The Lakes Holiday | 2015

Hello everyone! 🙂

It’s taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to write and upload this post. I was planning on having it up on Tuesday at the absolute latest, but life got in the way. I’ve been hunting for jobs over the last few days, and I had to make sure that was my priority. I’ve finally sat down tonight with a bar of Milka and I’m not logging off until it is uploaded! I had an absolutely fantastic holiday and I hope you enjoying reading what Tom and I got up to on our little adventure! 🙂

Day One (Monday 2nd November):

Well after much excitement, today was the day Tom and I were to start our short break away in the Lakes. After the stress, particularly from assignment deadlines, we were very happy to wake up on Monday morning knowing the week ahead was going to be a good one. However, before we could set off on the tune-filled journey, we had to run a few errands: hand in assignments to uni, pick up a few bits and bobs from ASDA and stop at Penrith on the way to our lodge to also go to Morrisons for the fresh food necessities.

We got up quite early from what I remember. When we first booked the holiday we said we were going to get up really early to get into uni for like half 7 so we could be on our way before 9. Ha, like that would happen! I’m estimating we got up at about 7.45, got ready and jumped in Tom’s golf to make the short trip to uni.

First, we stopped for a really healthy breakfast! McDonalds. We both had a breakfast wrap with tomato sauce and it was one of the nicest brekkies ever. McDonalds breakfast wraps are so amazing, I could eat one every day and never get sick of them. When justifying the unhealthy choice, we needed something substantial to last us until lunch. I’m sure you would have probably done the same 😉

After we’d submitted our assignments, it was off to ASDA. We, or should I say, Tom, had prepared a shopping list full of ingredients we would need in order to follow our meal plan for the week. We picked up anything that wouldn’t desperately need to go in the fridge and packed it into the car, then it was away we go!

Tom made a fab playlist for the journey there – it included the likes of Don Broco, Chris Brown and my FAVE, dance music. We bopped along across the A1 and were having a reasonably uneventful journey until something rather strange happened…

You know the pedestrian bridges that are placed over the top of the motorway? Well there was lots of traffic on it. Humans? No. Sheep? Many. We witnessed one of the funniest things I have ever seen: about 50-100 sheep galloping across the bridge. We both looked at each other as if we were going crazy, we weren’t, btw.

After stopping at Morrisons in Penrith to collect our last little bits n bobs, we were in desperate need of some lunch. I seem to remember it being after 3 at the time so we were pretty damn hungry. We went to a highly anticipated place, the Llama Karma Café.

The Llama Karma Café is your usual café, BUT you get to look at llamas while you’re eating. For a gal who loves llamas and thinks they’re one of the funniest species out there, I have to admit that this was one of the best parts of the trip. The café was really quirky, and the staff were really friendly. They also sold some pretty cool merch.

12226803_1269414083076068_321786520_n 12248724_1269414133076063_1150706326_n 12071738_1269414109742732_1613298213_n

‘Spit happens’.

The food was lovely, also. As well as llamas, the café also had guinea pigs, huge rabbits and tiny monkeys to look at. I wanted to take them all home! After I’d stopped thinking of ways to distract the staff while sneaking out of the café with the animals, we decided to leave.


There was more dancing, singing and eye rolling until we got to our lovely lodge. It took us a while to find it in the holiday park however as it was pitch black. As soon as we found it, we settled in and unpacked a bit. We weren’t going out of the lodge tonight, as we wanted to chill and have a nice night in.

Day Two (Tuesday November 3rd):

Today we woke up at 9.30. Tom got up, but I decided to stay in bed to catch a few more Z’s as I was majorly tired, nothing out of the ordinary. About half an hour later, I was woken up by a tray placed on my lap. Breakfast in bed? BREAKFAST IN BED! Tom, very generously decided to make us a toasted bagel with smoked salmon on top, scrambled eggs and mixed berries and it was LUSH. It was so lovely of him to make breakfast, and was something I greatly appreciated.


After my lovely treat, I decided to get up and get ready. I’d literally brought half of my makeup collection away with us, as I told myself I was going to do my makeup as perfect as I could every day and try to look my best. As you can imagine that didn’t happen. I did a reasonably simple makeup look with my Naked UD Palette, brushed my hair and boom.

Today, we were taking a trip up to Keswick. We enjoyed the lovely little drive over there: the roads around the lakes are SO fun, I can’t even tell you. We parked no problem, and went on a little walk. We walked through the town centre and past all the lovely little shops, and then through this beautiful park which had a bird hide and a mini golf set-up!

12231384_1269414039742739_662470743_n  12226642_1269412369742906_773613357_n  12248723_1269413979742745_1678566457_n 12243910_1269412566409553_1393759726_n

We walked right by the lake and came to the dock where there was about 100 ducks, swans, seagulls etc being fed by people who had bought the 50p bird feed from the little cabin. I had to hold back.

12231596_1269413816409428_366315422_n 12243873_1269413786409431_1426695911_n 12243711_1269412403076236_398610551_n 12243699_1269413799742763_206744722_n 12242310_1269413806409429_1977003143_n

We watched them for a while and then walked further along where we found the perfect spot to sit and gaze out at the beautifully calm lake.

12233363_1269412556409554_1746289230_n 12231296_1269412476409562_297912177_n  12226752_1269412353076241_2094881725_n 12243742_1269412399742903_1015615780_n 12231424_1269412389742904_220727464_n

It was so serene and still, I felt a sense of complete relaxation. We took some pictures, Tom skimmed some rocks and we headed back to the town centre. We bought a few things from this gorgeous little sweet shop and then went back to the car and drove back to the lodge.

We chilled for a little while: laughed at Jeremy Kyle, ate biccies and I tried to write a few notes on this blog post. Later on, we decided to take a practice trip up to Kendal Castle – the place where we were going to watch the Bonfire Night firework display on Thursday. We climbed up the hill and had a look around the ruins of the castle. I was fascinated at the history of this hill; I never used to be interested in history but ever since I read Wuthering Heights in A-Level English, the fascination grew on me. I can imagine my comments of, “I wonder how many people ate here”, “I wonder how many people died here”, “I wonder what all of the battles looked like here” were beginning to get pretty irritating, but Tom more than happily nodded and read the information boards with me. After a short trip, we walked back down the hill and got into the car for a simple ride home. We took a few wrong turns and that’s all I’m allowed to tell you. Oh, and it was hilarious.

When we got back, we went in the hot tub for a little while. Apart from last night, this is the first time I’d been in a hot tub before. I was considering spending all my student loan on a tub and squeezing it into my shed but then I thought I had better not. Unfortunately we didn’t stay out long, as we couldn’t see the stars like last night and it was drizzling.

We spent the rest of the night in the warmth of the lodge watching TV and having a laugh. Another early night!

Day Three (Wednesday November 4th):

We woke up at about 9.30 this morning, I suspiciously don’t recall what time I got up though…

We wanted to tick a few more things off our list today so after we got ready we drove to the Alpaca Centre. Now, before I go on to explain what was there, if a place is called a ‘centre’ you would assume it to be big, right? Wrong. When we walked inside, we got the surprise of walking into a small shop with a tiny café and about 5 chairs.

Okay, we didn’t come for the café or shop, we still have the field walks to go on. We got let outside for our ‘field walk’. Saying this was a field walk was like saying that MAC is a small hobby of mine. The ‘field walk’ to visit the alpacas practically consisted of a square of grass, with 7 alpacas and 2 barely viewable donkeys. Tom and I found this hilarious, talk about false advertising! Regardless, the alpacas were very cute and very amusing to watch!

12233170_1269412499742893_544336976_n 12233029_1269412533076223_1880537147_n


We named this little guy Bertie:


From the moment we walked up to the barn thing, he was staring at us and was gradually getting closer and closer. It hurt walking away from him, I wanted to take him home as well!

We left slightly disappointed but thoroughly amused and decided we’d head to the Mining Museum. When we got there, we took one look and Tom started up his car. It was nothing, it looked pretty diabolical and we weren’t going to waste our time. It just wasn’t our luck today!

Penrith it was to visit our trusted McD’s. It didn’t let us down. We had a very quick look around and went back to the lodge. We chilled some more and spent a decent amount of time stretched out in the lovely hot tub, we had to make the most of it!

Around 6, we began to get ready for our lovely meal out at Morrel’s in Keswick. The food here was outstanding, very top quality. Tom had the Crisp Breaded Spicy Lemon Sole Strips, Tomato Chutney and Crushed Peas to start and I had the Confit Duck Spring Rolls with Hoi Sin, Cucumber and Leek Salad.


And for our main (which I’m really annoyed I forgot to take a picture of), Tom had a Haunch of Venison Steak with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Sweet Potato Puree and I enjoyed Cauliflower and Butter Bean Risotto with Spinach. Although there was a lack of choice at this restaurant, the food was beautifully cooked, definitely recommend!

On the way back from Keswick, we had a pretty scary moment. Tom was driving us back to the lodge when the most intense fog you have ever seen surrounded the road. It was so bad that if the full-beam was switched on, you could see less than if it was off. A few minutes of driving very carefully and slowly and we were back to vision again, thank goodness! We got safely back to the lodge and put on ‘The Break Up’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. This is a fantastic film, really entertaining and funny. I had seen it before that night, which is a good job really because I fell asleep on the sofa. When it had finished, Tom woke me up and I traipsed my tired self to bed.

Day Four (Thursday November 5th):

So, today was to be our last day and we wanted to make the absolute most of it. Something we were both really eager to do was to go on a boat around Lake Windermere. We got ready and dressed really warm and Tom drove us over to Keswick. We walked to where we’d seen the many birds begging for food a few days ago and watched them while waiting for our 12.45 boat to arrive.


The boat had an inside area and an outside area, but we wanted to make the most of the views and photo opportunities so we sat outside on the wet seats. The views on this boat were breath-taking. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful hills in the distance that we were seeing.

12231157_1269412856409524_1692509370_n 12244164_1269413079742835_1095161125_n 12243894_1269412959742847_1498656428_n 12233476_1269412996409510_1255930933_n 12233434_1269413009742842_160367060_n

Of course, photos of the lakes never do the true beauty justice so you’re just going to have to believe me on this one!!

The boat journey took about an hour, then we went back to the lovely little sweet shop to pick up a few more treats for family members. We stopped at well-known café Java for some chocolate covered strawberries and a drink and enjoyed them while warming up. Afterwards, we headed back to the car and said goodbye to Keswick for this trip.

We got back to the lodge and we chilled? Big shocker isn’t it? Tom cooked us some enchiladas and we left at about 6 to head to Kendal for the fireworks. We got a great parking spot right next to the hill and tried our hardest to walk up the hill without having any accidents. You see, it was raining and had been most of the day, so the ground was sopping, slippy and muddy. Anyways, we managed and entertained ourselves on top of the hill until the fireworks started at 7.30pm.

12243651_1269412459742897_1858744377_n12248813_1269413613076115_789853053_n 12242198_1269412449742898_2045310904_nThe firework display was the best display I have ever seen for Bonfire night. It lasted around 30mins and it was free; the people who organise it fund it purely from donations and money out of their own pockets. The range of fireworks was amazing, and I want to go back to watch the display every year! I unfortunately didn’t get any photos as at first I was covering my ears (I don’t love loud noises, but when I get used to them I’m alright) and I was too in awe of them that I didn’t want to watch them through my camera lens.

As I mentioned earlier, the ground was very slippy and it was a struggle to get up the hill. But oh boy, not as hard as it was to get down. We saw many people fall flat on their face and as sorry as I felt for them, you really had to laugh, it was so funny. We got down unscathed, and we drove back to the lodge. We took no wrong turns this time! I’m not laughing anymore Tom, I promise.

We went for a final dip in the hot tub when we got back, and cracked open some Moet in order to celebrate our holiday.


When we were ready to say goodbye to our new friend, we went inside, dried off and chilled watching TV and a film. I went to bed around 12 and left Tom watching TV until what he admitted, was about 2!

Day Five (Friday November 6th):

Home time 😦 We were planning to get up around 7.30 so we had plenty of time to pack, clean up and get ready to check out by 10am. You can imagine our panic when we woke up at 10 to 9. What followed was the chaos of doing all of these jobs in the space of 50 minutes. Us stressed? Never. Anyway, we managed it and checked out at 9:50. The stress started to dissolve away when we realised we weren’t in a hurry anymore, and we began the long journey home. As we hadn’t had time to have breakfast we stopped at McDonalds in Penrith (YES AGAIN) for some lunch. Disclaimer: we do not normally have McD’s 3 times a week, and I don’t see us having it again for a while. The drive home was pretty uneventful, mainly because I went to sleep. However, when I was just drifting off, Tom found it absolutely hilarious to shout “WAHEY” at the top of his lungs causing me to almost head butt the ceiling.

Thanks for that Tom, you are very funny.

We made good time on the way home, and got back about 2ish.

Overall, I had an absolutely fabulous holiday with Tom. We chilled out, went to places we wanted to and had a great laugh. I have to thank him for suggesting the holiday a few months ago and booking it. It was a lovely escape for us, especially after a few stressful weeks of assignments. I miss our little lodge, the fun roads, the beautiful views and of course, annoying Tom all day every day.

I can’t wait for our next holiday!

Thanks for reading 🙂 I know it’s a long one!


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