My Trip to Gemini Hair Studio


Before I begin to write this post, I must apologise about the lack of posting recently. I’m not going to sit here and type a random, lame excuse and instead tell the truth: I just haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway I’m planning more posts over the next few days…

With it being my birthday next week, I’ve had a few treats the last few days: one of which, was getting my hair done at Gemini Hair Studio today. I really enjoy getting my hair done, it feels very nice and I actually feel good about myself afterwards.

When I was younger, I was a natural blonde. When I say, ‘a natural blonde’ I mean I pretty much had white hair. I have always been very fair, and have reasonably curly hair naturally. Despite this, I was always wishing for brown, straight hair. It was only as I grew up that I enjoyed my blonde and wished to keep my natural colour.

Of course when I realised this, my hair started to change colour…can you believe the irony? My hair is naturally now a dark blonde/ light brown-ish colour and I often take a trip to the hairdressers to change it to the colour I was blessed with as a child.

When I first started getting my hair coloured, it was about 4/5 years ago; I got half a head of blonde highlights to give me a more natural blonde look. However, in March I decided I wanted a CHANGE. I was originally looking to go darker, but with the persuasion of my hairdresser and my mam, I decided against this sudden impulse. Now, I get an all over colour done to make my hair really light blonde.

I think I’ve provided enough background now, onwards.

Today, I went to Gemini to get my roots touched up. Although my roots don’t actually come through THAT bad, I hate how they look, especially when I have my hair tied up. I don’t normally go as often as I should, but I went today so I could have a fresh blonde look for my birthday.

My hairdresser, Steph, has always been the one to dye my hair. She used ‘L’Oreal High Lift Tint’ in the colours ‘Violet’ and ‘Ash’ (50/50) and combined them with 40 volume peroxide in an equal amount. She only applied the colour onto the roots, for the purpose of not further damaging the previously bleached hair.

11911772_1222092474474896_1187923204_n 11938000_1222092464474897_1585366058_n

This is what it looks like on. Thought I’d really awkwardly take a selfie in the middle of the hairdressers; because every girl wants a picture of herself getting her hair dyed on the internet, right? :/

After 40 minutes, the product was washed off using the Semi-Expert Keratin range shampoo and conditioner. These products made my hair feel so soft and left my hair smelling lovely (I totally haven’t been sniffing my hair for the rest of the day btw).

Steph then cut my hair as usual: half an inch, layers and feathers (if you were wondering). She then put the L’Oreal Tecni Art Sleek and Swing cream through my mid-lengths and ends, in order to protect my hair from the impending heat damage presented by the hairdryer and GHDs. Once again, great product, no need to explain why: just try it!

This was the finished result:

11880986_1222092487808228_1246749620_n 11868723_1222092511141559_6868188_n

I looooooooove it!

Blonde is an all-around the year kinda look. It’ll suit every season, but I particularly love the way it looks during the Summer months.

Although being blonde is expensive, in my eyes it’s definitely worth it. I love the results: they surprise me every-time.

I have been getting my hair done at Gemini my whole life, and Steph has been my hairdresser for as long as I can remember. I never come out of this hairdressers feeling disappointed, and instead feel over-the-moon at my new look. The staff are all really nice, and I felt completely comfortable being a dork and asking what products they had used.

I’m really glad I got to go today, as when I’m partying on Monday and Wednesday night I will not be worried about how bad my roots look in pictures.

Thank you, Gemini Hair Studio!

For bookings and enquiries call: 0191 266 6575 or visit their Facebook page!


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