with gold and peach shimmer.
  6. Charmed, I’m sure: A matte, red based grey/brown.
  7. Nectar: A gold/peach metallic shade, I will be using this as a highlighter as well!!
  8. Cobbler: a brown shimmer.
  9. Candied Peach: a hot peach satin, with reflects of gold.
  10. Bellini: a peach/pink based brown metallic shade.
  11. Peach Pit: a deeper tone of Bellini, but more red based.
  12. Delectable: a satin plum shade.
  13. Peaches ‘n’ Cream: a matte skin colour shade with a hint of peach, a perfect transition shade (Make Up Geek’s Peach Smoothie is a dupe).
  14. Georgia: a neutral matte pink colour.
  15. Caramelized: a metallic peach based chocolate brown.
  16. Puree: a matte, warm medium brown tone.
  17. Summer Yum: My fave shade in this palette, pretty similar to puree as it is a warm brown but this has more red and orange undertones. It reminds me of MAC’s ‘Brick’.
  18. Talk Derby To Me: an extremely glittery purple colour with pink glitter and gold reflects.
First Row L-R: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting and Charmed, I’m Sure.


Second Row L-R: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit and Delectable.


Third Row L-R: Peaches ‘n’ Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum and Talk Derby To Me.


Overall, I have to say I am on the bandwagon with this palette. It is so versatile, and the shades are all beautiful, there is not one I don’t like and wont use (that’s rare believe me). The formula of the shadows are really buttery and creamy, and they all blend together really nicely. The only formula I don’t LOVE is Talk Derby To Me, as the glitter does make it a bit chalky. However, just hoy a bit of MAC Fix+ onto your brush and this issue is instantly resolved.

This palette was £39, which is pretty pricey, but I completely justify the price by saying it is worth every penny. The range of colours and the quality of the palette overall is just absolutely fantastic.

Also, it smells like peach rings aka the really really nice sweets you used to buy after school when you were like 15. The smell is strong, but not in a bad way: I can smell the palette when I walk into my room, so technically you’re saving money on not buying a candle or diffuser, right?

I really do love this palette, and I think it’s worth trying your hardest to get it. Don’t miss out!

Looks coming soon! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review, is it worth it?

  1. I want this palette so much, I’m having trouble finding it in stock though! Maybe when It’s a little older I can get it..


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