Going Blonder…

Hiya guys 🙂

Another hair post today, sorry! But I never post about hair n stuff so why not?

Today, I went blonder than usual. I wanted to go even lighter for the summer, so I called my usual hairdressers, Gemini (you can see my previous post here). Steph, my hairdresser did an incredible job and I’m sooo happy with it! I wanted to write a post showing what she did and show you some before and after pictures 🙂

So, I usually just get an all over colour on my roots to brighten them up a bit. I am a natural blonde, well when I was younger I was, and now I would say my natural hair colour is a dark blonde/light brown colour. Obviously, my roots grow in this colour so I can be pretty noticeable when I haven’t had my hair done in a while… See below.


Steph just usually paints a coloured tint on my hair to give me the fresh, light blonde look I desperately want, which is the least damaging way to lighten your hair without using bleach. However, today I told Steph what I wanted and she gave me a few highlights on the top of my head also.

For the bleached, weaved highlights, Steph used:

  • L’Oreal Studio Blonde bleach
  • Mixed with 30 Volume developer

She then used the usual process and dyed the rest of my hair with the same all over colour that I usually get with:

  • L’Oreal High Lift tint in equal parts ‘Ash’ and ‘Violet’
  • Mixed with 40 Volume developer

The two different dye mixtures were on my hair for about 40-45 minutes before it was time to rinse them out.

For the first wash, Steph used L’Oreal Expert Serie Silver shampoo to help tone the hair from the brassy colour that can sometimes appear after using bleach, but silver shampoo can also help lighten the hair even more.

For the second wash, she then used L’Oreal Pro Keratin Refill and also used this product for the conditioner.

She then dried, cut (shorter layers and feathers) and straightened my hair and here is the result! 😀





Having noticeable roots make my hair look greasy even if it is newly washed (this is a good example of this).




I loveeee the results, and I want to say thanks to my fab hairdresser, Steph, for always making my hair look great! Gemini is a lovely hair studio to be at, all of the staff are incredibly friendly and you never find yourself shy of a chat!

Gemini have also expanded within their business and now not only offer fabulous hair makeovers, but also a nail bar has been set up in which you get treatments like luxury manicures and gel manicures. For the full range of treatments and prices please visit their Facebook page  or alternatively, you can call for bookings and enquiries on 0191 266 6575.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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