Makeup on Friend – Freelance Experience Building

Hello everyone!

So today, I’m going to be writing a pretty exciting post for me…I have mentioned before that I want to become a freelance makeup artist, and my beautiful best pal Holly allowed me to practice on her face.

I’m going to write about what products I used on her and why, and how I achieved this mermaidy-smoky look.

First, I started with her eye makeup. I feel this is the best way to do makeup on both yourself or someone else, as sometimes the pigmentation can fall out onto your cheeks and ruin your freshly applied foundation.

I had no clue what I was going to do; I had no ideas as to what colour scheme I wanted to use. However, I brought a wide range of palettes with me, and went with the flow. Holly had wanted me to use my creativity to create any look, so she had no preferences as to which shadows I used on her.

I began, obviously, by prepping the lids with MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot, a product that is literally my holy grail.

I started with this transition shade from the Morphe 35T palette:


I buffed this in with a fluffy blending brush from BH Cosmetics (the brush has no name) and ensured I blended it into the crease and lightly up to the brow bone. I softened the pressure I was putting on the eye the more I was moving up towards the brow.

I then did the same process with the colour next to it in the palette, which is a slightly warmer brown:


Next, I added the initial lid colour which I decided would be the incredible foiled eye shadow by Makeup Geek: ‘In the Spotlight’:


This is a beautiful white gold colour with strong undertones of peach and pink. After adding this, I had decided my basis would be an mermaid-like, metallic smoky eye – I was inspired!

I thought it would be lovely addition to the undertones of the previous shadow colour, if I used a ‘pop of pink’ in the outer V of the eye. I chose this colour from the Morphe 35B palette:


I took a picture of how the eye look was going so far, and here it is without the additions I make later:


I then picked up my VICE 4 limited edition palette from Urban Decay and the colour ‘Pandemonium’ which is an unbelievable dark purple colour with black and gold specks of glitter:


I was really happy I included this purple in the outer V alongside the pink Morphe colour, I felt it gave a lot of definition and really lengthened the eye shape. But, I felt it needed a bit more ‘oomph’ (is that a word?) to make it look more smoky and to transform it into a more dramatic, night time look.

I saw the matte black in the Morphe 35B palette, and decided to throw a bit of that into there as well, because why not?:


I blended all of the harsh lines out with this neutral brown colour from the Vice 4 palette:


I then topped up the ‘In the Spotlight’ shadow and also placed it under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to create a highlight that would enhance the eyes.

I felt this look would suit a winged eyeliner look, so I pulled out my Maybelline gel eyeliner in ‘black’ and drew a medium-sized wing, making the line thinner as I approached the inner eye lid. I then mascara’d up her lashes with L’Oreal ‘telescopic’ mascara and ran a light application of ‘delete’ through her lower lash line. I decided to not create a heavy look on the lower lash line today, as I did not want it to outshine the lid colours.

I used Estee Lauder’s ‘Double Wear’ foundation on her skin and blended it in with the signature Barbie pink beauty blender and applied some Naked (Urban Decay) concealer under her eyes and where I wanted to highlight: this was a mixture of the shades ‘Fair Neutral’ and ‘Light Warm’.

I set her under eyes first with MAC’s translucent powder, and then proceeded to set the rest of her face with the same powder (I love this powder, can you tell?)

I gave her face a light contour with Too Faced’s ‘Chocolate Soleil’ bronzer and finished off with a generous dusting of MAC’s ‘Soft and Gentle’ highlighter for a beautiful, summery glow.

Finally, I applied the neutral pink NYX Soft Matte lip cream colour ‘Stockholm’ onto her lips with a Morphe lip brush, and that completed the finished look!


Overall, I was really happy with how the look turned out, but I do regret adding the black colour. I was perfectly happy with this in person, but it is only now looking back at the pictures I took that I noticed it photographed very harshly, and it looks unblended despite the fact it was in fact, blended.

I really really enjoyed doing this beautiful gal’s makeup, and I really can’t wait for my career as a freelance makeup artist 🙂


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