Amy’s Makeup Box – YouTuber Alert

Hello everyone!

I thought I would write a quick lil post tonight all about my newest favourite YouTuber: Amy’s Makeup Box.

I only came across her channel a few weeks ago when I searched for a cut-crease tutorial, and now hers is my favourite! You can watch it here.

You know when you watch a YouTuber for the first time and you are immediately hooked? Yep that was me.

This girl is one of the most talented makeup artists I have ever seen. She produces flawless look after look and I’m amazed at the variety she creates in her looks. She is extremely versatile, and combines any colour shadows amazingly to create high quality looks for her loyal subscribers.


She has immediately been placed in my Top 3, no joke.

I wanted to make you all aware of her, not only because of her amazing talent, but you can tell she is such a lovely person as well! She takes the time to reply to her subscribers as much as she can, and not many YouTubers do that nowadays. She genuinely seems so bubbly and friendly, and dayum I want her to do my makeup soooooo bad.

She’s just hit 100,000 subscribers which is absolutely amazing, but she deserves a hell of a lot more.

Go visit her channel, give her a like, subscribe and maybe even a nice comment, why not eh?:

Instagram: @amysmakeupbox

Twitter: @amysmakeupbox


(All photo credit: @amysmakeupbox on Instagram).





4 thoughts on “Amy’s Makeup Box – YouTuber Alert

  1. Hey, i wanted to message you to say thank you so much (its amys makeup box here)!!! But i just came across this blog post and nearly cried haha! Thank you so so much, honestly means so much to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really means a lot to me that you would leave this comment on my post and mention me on Snapchat. I absolutely adore your videos, and you have my dream job. Thank you so much Amy! ❤


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