Good Products For a Dry Scalp/ Damaged Hair

Hiya everyone 🙂

We all know how damaging the winter months can be for our bank, mood and heating bills, but the cold and harsh weather can really play a big toll on your appearance as well.

My skin is very dry anyway, so when winter arrives it’s basically a makeup disaster in waiting. I always have to soak my skin in moisturiser and deeply cleanse makeup off of my face during these times. Although the repercussions are mostly noticeable on my face,  cold weather also affects other parts of the body; one of which, I will talk about today.

Your scalp is important to keep healthy in order to prevent the loss of hair growth, keep your hair strong and shiny and fight off infection (gross I know, sorry).

If your scalp goes as dry as mine does in the winter months, I’m sure you understand how annoying it is. Although it is now April, it’s still too cold outside to whip out your shorts and suncream; let’s get real, it is England after all…

I wanted to share with you the three products I use to help my hair regain moisture and strength when it is at its most damaged.

I actually also have a sample from LUSH which I am dying to try and review. I’ve heard LUSH has great moisturising products for your skin and hair, so I have been dying to give their products a go. However, my skin is really sensitive so I didn’t want to buy the full product just in case I had a reaction to it, so I got a small sample instead. I really love companies that do this, customer service at its best! I am very excited to try this product, but as I am getting my hair dyed tomorrow, I don’t want to risk any negative reactions.


The first product I use is from the beloved brand, Dove. I knew Dove did skin care and facial products, but I was not aware they did hair products as well until I saw some sitting in my bathroom.


The product I have been using non-stop is the ‘Intensive Repair Shampoo’. According to the packaging, the formula includes nutri-keratin actives (keratin is a brilliant hair strength and smoothness builder) ‘which immediately help repair the hair surface while deeply nourishing the core to reconstruct it within’. This is great, as you don’t find many shampoos on the market that not only do a good job at repairing the mid-lengths and ends of your hair while helping the roots as well.

I think the product definitely does fulfil its purpose as my hair always feels brilliant after using the shampoo. It feels a lot stronger and it feels very lush to use. If you have damaged hair from the roots to the ends, I would definitely suggest buying this product. I’m pretty sure there is a matching conditioner, but I have not tried that yet. However, I have no doubt it will be just as great as the shampoo.



The second product is probably one of my favourite hair products of all time, Aussie’s ‘3 Minute Miracle RECONSTRUCTOR deep treatment’. It is not only a conditioner that you can use whenever you wash your hair, but also can be transformed into a hair mask just by altering the time you have it in your hair.

The packaging states: ‘Our special formula with Australian Balm Mint extract smoothes rough cuticles and helps restore manageability and adds shine. It helps transform dry, damaged hair into manageable and shiny locks in just 3 minutes. Australian Balm Mint is so amazing that the bloke who first brought it back from Australia called it “the elixir of life”‘. I love the way Aussie advertise their products so passionately, and they have a good reason to ‘blow their own trumpet’.

I certainly do agree that Australian Balm Mint extract is fabulous: it smells absolutely amazing, the smell will stay in your hair even after you have dried and straightened it as the scent is so strong and it really does help to replenish your hair. My hair feels absolutely amazing after using this product, and it feels so beautifully soft.

To use: I either use it as a normal conditioner, or (twice a week) I first place the conditioner on my mid-lengths and ends and use the remainder of the formula to run through my roots. I leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off as usual.

I have 100% noticed a difference in my hair since I started using this product, it feels so healthy and the irritation from the dryness has faded incredibly.

Styler/Serum/Heat protectant:

The last product is of course, the trusty GHD ‘Advanced Split End Therapy’ serum. I bought this from my hairdresser because I was so impressed when she used it on me in the salon. But, I do already have a full review on this, you can check that out here

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been of use to you! 🙂



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