Intense Purple Smoky Eye

11872717_1214748748542602_1520540637_n Hiya ūüôā So on Friday night, I was playing around with different eye shadows & makeup products to try and create a new look. I love experimenting with colour, and after browsing my collection I realised that I have never experimented with the colour purple (makeup, not the book guys).

Purple is actually one of my fave colours so I’m actually surprised I’ve never made it the main focus of my eye makeup. The two purple colours I use in this look I have never actually tried before¬†= FIRST IMPRESSIONS. This is quite ridiculous really because the MAC shadow I bought in America last year… However,¬†I have¬†only had the Urban Decay palette for about a month, so please forgive me¬†for that.

I mixed in some old faves with the two purple shadows, to give the look more dimension and versatility. You could probably mix any colour shadow with the purple and it would still look good, these are just the products I used!

So first I prepped my lids with the trustworthy eye shadow primer potion from Urban Decay. I think this is an extremely important step, especially when using a highly pigmented/shimmery eye shadow as it helps the product stay put and prevents much fallout.


Next, I picked a shade for¬†my transition colour and it just had to be…


‘Naked’ from the original Naked palette, are you surprised?

I’ve ranted and raved about this colour many times: how it’s the perfect shade to add dimension, easily blendable, beautiful colour etc etc.

Now, it’s time for the purple aka the exciting part.

I¬†used an Eco Tools lid brush to apply the colour ‘Tornado’ all over my eyelids. Make sure you do not, NOT extend this shadow into the crease. If you do this, the rest of the shadow will not have that ‘gradient’ feel and it’ll be super hard to blend, trust me.


I was very impressed with this colour – it is an aubergine/eggplant kinda purple and is really strong and bold on the eyes. It actually comes out really dark which really helps increase the dramatic feel of the look.

This shadow is included in the Urban Decay’s ‘Shadow Box’. This box contains 12 eye shadows in a wide variety of colours: from gold and grey, to vibrant green and blue. If you are looking for a versatile palette, this is your guy. However, I feel as though this palette will need to be used alongside other shadows (not included in the palette). The colours are all so different and they don’t really go together, as you would see in a themed palette.

11853886_1214749055209238_1601773422_n 11868850_1214749025209241_1304588701_n

UD’s packaging is always sooooooo pretty as well, dayum.

Next, I¬†added a generous amount of the MAC eye shadow, ‘Parfait Amour’.

11830864_1214748951875915_1063986997_n 11830185_1214748905209253_1279917900_n

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how absolutely GORG this colour is. It’s a metallic/vibrant purple with a ‘Frost’ finish, it is so extremely pigmented and I didn’t have an issue with fall-out at all.

I was originally just going to stick with the ‘Tornado’ shadow from UD but thought the look needed to be a little less dark and more exciting. Plus, as I mentioned previously, I had never used this shadow before; crazy, huh?

After applying this shade, I chose to add a bit of the MAC ‘Vanilla’ pigment onto my lids to add a bit more shimmer. ‘Tornado’ was a shimmer shade, but with just putting a matte shade (Parfait Amour) over the top, I felt like a lot of the original finish had vanished.

11874013_1214748985209245_558890994_n 11872911_1214748995209244_1402179397_n

I then applied the shade ‘Tease’ from the Urban Decay ‘Naked 2’ palette into my crease with a pencil brush, focusing on creating more dimension while blending all of the shadows together.


Afterwards, I added my usual wing with my black gel eyeliner from Maybelline and followed up with a generous amount of L’Oreal ‘Telescopic’ False Lash mascara (huge fan btw).

11356072_1164980553519422_1242933893_n 11857736_1214748835209260_2083741719_n 11830788_1214748815209262_612808691_n

Finally, to finish the look I grabbed an Eco Tools smudge brush and ran a mixture of ‘Tornado’ and ‘Tease’ through the lower lash line, to provide a hint of a Grunge look.

I definitely am 100% loving this look at the moment. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this for a day-time look as it is really quite, erm, ‘full-on’ but for a night look – absolutely! I wish I’d experimented a bit earlier with these shadows, as I can see myself wearing the purple smoky eye, a hella lot in the next few months.

Look out for some more experimental looks coming soon : I bloody love them.


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