MAC ‘Spice’ Inspired Makeup Look

Hello everyone! ūüôā

So yesterday, I returned from my holiday to the Lake District with my boyfriend. It was a fabulous week, and I enjoyed it sooo much – sad to be back!

I will be writing a post of what we did on our little break and that shall be up soon!

Anyway, today’s post is going to be a tutorial on how I achieved this makeup look – using MAC’s famous lip liner ‘Spice’ as inspiration.


I really liked this look: it’s really autumn/fall appropriate, easy to achieve and you can wear it day AND night, it’s a win win!

First, I prepped my skin with L’Oreal’s ‘Lumi Magique’ primer. Although I was aiming for a mostly matte finish, this primer¬†is my holy grail. It feels so lovely and moisturising on the skin, and¬†foundation¬†glides on top of it like a dream.


Next I will apply my FAVOURITE.FOUNDATION.EVER. I’m pretty sure you can tell I’m just about to rave about it…


I used Nars Sheer Glow foundation in the colour ‘Mont Blanc’ (Light2). When I purchased this,¬†I didn’t realise how necessary it would become in my daily makeup routine. This foundation is hands down the best foundation I have EVER used. The coverage is flawless, the product lasts a decent amount of time and it feels so light on the skin. Bonus: I’ve never found a more suitable colour for my skin tone – gal telling the truth here.

A new product I have been using is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Taupe’. This is a product I have been dying to try for a very long time. I wondered if it would fix the daily problems I had with my brows and it definitely does! 110% recommend, serious. I typically apply this with an ECO Tools angled brow brush!


Now time for the eyes; I used¬†just three shadows from the Morphe 35T palette, but first… (let¬†me take a selfie), I prepped my eyes with MAC’s Paint Pot in ‘Soft Ochre’.


Then I moved on to my transition shade. The only problem with Morphe palettes is that the colours don’t have names. Everything else about the palettes¬†are highly commendable, but come on Morphe! Make our lives easier please!


Then I used this beautiful bronze on my lid and packed it on using a shader brush of some sort.


Lastly, I used this dark purple/plum colour and took a tiny smudge brush to drag it into my crease and outer V of the eye, it looks black on pictures, and so much darker than it actually is in person!


That’s it, simple or what? I love this look when I’m in a rush or don’t have as much time because it’s a brilliant way of getting eye shadow on your lids under time constraints! After, I used an angled brush¬†to add some¬†black gel eye liner in a wing, then¬†added my favourite mascara (L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic).

After I’ve focused on the eyes, I will also do the usual steps: conceal, powder (MAC),¬†bronze/contour and highlight.

11938202_1235326056484871_1124384358_n 11119942_1164980630186081_2016499947_n 12204595_1266804343337042_982561068_n 12204768_1266804310003712_1546191130_n 12207762_1266802930003850_481056623_n 12208187_1266802883337188_387655411_n

Quick note on the¬†highlight: This is a beautiful¬†product. It’s extremely pigmented and you will never run out of¬†it! It’s a¬†light bronze colour, so it is not a very noticeable highlight – which is perfect for people¬†who like more¬†of a subtle glow. The packaging is my favourite packaging in the whole wide world, it is the most beautiful makeup boxing you will ever look at¬†it. To be honest, I bought it for the packaging, the product was a welcomed bonus. Urban Decay –¬†1 Jess – 0.

Finally, the star of the show: MAC’s lip liner in ‘Spice’. ¬†I have been incredibly impressed with this product ever since I have bought it. This colour is the most incredible brown-nude, and is typically classed as the ‘Kylie Jenner Colour’. I maintain that MAC lip liners are in my opinion, the best around. The creamy and buttery consistency is amazing. I lined my lips with ‘Spice’ and filled them in.


You could just stop there, but I wanted to ensure the colour would stay on as long as possible (It stayed on through a meal btw, was very impressed). I recently got a lovely surprise in the post – NYX’s Soft Matte lip cream in ‘London’. I ordered it on Amazon about a month ago and completely forgot about it! I was pleased when I remembered, obvs.


Here’s¬†the finished look! (My shadows WERE blended, they look so sharp and harsh on this pic) ūüė¶



I hope you enjoyed reading, and I would love to see if any of you try it out! In order to recreate, you can use any similar brands/colours, the only crucial product is ‘Spice’, duh.

Thank you for reading ūüôā Lakes¬†post coming up soon!



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