Mini Lush Haul & Review

Hellooo everyone 🙂

I’m taking a break from doing this uni work to write a blog post for y’all to read. I feel like I haven’t written a proper one in ages, and I have been itching to get myself back onto my blog.

So, it was payday and as I wandered past the sweet but strong scent wafting out from the doors in the Metrocentre LUSH, I was enticed into the store to try and buy some of their products.


Superbalm Scalp Treatment:


Ok, so I touched on this slightly in one of my recent posts (How to help a irritated scalp, read it here) but as I had not tried it yet, I had decided to come back to review it at a later date. Long story short – my tester is finished and I wanted to get the full size product at the earliest opportunity.

I’m not very sure how to start raving about this product tbh. I have been having trouble with a very irritated scalp and this product has worked miracles for me.

The product is a bright green coloured wax-based balm used to treat dry skin and psoriasis. To use, you get some product on your fingers and massage it into your problem areas on your scalp, you can use as little or as much as you want.

After you’ve applied what you need, you leave this on for 20 minutes before washing it out. I would recommend shampooing twice though, because the formula is pretty greasy and you have to make sure it is out of your hair.

The formula includes healing ingredients such as: Rose wax, coconut oil, lavender oil and salicylic acid which will target the dry areas of skin and work to heal them asap. I’ve used this product about 5 times and I have to say that it has made an incredible difference!

Additional tip: you can also use it on other areas of your body such as on cuts, scars or spots and it will help heal them also.

This product retails for £12.50.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask:


This mask is the first I have tried from Lush, and I was a bit worried as to what effect it would have on my skin. I have really sensitive skin, and often struggle with using Lush bath bombs (still use them though, I can’t help myself). However, I wanted to give some more lush products a go so I just bit the bullet.

This mask is to cleanse, moisturise and soften dry and sensitive skin, and is made from a mix of oats, banana, illipe butter, almonds and kaolin. It smells AMAZING (think goldilock’s porridge) and it feels great on the skin. You keep this product in the fridge, so not only does the texture (bitty, smooth and creamy) feel fab on the skin, but the mask also feels really cooling, something welcomed when lounging in a hot bath!

This mask surprisingly didn’t irritate my skin at all, and my skin feels incredibly soft and clean. I am definitely going to try out more of Lush’s Fresh Face masks.

This product retails for £6.75.

Popcorn Lip Scrub:


I’ve been eyeing up this product for a while and I’m glad I finally purchased it. I was in desperate need for a lip scrub, as my lips are so sensitive to cold weather; they go horribly dry and chapped, and for a lipstick addict this ain’t much fun. With the weather being warm one minute and snowing the next, YES IN MAY, a gal needs a good product to rely on.

This product works really nicely, I used it last night and my lips still feel great! The texture is a bit different to what I thought it would be however. I assumed it would be a bit more sticky and moist, but the formula is a bit like sugar only slightly stuck together. Despite this, the product is magic so this isn’t a bother.

The only disappointment I have about this product is that it doesn’t smell like popcorn. Like, at all. It’s definitely more vanilla based, which is nice also, but it’s kinda false advertising…

This product retails for £5.50.

Overall, I am impressed with all of the products I bought. My favourite however is definitely the Superbalm, I can tell it will be my new holy grail.





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