Collective Makeup Haul & Product Review

Hello everyone ūüôā

I actually began writing this post almost two weeks ago with the intention to publish immediately, however life got in the way, again.

I have had a lot of work due in for uni, and I found myself without a spare minute to post. I do try my best, but unfortunately there will be times where I can’t post as much. I hope you understand…

Anyways, onwards!

So today, I am going to be writing a collective haul based on a few new products I have picked up within the last few weeks.


In one of my previous posts, I wrote about my recent trip to Edinburgh: (You can read this by clicking on this link!)

In Edinburgh, I bought a few of these products, because I knew I wanted to buy a souvenir from my trip (and I don’t mean a sheep dressed in a kilt on a keychain).

I have waited to write this haul, as I didn’t just want to mention the products, but instead do a review on them as well for you. Don’t get me wrong, I love hauls where products are mentioned without reviews;but I feel that for a haul with a smaller quantity of items, I like to talk a bit more about the products to prevent the post being boring!

I have¬†5 high-end products to talk about and 2 drugstore. First up…


NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post-Shave Balm:


At this point in time, you are probably thinking what the heck. However, if you are a fan of NickieTutorials you will know exactly why I decided to purchase this product.

Nickie created the phenomenon that is, Post-shave balm as a makeup primer. How she came up with it, I have no idea. But ever since, many YouTubers and beauty lovers have invested their money in this product, and I can see why.

When the craze first ‘came out’, I was one of those sceptics. Why would I use a product specifically created for men on my face? It’s probably overhyped? Why are people still talking about this? yardayardayarda. However, around 6 months later, the trend was still going strong, with more and more people talking about it.

As a blogger, and an extreme makeup junkie, I decided I really wanted to give it a go. Why not?

I bought it a few weeks ago from Superdrug, it was £3.99 on sale but usually retails at £5.35.

I had only started trying it over the last few days, and I have to say that I am on board the hype train. This is a fabulous primer.

It goes on the face silkily and creamily, I would say it had the texture of a moisturiser. I apply about a 50p piece size in my fingers and evenly distribute it all over my face. I rub it in in circular motions until it becomes a bit tacky and then apply my foundation. The tackiness of the primer will help your foundation stay on your face all day, and I have to say this has been successful for me. I put it to the ultimate test yesterday: I applied it at around 10.30, went to uni, came back, had a nap (typical uni student), went to dancing, danced for an hour and half, came home and it had not budged.

If you want to buy a new primer, I would 100% recommend purchasing this product instead of something from say, Smashbox. It works just as well, if not even better and is a mere fraction of the price.

Plus, I have to add that it smells absolutely heavenly.

I ‚̧ Makeup – Lip Lava, Liquid Lipstick in ‘Forgiven’:


(For some reason, I do not have a picture of the front of the packaging ūüė¶ but I will update when I have the chance to!)

I only bought this for one reason, it is a complete dupe for the Too Faced Melted liquified lipsticks. In fact the whole brand, ‘I ‚̧ Make Up’ has completely¬†copied off Too Faced.

I’m all about the dupes, but this brand does not sit right with me. One or two dupes in one singular brand, in my opinion, is fine. However, when a whole brand is created just to cheat off another, I think that is wrong.

I ‚̧ Makeup is a side brand linked to Makeup Revolution. I like Makeup Revolution, I have no problem with it, this is not against the Makeup Revolution brand.

Every product I ‚̧ Makeup produces, is a knockoff for Too Faced products they are selling for¬†extremely cheap prices. They have shimmery blushes, bronzers and highlighters¬†in heart shaped packaging, eye shadow palettes with chocolate bar packaging and much more. I haven’t tried any of their other makeup so I can’t review the products in general, but I feel like they didn’t have the originality or ideas to think of their own makeup which is disappointing.

However, I wanted to buy one of the ¬£2.99 liquid lipsticks only to compare with the quality of the Too Faced liquid lipsticks. The I ‚̧ Makeup Lip Lava’s are alright, they have an alright quality and nice pigmentation, but they are nothing on the original Too Faced ones.

I really like the colour I got, ‘Forbidden’. It is a beautiful nude, pinkish tone with additional strands of rose inside the formula. It is very sticky, as in, unbearably.¬†I apply it and then blot my lips on a bit of tissue and then the formula is comfortable and looks better in appearance.

I know I have slightly slammed this brand, but it is only because of my own personal opinions of right and wrong. Just because I am not a fan of the brand, does not mean you will not be.


Too Faced – Melted Liquified Lipstick in ‘Chocolate Honey’:


Ok, as mentioned in a previous post I have tried Too Faced Melted lip products before, but only a mini version in which I was not able to choose which colour (it was part of a set). I was really impressed by the deluxe sample, and I knew I had to get my makeup loving paws on a full-size version of a colour of my choice.

As many of you probably know, brown lips are probably the most sought after lip colour on the market right now. When Too Faced released a chocolate themed selection of the liquid lipsticks, I was straight into Debenhams swatching them.

I bought the shade ‘Chocolate Honey’, which is a beautiful, creamy milk chocolate colour. I literally can’t get over how good it smells; it is definitely one of the lip products¬† you have to stop yourself licking your lips when wearing.

This colour is 100% unique, I haven’t found anything else on the market that matches this beautiful, warm-undertoned, soft brown matte lip colour. It is also extremely long-wearing, it stayed on my lips for hours! I’m not going to say it is transfer proof, because it isn’t, but the buildable formula will fix any patchiness with little product use.

Too Faced – Chocolate Bar palette (original):


I’m so excited that I finally bought this palette, you have no idea. I have heard about this specific palette being ‘the best of the bunch’ for a long time now, but honestly, I couldn’t understand the hype. There are many beautiful brown-based, neutral eye shadow palettes on the market, why was this palette supposedly so good?

The more I watched videos where gurus raved about the product, the more I was itching to have this palette in my collection…

However, at this point, I was unaware of and I had no idea you could buy Too Faced products in Debenhams. One day, like always, I was drifting towards the Urban Decay counter when I saw a smallish stand displaying Too Faced’s beautiful packaging and design.

Every time I visited Debenhams from there on out, I swatched the beautiful shades of eye-shadow and marvelled at the incredible pigmentation and creamy formula of the eye shadows.

It was only in Edinburgh, when I was to treat myself, I splurged and bought the £38 palette. Within a week of having this palette, it had climbed straight to Rank #1. This palette beats the Naked palettes and the LORAC Pro palette etc in my eyes, which is a big claim on my part.

I have never been so pleased with a purchase in my life (I probably have, but I’m excited), so much so that I use it every single day. I thoroughly recommend this palette to all of you.

If it couldn’t get any better, the shadows are actually infused with real cocoa powder, making the palette smell of chocolate. Yummy!!

MAC-Translucent Setting Powder:


I saw this in MAC and decided I had to give it a go. I was so impressed with my Laura Mercier loose powder, that I wanted to try a translucent version from MAC.

I definitely love this powder, the finely milled formula sits perfectly on top of your freshly applied foundation, and ensures no product creases in the fine lines of your face. It also acts like a barrier which ensures your makeup lasts all day.

Also, something I find pretty peculiar yet fantastic, is that I can actually add more foundation or concealer on my face ON TOP OF this powder without my face looking like Cake Boss’ kitchen. You can really layer on¬†the product with this powder, which is something I have honestly not come across before.

The qualities of light in this powder also make great use for baking the under-eyes and below your contour, a technique that is highly used within the makeup industry nowadays.

MAC – Retro-matte liquid lipstick in ‘To Matte With Love’:


I got really excited when the news first broke the beauty community that MAC were launching their own range of liquid lipsticks. I love liquid lipsticks: I think they are fabulous and I actually prefer them over the traditional lipstick form.

When I made the trip to MAC, practically every shade was sold out, understandably so. However, this bright, beautiful pink colour lacking the little ‘sold out’ sticker was calling my name.

I picked it up, and I am really glad I did. The colour choice was pretty unusual for me, I don’t really go for bold pink colours, but I figured I should step out of my comfort zone.

The statement from MAC claims the liquid lipsticks are long-wearing… damn they are more than long-wearing. Once the formula is applied, that stuff doesn’t budge. N0 joke. I tried it on and spent the next ten minutes trying to remove it from my lips. This may seem like a hassle, but I think it’s brilliant. If you wear this¬†on a night out, or even just through¬†the¬†day, you will have 0 worries on whether or not you need to reapply. This¬†baby is¬†transfer proof, fade proof and just proof of anything if I’m being honest.

The only complaint I have about this new range, is that the colour choice is pretty shocking. MAC, probably the most versatile brand of lipsticks, had an extremely disappointing colour choice when it comes to the liquid lipsticks. However, we can dream they bring out more shades, right?!

MAC –¬†Matte lipstick in ‘Persistence’:


I only came home with this new lipstick yesterday afternoon, after my boyfriend very generously treated me.

Matte MAC lipsticks I find to be absolutely fantastic. They are not drying (except some of the Retro-Matte range), and beautifully creamy. They apply so well on to the lips and provide a beautiful finish.

‘Persistence’ is an amazing¬†deep brown colour, with a red undertone. I would compare it to ‘Chili’ and ‘Taupe’, as they are all pretty similar in colour, yet have¬†slightly different¬†undertones.

I¬†love this¬†colour, and I’m so happy to have it as a part of my collection!


Anyway, that’s the end of¬†my haul! I really hope you enjoyed reading, I again apologise for my lack of posting ūüė¶

If you have any post suggestions please comment down below or email me at ūüėÄ


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