Le Grand Palais – Too Faced | Review

Hello everyone!

While I wither in the mental and physical pain that comes with having a cold, I was really motivated to write a new review for you tonight. So, I’ve sat down with a red bull and a attractive tub-full of shortbread biscuits and I’m ready to rock n roll, or write, y’kno.

I actually bought this product last September, but I strangely don’t remember mentioning it on my blog, which is weird because I do think highly of it.


I was casually browsing the Sephora website (as I do most days), when I came across the ‘Le Grand Palais’ Christmas special product, and it was calling my name. I ordered it immediately and patiently waited for three weeks while it was dispatched from the states and delivered to me.

Although this was limited edition, and you are unable to get it anymore, I still thought it worth reviewing as I’m not reviewing limited edition products, if that makes any sense. The added extras in this limited edition collection are permanent Too Faced products, and I am reviewing the quality of the eye shadows as a whole. Although some of these shades will not be able to purchase, I will be reviewing the formulation and the fabulous-ness of these eye shadows.

This limited edition collection’s packaging definitely would win the makeup packaging OSCAR for its beauty and design.

This years holiday collection was themed around the beautiful city of Paris, France. Paris is known to be a city full of sophistication and beauty: something that Too Faced uses as their motivation for new products and design.

The incorporated images of famous Paris landmarks, I.e. the Eiffel Tower, bring elegance to this range of makeup and make you want to stare at your new makeup products all day long.

The collection comes in a box, designed in a present format. This was obviously cleverly designed as this is a special Christmas gift for all makeup lovers out there.

I felt the box itself was pretty, and then I opened it up inside.



The first thing I saw when I folded the box down, was the beautiful background printed on the back of the box. It is designed as though you are in an elegant and prestigious mansion right slap-bang in the middle of the city. It has 3D effects created with paper: such as a staircase, stairs to hold the additional products and a mannequin presenting a Golden Globe worthy dress. Also, I particularly love the pop up Sephora bag, Too Faced bag, Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, blushes and Melted liquid lipsticks – nice touch to show collaboration!


I think all Too Faced packaging is the best of the bunch, designed so beautiful that no makeup lover can resist it. I personally believe that it isn’t all about the product, but partially about the packaging. It’s what reels you in, entices you to try a new brand. Too Faced do this well.

Onto the makeup!

This special edition collection includes:

  • 18 individual eye shadows (two of which can also be used as incredible powder highlighters).
  • 2 blushes.
  • 1 highlighter.
  • A bronzer.
  • A mascara.
  • A liquid lipstick.
  • An eye shadow primer.

Sephora labelled this as having over $400 of value within, and I can certainly see why. I paid about £40 ($58) for this, which is an absolute steal for everything you get inside.

I must point out, that this was not the only product that Too Faced came out with for Christmas 2015. There were other beauts, such as mini palettes and cheek and lip sets. This collection was part of a wider collection.

The products placed parallel to the actual palette were what caught my eye when I first opened up the box. The only thing I was disappointed with, was the fact that three of the products I thought were to be full size and not minis. I think I got this impression by looking at the photos of the product online, and I can’t remember it specifically mentioning that these products were minis. But, hey ho, you live and you learn.


Despite the mini format, the quality of the products is fantastic and I ended up not minding.

The mini of the ‘Better than sex’ mascara is my favourite thing out of this entire box. This is a permanent product, so don’t worry, you can still get your hands on it!

This mascara is the blackest black, and thickens and lengthens your lashes so there is no need to splash out on them Ardell Demi-whispies. This does make your lashes quite chunky, but as long as you use the applicator in the right way, you are good to go.

The applicator is an infinity shape with thick, but soft, bristles. The product clings on to the bristles so you don’t have a whole loada black splodge dunked around your eyes, but instead the perfect amount to create the look you require. It’s a really good mascara guys. I usually don’t go wild for high-end mascaras, but I have to say this one is worth it.

The next mini was the ‘Melted Liquified long-wear lipstick’ in the shade ‘peony’. I have been itching to try the ‘Melted’ liquid lipsticks for so long now, so much so, I was willing to pay £30 for postage and packing. Nope.

‘Peony’ is a soft, warm pink colour. I wouldn’t class it as a nude, but instead an opaque candy-pink colour. Now, I have mentioned plenty of times this colour lipstick is my nightmare colour (aka Candy Yum Yum by MAC). That hasn’t changed.

However, this colour is different. I don’t know what it is – but it actually compliments me instead of making me look like a potato. It’s not an everyday colour to wear, but I can see myself wearing this more in the summer and on special occasions.

The applicator is a suede-y kind of material, which is initially off-putting, BUT it makes the product so easy t0 apply! It helps you to create a sharp line, and I feel I don’t need to put lip-liner on with this. Plus, it smells like cake. Like literally smells like cake and sugar and everything right with the world. Yummy.

The final mini, is the ‘Shadow Insurance Anti-crease eye shadow primer’, and this could not be more true to the title. This baby makes your eye makeup stay on all day. It’s no joke. It also works wonders as a type 0f adhesive, either for applying a pigment or glitter to your lids.


Attached separately, is the palette itself including the rest of the items in this set. The two blushes included are ‘Stardust’ and ‘Skyline’ and they are a really generous size to be included in this extremely well-valued set. Obviously, they are not full size, but I’d definitely interpret them to be 2/3 the way there. ‘Stardust’ is a deeper, rosy pink colour with a satin finish, whereas ‘Skyline’ is more of a Barbie pink-ish shade. The shade is reasonably sheer, so you don’t have to worry about adding too much product to your almost finished face. It is definitely more of a frost finish, as it includes little specks of glitter incorporated with the pink pigments.

The highlighter ‘flush’ is absolutely stunning. It is a champagne colour with golden undertones and is the perfect definition of a ‘Golden Goddess’ glow. It’s so pigmented, and looks beautiful when the light hits it. It goes perfectly with the ‘Sun Bunny’ bronzer also included. This bronzer is more suited to lighter skin tones as it has more of a sheer formula, but the golden undertones in this satin bronzer match perfectly with the golden undertones in the champagne highlighter.


Finally…the eye shadows! As previously mentioned, there are 18 beautiful colours included with a mixture of finishes:

  • White Christmas (pure white matte)
  • Satin Sheets (pearl shimmer)
  • Vintage Lace (Ivory matte)
  • Delightful (light pink with gold shimmer)
  • Moon on their Wings (champagne shimmer)
  • Cobblestone (warm, light brown matte)
  • City Lights (bronze with orange undertones shimmer)
  • Dreamlight (Dark brown with red undertones shimmer)
  • String of Lights (Cinderella Blue shimmer)
  • Yule Log (Rich, dark brown shimmer)
  • Wish list (pure gold shimmer)
  • Arc De Triomphe (lilac, mauve shimmer)
  • Belle Femme (dark grey with olive green undertones matte)
  • Stiletto (the blackest black matte)
  • Eiffel (metallic jade green shimmer)
  • Midnight in Paris (bold and beautiful blue shimmer)
  • Champs Elysees (electric purple shimmer)
  • Party Dress (pretty deep pink shimmer)


All of these shadows are wonderfully pigmented (as are all Too Faced shadows) and this palette comes with such a wide variety of shades and tones that the opportunities to produce creative looks are infinite. This palette contains both your neutrals, and your pops of colour, which proves to be an incredible combination.

Overall, I am extremely EXTREMELY impressed with this part of the 2015 Holiday collection by Too Faced. The wide variety of great makeup products I received in one affordable, great value for money set has set me up to create constant new looks and I enjoy every aspect of it.

I wish I’d got my paws on the other sets in this exclusive collection! But oh well, there’s always next year 😉

Hope you enjoyed!


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