Makeup Haul: Christmas 2015!

Hello everybody!


I hope you all had an absolutely fab Christmas, and got everything you wanted. Christmas is my favourite time of year; I love spending it with the people I love and having the excuse to pig out on amazing food.

As I have been on a spending ban for the last few months, I was extremely excited to get my un-swatched paws on some new makeup goodies. Some of the following were gifts, but others I bought with Christmas money/vouchers I was given.

I am extremely grateful for what I received as I am every year, but I really loved seeing my loved one’s faces when they opened up their gifts. I’m really sad Christmas is over again for another year, but it was so great and will go down in my memory book as one of the best yet.

Anyway, on with the haul!

*Disclaimer – I am in no way bragging about what I have, I am so extremely lucky to have these gifts and I am grateful every day. I love watching/reading hauls, so I wanted to write one for any other that enjoys them as much as I do. Christmas is not about the presents for me – it is about spending time with the people you love.*

First up, is this beautiful new Tarte palette I received from my Mam. I admittedly knew about this, as when I saw it on Sephora a few months ago, I couldn’t miss out on the deal. I ordered it with the deal that my mam would buy it and keep it hidden until Christmas.



The packaging is absolutely beautiful. Full of sequins, shimmer and gold detailing – this present screams Christmas. It is not your typical palette structure, as it is sealed only in this beautiful carry case.

Inside, the case includes:

  • 30 individual eye shadows, named creatively according to all things Christmas. My particular favourites being: Under the Mistle-taupe, Yule be surprised and Rum pum plum.
  • A light pink blush with mauve undertones in ‘amazed’ (which is what I was when I first came across this palette).
  • A light-to-medium bronzer in ‘Social Butterfly’.
  • A highlighter in ‘Pink Champagne’.
  • A mini ‘Lights, Camera, Lashes’ mascara.
  • AND a double-ended blending brush with one side being comparable to MAC’s 217 brush.

The shadows are all neutral, warm shades that have a mixture of different finishes: satin, shimmer and matte.


The next prezzie I received was something I really wanted. The MAC Enchanted Eve collection had been staring me in the face for 2 months ish, but as I was on a spending ban, I couldn’t splurge.

The packaging of the Enchanted Eve collection is by far my favourite MAC packaging EVER and I was itching to have some of its makeup.

To my delight, Tom gave me an eye shadow palette for Christmas. It is the ‘Navy times 6’ palette and the colours are breath-taking.

Included there are:

  • Two shimmery silver/white shades.
  • A light blue shade.
  • A navy shade.
  • A light brown shade.
  • A dark grey shade.
  • AND a double-ended brush (I love how palettes are including these now!)

This palette has a brill range of colours for creating that perfect smoky eye using cool, blue and dark shades. I don’t have anything that looks like this in my collection, so I can’t wait to try some new looks with it!


Next, the Vice 4 eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. I was SO excited when I received this!

I have watched my fair share of palette collection videos on YouTube with the inclusion of the hyped Vice palettes, but was gutted when I originally found out they were limited edition. So when I received this on Christmas morning, it is easy to imagine my grin from ear to ear.

This packaging is absolutely incredible. It’s really contemporary and different to anything else on the market. If packaging can draw you into a purchase – this is your guy. And, with a beautiful carry-case, a double-ended brush and 20 shadows in a range of colours – you can’t go wrong with this palette.

One of the huge issues I have with my skin is redness. The rosacea on my face was always one of my biggest insecurities growing up. Nothing would cover it, no matter how much I tried. Luckily, it’s better now I’m older and I am able to cover the remaining redness with different types of makeup.

Despite this, when I was having a window shop in Boots a few months ago, something caught my eye. Stila had come out with a colour correcting face product?! With green, blue and purple undertones?! Dream come true.


I was very lucky for my mam to buy me this for Christmas, as it was another product I had been itching to try. In the product description, it is described as a serum but is so much more than that. I use it as a moisturiser (the ingredients in it are so hydrating and it sinks into your skin immediately) and a primer (does a great job to help your foundation stay on all day).

I am so impressed with this product, and wish I had bought it sooner! As I have mentioned in a previous post, I was not that pleased with Stila’s take on liquid lipstick, but they have definitely redeemed themselves.

One of the nice surprises I got were these mini Benefit goodies in my stocking. I remember seeing them when I sneaked into Boots before work a few times to buy a Red Bull to keep me going. I think the deal was to create a stocking of four minis for a set price and you could pick any you liked.

I received:

  • An ‘It’s potent!’ eye cream.
  • A ‘High beam’ liquid highlighter.
  • A ‘Bad gal lash’ mascara.
  • A Boi-ing 02 concealer and an ‘Eye bright’ highlighter.


I can’t really give a review yet as I haven’t used the products enough times to reliably pass on my opinion. However – I have huge hopes for these products!

I have raved about the NYX Matte lip cream in London plenty of times before, and I was really interested in trying out some other colours. What better opportunity when Boots brought NYX into their online product range for Christmas?! My mam bought me the shades ‘Ibiza’ and ‘Prague’. ‘Ibiza’ is a beautiful bright pink with red undertones, and ‘Prague’ is a sophisticated and wearable burgundy/berry colour. I love these shades just as much as I love ‘London’.


The next items are products I bought with money or vouchers that people very generously gave me. I bought a few things I had been after for a long while, while others were impulse buys.


First up, I went to MAC to spend my vouchers!

I am a big fan of MAC makeup, I think it is great quality and isn’t too expensive – which is important for gals that love their makeup but are living on their student loan, you feel me?

First up, I went hunting for a highlighter. I had heard great things about MAC highlighters, and I knew I wanted to add one to my collection! I was first drawn to ‘Lightscapade’ mainly by the pretty colours infused into the creamy, white formula. But when I saw ‘Soft and Gentle’, there was no going back. I have wanted to own ‘Soft and Gentle’ ever since I started obsessing over makeup – but it was always out of stock! When I sheepishly asked the woman if there was any, to my delight she said they’d just had a delivery. There was no containing me. Sorry Tom.


I have used it every day since, and I am LOVING it. It’s a bronze/light gold colour and reflects perfectly in contact with both artificial light and natural light. Defo a 10/10 from me.

Next, I went hunting for lipsticks. MAC lipsticks, in my opinion, are the best on the market. Their formula and range of colours is just incredible, and the choice of finishes you can have is both impossible and brilliant.

I typically wear a MAC lipstick every day. I want to collect them because I am a huge fan, so I picked up 3 new colours:


  • Chili (matte): I have been seeking this colour for a while now. When I was on my spending ban, I stupidly went into MAC and almost bought it. I even swatched it in a heart shape on the back of my hand and sent it to my mam to persuade her. She said no. It’s a beautiful deep red colour with brown undertones. It lasts a hella long time on your lips and doesn’t dry them out with it being a matte formula. I can easily say it is my new favourite lipstick of all time. It’s that serious guys.
  • Fanfare (creamsheen): This colour is a beautiful glossy pink colour. I don’t usually go for pink lipsticks but this shade complimented my skin more than I thought it would. It’s very hydrating as it is a creamsheen formula. It doesn’t stick onto your lips as much as a matte formula would, but that is to be expected being hydrating. This was an impulse buy, but I have no regrets.
  • Whirl (matte): I have heard many YouTubers and beauty gurus raving about this colour since it came out in a lipstick form. Many loved the lip liner, and now think it’s even better as you have an exact shade of lipstick to match it with. This was an impulse buy also, but I love colours like ‘whirl’. It’s a brown nude with pink undertones, and I would say it is more cool-toned than warm. It’s a beautiful formula and I can’t wait for it to be my new go-to nude.


The last thing I picked up from MAC was their popular ‘Melon’ pigment. I’d heard many raving about this and it was one of the products I’d been meaning to pick up for a while!


It hasn’t disappointed so far! The MAC girl told me it was a rose gold kind of colour, but I see it to be more gold/bronze. Nevertheless, it is an absolutely beautiful colour, and MAC pigments will last you a lifetime!


Also in Fenwicks, I merrily wandered up to the Laura Mercier counter positive I was going to buy one of two products: the ‘Secret Brightening Powder’ or the loose setting powder. The ‘Secret Brightening Powder’ was unfortunately out of stock, but the woman there suggested the loose powder in ‘Tender Rose’ was not only a great alternative, but a dupe as well. I picked that up and I think it’s brilliant.


The finely milled powder leaves your skin feeling so so so soft and silky and it really helps the product to stay on your face all day, AND it prevents creasing and settling. Wonderful or what?!


I bought the rest of these products from (they currently have a sale on so get shopping gals!)

Beauty Bay is an online cosmetic website that sells makeup, skincare, haircare, accessories etc. It sells a range of well-known brands such as Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, Zoeva, Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you live in the UK like me, some of these brands are expensive to get your hands on as they are primarily American based. This is one of the best things about Beauty Bay. They send you these exclusive brands for little shipping cost – it’s excellent! They also showcase all of the product prices in GB£ so there is no confusion.

They also send you a free gift of your choice when you order, how thoughtful right? J I got this wet/dry eye shadow brush from their own brand and it’s really good!


It’s my favourite online cosmetic shopping website, fo sure.

I set out to buy some new makeup brushes from Zoeva and Morphe, as these are both highly raved about brands. I have never tried Zoeva products, but I have a Morphe kit in my collection and I have nothing bad to say.

I have been after a flat-top kabuki brush for a while now, as although my Real Techniques ‘Expert Face’ brush does the trick, I wanted to try something new. The Zoeva 104 Buffer brush screamed at me through the laptop screen, and I knew it was meant to be.


I have used this brush ever since my delivery came and it is PERFECT. There is no way for me to compare this brush with the ‘Expert Face’ brush as they are both too different in style of a foundation buffer brush.

The 104 brush has very dense bristles which ensures that it does not steal away any of the product. Some buffer brushes (for example, the Tarte buffer brush) tend to absorb some product and sheer out your foundation. I am more of a medium to full coverage kinda gal so I don’t like that. I’m very happy that this brush does not effectively ‘waste’ any product and still gives my face a flawless finish.

The next brush I bought, also by Zoeva, was their 114 Luxe Face Focus brush. I bought this as I was searching for the perfect brush for my under-eye brightening powder. I saw the original version of this brush first, added it to my cart, scrolled down…

There was a rose gold version.

I LOVE rose gold, as do many people, and the thought of paying an extra £1.28 for the pretty packaging didn’t faze me. The detailing is beautiful, and with a chunky bamboo handle, the colours match perfectly together.


As for the brush itself, it’s great. It’s fab for the purpose I intended it for and I love its appearance. Have I mentioned that already?


The final brush I bought was from Morphe and it was the M460 Contour brush. I have been dying to try a structured contour brush as I love my contour to be ‘on fleek’, so I knew I needed to purchase this beauty!


This brush is great for what it was designed for, but I wish it could blend as well! It creates a harsh line, but the brush is so dense it is no use for blending. It would be good if it were to be 2 brushes in one…but I’m dreaming too much.


Finally, I bought some Makeup Geek shadows!!!!

God I have wanted to try these for SO long! There is not one YouTube makeup tutorial I have watched recently that doesn’t involve at least one of these fab shadows. They are so pigmented and come in the most beautiful, wide range of colours suitable for every makeup lover.

I ordered 12 shadows from Beauty Bay and I am really pleased with the colours I chose.


I chose:

  • Morocco – a warm orange shade with brown undertones.
  • Nautica – a beautiful navy blue shade.
  • Mango Tango – another warm shade equally consisting of red and orange tones.
  • Drama Queen – (if a shadow name could describe you …) a deep purple with black reflects.
  • Sensuous – a slightly lighter purple with white reflects.
  • Enchanted Forest – the most amazing forest green you will ever see.
  • Desert Sands – a brown shade with yellow undertones.
  • Peach Smoothie – a light peach tone that makes the perfect transition shade.
  • Roulette – a metallic brown/pink shade.
  • Bitten – a deep purple/burgundy shade.
  • Flame Thrower (foiled) – a dramatic deep orange/bronze shade.
  • In the Spotlight (foiled) – a highly pigmented shimmer finish shadow with peach, white, pink and gold tones equally distributed.


That’s the end of the haul! As I have mentioned earlier I am so lucky and grateful for these new makeup products and I’m thoroughly enjoying using them so far.

I hope you enjoyed reading!


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