How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Hiya everyone 🙂

Although I can’t actually believe we are already in April, I am so ready for the warmer months to arrive. Summer is 100% my favourite time of the year, and I have to say, I am craving some sunshine. Of course, I’m writing this in my living room with a fluffy blanket draped over me while it is hoying it down outside, figures huh?

I thought I would write a quick post this afternoon explaining how I wash my makeup brushes and what products I use to do so.


I know you have probably heard this 1000 times, but I can’t stress HOW important it is to keep your makeup brushes clean and hygienic. Not washing the bristles can lead to bacteria build up, spots and even worse, infections *shudder*. It’s pretty common for us all to get spots at one point or another (unless you’re Gigi Hadid, how does that girl do it?!) but do you want to prevent these lumps of ugly popping up whenever you can? I think so.

Now, I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I wash my brushes as much as I should, because I definitely don’t. Who has the time?!

The recommended guide-line is every 1-2 weeks, but I tend to wash my brushes every month and that suits me the best.

When I first started buying makeup brushes, I washed them using a tiny dollop of shampoo and warm water. That really does work great, I promise. You can get professional brush cleansers that do not work as well as shampoo does, but, when I saw Real Techniques had brought out a cleanser, I knew I had to try it out.


Sam and Nic (The Pixie Woo sisters), aka the amazing women that founded the Real Techniques brand, are so trustworthy that if they recommended using blood as a primer, I would probably do it.

The formula of this cleanser is perfect. It’s thick and is a gel consistency, practically the same consistency as a regular shampoo, actually. You only need a tiny squeeze on top of damp bristles to ensure a thorough clean, and it smells AMAZING as well, damn.

A little of this stuff does go a long way, and as it is purchased in a pretty big bottle, you can be confident that this will last you ages.

I use my Brush Egg to rub the gel into the bristles when washing my brushes. A brush egg is a clever invention that provides grooves in a rubber material that allow the bristles to be deep cleaned, without getting makeup over the palm of your hand.


It even has a smaller section with more integrated grooves which allows even the smallest of brushes to be cleaned to perfection.

It is hollow in the middle, therefore providing a fantastic space to put your fingers in and hold the Brush Egg comfortably and without any mess. Real Techniques has actually came out with a larger version of this in board form, something which I am dying to get my hands on.


When I have finished washing the brushes, I spread them out on a various number of flannels to dry overnight.

I DO spread them out, I just wanted to get them all in the photo…


When dry, I simply arrange them back in my little brush holder (actually a toothbrush holder from NEXT home).


The brushes feel so conditioned and smell so good after using this technique; I would not wash my brushes any other way now!

Buy the Brush Egg here

Buy Real Techniques’ Brush cleanser here or here

I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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