Birthday Makeup Haul | Part One

Okay, my original plan was to post this when the products I had ordered from America had arrived…however, a week and a half later, one package has not appeared and being the makeup addict I am, I am beginning to get pretty damn impatient.

I am really looking forward to actually writing this post and sharing it. I’ve been so lucky and got some amazing products from my family and friends, whether that being directly or via cash.

I know I am going to have to write a disclaimer before writing anymore of this.

I am a self-confessed makeup addict, and have been for a while now. I would spend all of my money on makeup if I possibly could. There’s just something about makeup that I get excited about; I love the way a few products can transform the way you look and feel about yourself. I love having different products to try and compare, and I don’t think I will ever get bored of buying the same shade of purple from multiple brands.

I understand that this is an awful lot of makeup, but this is what I wanted for my birthday. I love the idea of having a versatile collection and see it to help me in the future. It is only within the last few months I have really realised that I want to have a career in makeup/beauty – whether that being a journalist, an artist, marketing etc. Makeup is my passion and I want to pursue this for the rest of my life.

Anyways, I am very grateful for everything I have. Enough disclaiming, onwards.

Okay, so the first thing I’m going to talk about is actually something I have mentioned before.

From Urban Decay:

The Naked ‘Smoky’ Palette:

11992521_1235326706484806_1234015321_n 11998561_1235326656484811_2425756_n

I actually knew about this present as I got my lazy ass outta bed opening morning to ensure I got my hands on one. As it was a birthday present from my mam, she took it away and hid it until the morning of my birthday, when I had great fun painting my eyelids as many different shades of grey as possible.

This palette is fab, as usual with all of the Naked palettes. What were you expecting me to say?

However, one specific colour is worth mentioning: ‘High’.

This colour is one of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s the most pretty champagne/gold/white shimmer-finish colour. I actually think it’s worth buying the entire palette just for this colour Tbh, not even joking. 9/10.

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (in Fair/Neutral):


I’ve been dying to try this concealer for way too long now. It was always a product I would gravitate towards when shopping, but convince myself I didn’t need. I was wrong.

This is the best concealer I have ever used. The coverage is flawless, its easily blendable and it’s so smooth and creamy – it feels great on your skin!

I usually get one of the lightest shades of foundation, so I have never been lucky enough to find a concealer that adds coverage while highlighting my skin. Not only is this concealer perfectly suited to the colour and undertones of my skin, it also has a light diffusing formula which means it gives me a highlight as well. 10/10.

Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation:

11992099_1235324496485027_1494831332_n 11995426_1235324446485032_804726874_n 11998545_1235324339818376_1607732523_n

Another thing I have been in two minds about buying for the last few months. The formula of the powder is absolutely phenomenal – it feels like silk.

Although I am impressed with this product overall, I wasn’t as pleased with the makeup on my face as I was expecting. I used it without a foundation a few weeks ago, and it clung to the dry spots of my face and turned them an orange-y colour. I did buy this product with the intention of wearing it by itself, so I wasn’t best pleased with this. However, I am interested to try it as a setting powder over my foundation so I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Extra points for beautiful packaging, 7/10.

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup:


I have tried this product before and was really impressed with it…until the pump broke and I lost half of the product on my floor, walls, neighbour’s cat etc. Needless to say, I had to throw the rest away – not an easy job when you pay £27 for a foundation I can tell ya.

I picked another one of these foundations up because I know that the first bottle was just a fluke. It doesn’t affect the overall excellence of the product. The only downside to this product is that the formula is sheer to medium coverage. I prefer a medium to full coverage, but the product is buildable: unfortunately meaning more of the product is used, 8/10.

From Maybelline:

Dream Smooth Primer:


I’ve been looking for a more affordable dupe for Smashbox’s famous ‘Photo-Ready Finish’ primer.

This isn’t going to be the happy story of how the primer is the perfect replacement and it fell in love with my skin and they lived happily ever after…nope.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great primer; but it just doesn’t have the finish that the Smashbox one does. Without comparing, I am very pleased with this primer. It does the job and is affordable. The texture of the product feels and applies really nice on the skin. Would recommend, 9/10.

Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick (Nude Embrace):

Let me just start off by saying I unfortunately don’t have a picture of this, as I completely forgot.

This lipstick, is really what it says in the name. The formula is absolutely amazing; it has the hydrating power of a lip balm, with the colour pay off of the perfect nude lipstick. I had incredibly dry lips about a week ago, but since wearing this lipstick, my lips are in better condition than they would be if I’d been wearing a lip balm all week. This product is amazing, I could not recommend it any more. I’m certainly going back to Boots and buying every colour possible! 10/10.

Line Refine – Expression Kajal (35 white):


This product doesn’t take much explanation to be honest. I bought a simple, white eyeliner pencil to use in my inner waterline to make my eyes look bigger than they are. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have no doubt it will do the job, no rate.

Colour Tattoo 24h (65 Pink Gold & 40 Permanent Taupe):

11999911_1235324783151665_1803277708_n 11998764_1235324766485000_2065926229_n

These products are cream eye shadows, and are brilliant bases for colour or left alone. I have only used the ‘Pink Gold’ shade so far, but there was no creasing, amazing pigmentation and held extremely well, 10/10.

From Stila:

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Dolce):


This was a highly anticipated product. I have been wanting to try Stila’s range of liquid lipsticks ever since I heard all the rage between the best beauty gurus. I picked up the colour ‘Dolce’ as it is a beautiful brown-ish, pink-ish nude. For the first hour, I was in love. I loved the colour and the finish.

However, after only an hour of wearing: the colour was flaking, my lips were drier than desert sand and it felt uncomfortable.

Now, I don’t know if this was just because my lips were especially dry that day, or if it is actually the product; I like to give products more than one chance, so I will reuse to see if there is a difference, 5/10.

I decided to split this post into parts to make it easier to read. Part two coming soon! 🙂


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