Victoria’s Secret Fashion : After Party

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today I’m writing a post on my favourite, and not-so-favourite looks from the VS after party. I think many girls in the world look at Victoria’s Secret Angels and feel like crying into their ice cream… well, that’s definitely me.

Last year, I sat down and watched ‘the first five minutes’ of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show as I was about to retrieve my Galaxy chocolate from the kitchen and retreat upstairs to watch One Tree Hill. Instead, I skipped the chocolate, watched the show and felt like a potato for the rest of the night.

Nevertheless, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is ALWAYS incredible. The outfits were insane and as if that Fantasy Bra was worth 2 million?! Also, my fave model Gigi Hadid had her first time walking in the show, alongside amazing Kendall Jenner. I think these two models are extremely talented, and I’m so glad they fulfilled their dream by doing the show. Take that as inspiration gals, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Anyways, this post is going to be focused on the after party outfit choices, not only talking about the participating models’ stylistic ensembles, but also the celebrity guests.

Kendall Jenner:

Kendall cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

Kendall looks absolutely amazing in this green floor length dress on the pink carpet. It’s the perfect balance of revealing and modest, as the small slit up the right leg and the open chest balance out the length and the chunkiness of the fabric. The olive colour suits Kendall’s skin tone so well, and I love the minimal metallic flecks of gold sprinkled over the dress as well. She’s matched the shoes perfectly, alongside the minimalistic jewellery these two elements complete the look. The only complaint I have is the way her hair is styled. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lush and the style suits her perfectly, but I feel this dress is too material heavy at the top for her to wear her hair loose. I think a sleek bun or pony tail would have complemented this dress better.

Gigi Hadid:

gigi cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

Oh Gigi. Gigi is one of the best dressed models I have ever seen, but in this look, I am disappointed. The dress is way too revealing, in such a way that it seems it shouldn’t be like that and instead she got chased by a wolf on the way to the pink carpet. The fabric just look chunky and the shape, unflattering. However, Gigi still looks as beautiful as ever. I love her hair, the effortless style suits her face shape soooo much, and the way the natural makeup looks on her just proves how right she is to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Tyson Beckford:

Tyson cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

I think Tyson looks very smart in this outfit. I believe that this amazing show, deserves some amazing outfits by viewers or after party visitors. I don’t like it when it seems like the celebs haven’t made an effort. It is obvious, that Tyson has. He looks very sharp in his suit and I love how he has coordinated his outfit with the event. Very cool.

Adriana Lima:

adriana cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

Should one of the most beautiful women in the world have a beautiful dress? Absolutely. Adriana Lima does. This isn’t the kind of dress I personally would choose when out shopping, but it’s fits Adriana to a T. The metallic colour compliments her tanned skin perfectly – match made in Heaven. Her shoes as well…where can I get them? Incredible. I also love how she has tied her hair up into a low, sleek ponytail in order to show off the top of the dress.

Anthony Mackie:

anthony cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

I’m itching to fix that collar, it is driving me absolutely insane. I’m not a fan of Anthony’s choice of outfit if I’m honest. It looks as though he is trying to be smart, yet doesn’t know how to. He looks effortless, but not in the good kinda way. He looks as though he’s just threw something on and has been out of the door in five minutes. Tuck your shirt in, pair your jacket to your pants and fix your collar, then we’ll be getting somewhere. Sassy, I know.

Lily Aldridge:

lily cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

Sorry Lily, but this outfit gets a big.fat.nope from me. She can do soooo much better! The shaping of this dress/jumpsuit is all wrong. It looks like a chunky leotard joined onto some curtain netting. There is absolutely no shape to it, it just falls flat and doesn’t show off her figure. The shoes stick out like a sore thumb, they should match the dress, but they don’t. Black would have been a much classier choice.

Selena Gomez:

selena cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

I’ve never realised how good Navy looks on Selena. She is like the Queen of Navy. The top of this dress is beautiful while being different and exciting. The cut outs also bring another element of excitement to the dress as they are not slits but instead are WITHIN the dress. She looks beautiful as always.

Stella Maxwell:

stella cosmo

Getty – Cosmopolitan

Finally, I saved my favourite for last. This outfit is absolutely breath-taking. Stella Maxwell really fits the brief of a VS Angel in this dress. The colour, the floatiness/lightness of the material and the shape of the dress is amazing beyond words. I would kill for this dress in my wardrobe, even just for one day. Stella looks beautiful in this dress, as would anyone I reckon. 10/10, 5 stars etc etc. INSANE.

With the Victoria’s Secret fashion show being one of the biggest and well-known in the world, it’s no wonder that most of the after party outfits were beautiful. There were some celebs who I thought could have spruced themselves up a bit more or chose a different outfit, but despite that, impressive!

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