Review – GHD Advanced Split End Therapy.

I’m currently on an extreme no-spend ban. Well, on beauty products. I’m allowed to buy petrol, parking fees and the occasional Greggs Steak bake: but that’s about it.

The life of a student summed up in about 25 words.

However, yesterday I kinda broke my exteme ‘MUST NOT BREAK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES’ ban when I bought this miracle product: GHD’s Advance Split End Therapy hair product.


I have really naturally frizzy hair. It used to be frizzy and curly, but now the constant use of heat products has changed it into being frizzy and wavy, which is probably worse. I’ve also had a lot of trouble with split ends – also because of heat damage.

I know I’ll get in trouble for admitting this, but I do not use heat protect products. Never.

Everyone raves about how they are just so great, and make a huge difference to your finish of styled hair. I disagreed.

Whenever I used a spray, my hair went frizz-ier and the straightners rebelled against my wishes. That was probably because it was on dry hair, but, it specifically says in many products that it does not affect the function. How does that work?

I took a visit to my hairdressers (who I have mentioned before): Gemini Hair Studio (, yesterday to get my roots retouched in time for the many special occasions occurring this month. I didn’t expect to walk away with a new miracle product that would change my hair as I know it.

I don’t lie about products: I give the truth. I hate it when expensive products are advertised on TV as if they are God’s Gift and when you purchase them you may as well have bought ASDA’s own brand for the much more affordable price (not dissing!)

After my hair had been dyed and washed, my amazing hairdresser Steph (not biased, I always am so happy with the result at Gemini) informed me of this product and asked if I wanted a demo.


Naturally, I said yes. I’m never to turn down an opportunity to try a new beauty product; I think you know me by now guys.

She applied it onto my damp hair before drying and straightening it, and it definitely made a difference. I have only tried this product once, so this is more of a first impression review, but I’m so impressed. I am yet to try it in a few weeks when my split ends have returned for revenge, but I have no doubt GHD will wave their magical wand and fix them with this product.


The specific function of this product, as stated on the packaging is to:

harness the power of heat to strengthen, restore and protect. GHD Advanced Split End Therapy is activated by the heat of your styler to help nourish and fortify damaged ends, leaving hair feeling sleek, smooth and shiny”.

So far, I can definitely say it fulfils its function.

At a price of £15, many people would notice the price and wonder if it is worth spending their earnings on. Yes, it is reasonably pricey for a product, but you don’t only get a great product. You get a great product that smells amazing (fresh, floral & expensive smelling notes), has absolutely alluring packaging (gold & classy) and is everything you need to repair damaged hair and prevent frizz.

A day later, my hair is still frizz free which is extremely rare. It’s also very soft and I can catch a whiff of the lush scent every time I turn my head.

To use this product you:

  • Wash and Condition hair as normal.
  • Dry hair slightly, so it isn’t dry or wet: just damp.
  • Apply a pound-sized piece to the palm of your hand and spread generously throughout the roots and ends of your hair.
  • Blow-dry & straighten/style.
  • Stare at yourself in the mirror for the next 2 days admiring the strength of the product and then repeat all over again.

I thoroughly recommend this hair product guys. I honestly never thought I would find a product that was suited to, and actually worked for my hair. Thanks to my hairdressers Gemini yesterday, I would not know about this silky goodness.


If you would like to buy the product, you can either visit:

  • Or try your local hair salon. The product is all the rage right now, and salons are trying to get their hands on it the best they can. My hairdressers only had 3 left in! That’s why I had to buy it then and there, so don’t hesitate!

I hope you enjoyed this review/first impression!

I know I always am saying this, but I’m very sorry in the lack of posting. The last few weeks have been extremely stressful: I’ve had assignments and have been working whenever I have not been at uni. I broke up for the Christmas hols on Thursday until the end of Jan, and although I have 3 assignments to do in the break and I will be working, I will do my absolute best to get many more posts up.

Thank you for all of the support that you have given me so far. I love doing my blog, and having people:follow me, view my posts, send me lovely comments and click the like button, means an awful lot to me.

Jess 🙂 xoxo

Gemini Hair Studio: 0191 266 6575


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