LORAC PRO palette | Review

Hello everyone 🙂

Decided to write a quick post tonight – I’ve been dying to write a review on the LORAC PRO eye-shadow palette since I received it.

I was so grateful to receive a surprise Amazon voucher last week, which was a belated birthday present.

As soon as I saw Amazon sold LORAC products, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this beauty. I have been aching to try the LORAC eye-shadows for SUCH a long time now. With LORAC being an American-based company, it seemed that the first time I was going to be able to try out these highly-praised products, was when I visited next year.

I did try and order off the LORAC website, but soon found that they unfortunately do not ship to the UK. I feel this is a huge shame, because it took me almost a year to discover that Amazon sells their products. I think they’re missing out on sales by only shipping to the US and Puerto Rico!

There was no doubt I was to purchase this palette with my new voucher. But at $42 plus shipping, it was pricey. Despite the price tag, I think this palette is 100% worth the money. The palette also came with a free sample of their eye-shadow primer, which I thought was brilliant.



The palette is very skinny. I was surprised when I first held it, I thought it would be chunky alongside my NAKED eye-shadow palettes by UD. However, the width of this palette is very useful. It’s so easy to just slip into your bag: it doesn’t take up any room and it’s very light. Most palettes are reasonably bulky and tricky to fit into your bag: this one isn’t. The palette also has a magnetic fastener; you have to use some force to open it which means it won’t cause any mess by accidently opening itself.

The palette contains 16 shades: a mixture of both shimmers and mattes. The colours range from light to dark and are warm-based tones.



The texture of these shadows are incredible. They are so buttery and smooth, yet have amazing pigmentation and aren’t too greasy on the lids. A little goes a long way, which means it’s unlikely you’ll hit pan on these shadows for a long time.

I particularly love the way these shadows are placed in the palette; for the first 12 colours, I think they are perfectly placed above and below each other in order to coordinate. The top shades tend to be a crease colour perfectly suited to the corresponding shimmer lid colour underneath.


The only complaint I have about this palette is that there is a lot of fallout, and I’m not just talking a rainbow of colours down your newly-foundationed cheeks. When I open the palette there tends to be a lot of fallout all over the surface and over the mirror. This does disappoint me as it means it’s pretty hard to keep clean. Despite this, I would take this fallout for the amazing quality of these shadows any day.

In my opinion, I think every makeup addict should have this palette in their collection. The range of colours are phenomenal and the price is decent for what you get. I’ve been so excited to try this for a long time – and it has definitely lived up to my expectations!

Very impressed LORAC!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review 🙂 , I enjoyed expressing my love for this palette in writing. It’s that good, promise.

I’ma be purchasing more of the LORAC palettes in the future. I’m already drooling at the thought of the MEGA-PRO palette!


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