How To: Have Flawless Foundation With Dry Skin

Hiya guys 🙂

Here’s a post I wrote a few weeks ago on how to have flawless foundation when you have dry skin. It took me a long time to create the right routine in order for my sahara-desert like skin to look good with foundation on, so I thought I’d share my thoughts in the hope of helping others!

I hope you enjoy!

Every girl knows the struggle when trying to apply foundation onto an uneven base. Dry skin, one of the most annoying skin types can really overall affect the ‘fleekness’ of your makeup.

Having a flawless base is the key to unlocking the perfect makeup look. Lumpy and flaky foundation calls for the whole look to be in jeopardy.

However, there are just a few simple steps you girls can follow in order to avoid this makeup tragedy…

First, before putting ANY product on your face, make sure your skin is well looked after. Use a daily exfoliator alongside a cleanser and nourishing moisturiser. An exfoliator will ensure you have a smooth base alongside making your skin feel so smooth – what else would you want? Obviously, it’s also important to cleanse your face at least twice every day to avoid impurities absorbing into the skin and keep your complexion looking fresh. Do I have to explain why one should moisturise? Girls with dry skin should know this stuff.

Second, use a LUMINOUS based primer, NOT a matte based primer. The lumi-flecks in the formula of the primer will reflect light shining onto your face. This will make your complexion look glowing instead of dull and dry.

Next, a beauty hack. Not many know about this trick, but I promise it works wonders. One of the key steps you need to follow to have a flawless base is to apply concealer BEFORE your foundation, yes, you heard me right. Placing a little dab of concealer over any blemishes, red patches and under-eye bags will give you just that extra little bit of coverage.

The most important thing for having a flawless makeup base is, uh, foundation, obviously. However, many are unaware that different foundations are formulated for different corresponding skin types.

I love the look of matte skin, I think it looks so classy and I love the full-coverage look. However, for dry skin, this is a no-go. Luminous foundations are especially created for dry skin, whereas girls with oily or combination skin will do what they can to stray away from that oily and sweaty (sorry) look. The luminous foundations are formulated for the same reason as the primers, a God-send for us dry-skinned folk. I have very dry skin, so my foundation hero: Nars Sheer Glow, is a perfect formulation for my skin.

A repeated step? Huh? Apply concealer over anywhere you would like to highlight on your face: i.e. the chin, the bridge of the nose, under the eyes etc. The trick is to use a concealer up to 3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This will create an obvious, yet natural looking highlight.

Finally, powder powder powder. I’m sure you’re probably reading this and thinking have I gone insane (no, I haven’t by the way). As long as you don’t apply powder directly onto the skin, there is no reason for your dry skin to fill you with fear about powders. Use a big fluffy brush and gently press the powder into the skin. DO NOT buff the powder into your skin! This will disturb the foundation and will produce friction hence creating your skin to flake. If you pat powder on your face instead, it will nicely settle into your skin without allowing dryness to interfere. It will also make your base stay put all day, and will prevent it from settling into the fine lines and dry patches of your face.

Additional step: apply a setting spray or MAC fix+ to your skin to keep it hydrated and looking dewy after use of the powder. MAC Fix+ contains Glycerine, which means it is brilliant for use of both a hydrating, priming water and to hold your makeup in place. The Glycerine helps all of the products to stick to your face, and create a shield to prevent sweat and acne disrupting your base.


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