BH Cosmetics – Hit or Miss?

Hiya Everyone 🙂

So, I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while considering I first tried out the BH Cosmetics brand last August…

BH Cosmetics is an extremely affordable brand based in the United States. It’s not very well-known in the UK with it being an American brand, but in America it is extremely popular within the beauty community.

I first heard of it through Carli Bybel, one of my favourite YouTubers (watch her channel here). She always has raved about BH Cosmetics, and I decided I wanted to give it go.

I ordered my desired products on BH’s official website and although the products came all the way from the States, it only took about 2 weeks for my products to arrive, which is fantastic! The shipping costs also weren’t that bad considering how much I ordered.

I love it when international brands do have the option to ship to the UK. There are so many products I am dying to try that we can have no access to here in the UK. However, I have just found some websites that ship the brands I was looking for (more of that in a later post). There are also shipping companies e.g Shipito but I have not tried that yet, as soon as I do I will give you a review and some insight! 🙂

I wanted to write a post giving you my overall impression of this brand, and giving my opinion on whether or not the makeup is worth purchasing.

*Disclaimer: I have not tried every product available in this brand, my opinion is solely based on the products I will mention down below*

I hope you enjoy this first impression/review of the following BH Cosmetics products 🙂


The first product I am going to talk about, are BH Cosmetic’s collection of brushes.


They offer a variety of different sets of brushes, all beautifully presented in different styles and colours, for an affordable price. They also have individual brushes available to purchase, but personally, I would suggest buying the set. It is a much better deal than buying them individually.

I bought the 36 pack Ultimate Brush Set for $32 (£22.42), which is one of the best deals I have ever seen for the amount of brushes you get. In this pack, you get a range of brushes; from eye brushes, to face brushes, there is a brush for everything you could need provided.

I was in awe when I received this brush pack in the post, it was probably the item I was most excited about from the entire order! They come in a beautiful fake leather case, with an individual compartment suited to store every brush. I use this brush holder all of the time now, it is incredibly handy.

The brushes all have a silver/slate coloured handle, with a mirror texture around the root of the brush hairs. I really like the packaging, it’s different and easy to reach for the brushes in my collection.

The eye brushes impress me more than the face brushes, however. The eye brushes are the same quality as Morphe, a brand more expensive yet still affordable. There is an eye brush suited to every function of eye makeup, and they are all very good at the job they were designed to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the face brushes as well, apart from the lack of brushes needed for base application. There is a stippling brush included, but it is no where near as dense as it should be and therefore is impossible to apply and blend foundation with. I use it for powder, and it is good for that however. There is also a flat foundation brush available, which is great for those who use it, but I prefer stippling brushes. Despite the lack of foundation applicators for me personally, there are still other functions for the brushes meaning they are not sitting in the brush holder collecting dust.

I also ordered 3 Color-Lock lipsticks in the shades: faithful, devotion and alluring. I was excited for these, as I love matte lipsticks. They were only $9 each as well (£6.31) – a bargain!


1- Devotion, 2- Faithful, 3- Alluring


However, I was very very disappointed with these lipsticks – probably the most disappointed I have ever been with any product ever…das serious.

The lipsticks were terrible at application; they went on patchy and wouldn’t go onto your lips at all if they were slightly wet. The colour payoff was terrible and SO streaky. Plus, they smell absolutely horrible, it actually knocks me sick! DO NOT waste your money on these.

I also got 3 different eye shadow palettes: The Day and Night 80 colour palette, the Matte 88 colour palette and the sixth edition 120 colour palette.

The Day and Night ($11, £7.21)



This palette has such a range of different colours; it’s very versatile and you can make infinite combinations of eye shadow looks. I love how the left hand side of the palette are eye shadows suited to day time looks, but on the right, the colours are more intense and dramatic. The eye shadows really are suited to the name of the palette.

The Matte palette ($11, £7.71)


This palette has every colour you would ever need in an matte shadow. It is the perfect palette for transition shades, and the formula of the shadows is incredibly silky and smooth. The colour payoff is great and I would recommend!

The Sixth Edition palette ($16, £11.21)


I can’t say enough good things about this palette tbh. It has 2 layers, one sandwiched on top of the other and both layers are linked in colour schemes. The top layer are your warmer colours, while the bottom are the cool tones. There is every colour imaginable placed in this palette, and with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades – the combinations are endless. LOVE.

Overall, the eye shadow quality is impeccable. The formulas of the shadows are very silky and smooth, and are very easily applied to the eye. The colours are pigmented, but not as pigmented as other brands for example, Makeup Geek. I would definitely recommend these shadow palettes however, they are a great addition to my own personal collection.

Finally, I received a free mascara with my purchase. It’s nothing special, but I like it when companies include free gifts with purchases – it’s a nice touch. The applicator is nice and fluffy and thick, but the mascara is average. Nothing different than the other drugstore brands. I wouldn’t pay the shipping fee for this but would purchase if stocked in a shop.

Overall, I would definitely say that the BH Cosmetics brand is a hit. Although some of the products disappointed me, the overall standard was impressive. The brand is affordable, even more so as they often have a new sale on to allow customers to purchase their products for an even more reasonable price. I am seeking to try out more BH Cosmetics products (especially their liquid lipstick and blush range) and I’m hoping I love these as well. I would definitely recommend trying products from BH.

I hope you enjoyed, if you want to see any other brand reviews please comment below or give me an email at






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