Edinburgh Day Trip – 04/08

11846398_1212144835469660_768207300_n Helloooo 🙂

So currently, I’m cabbaged on my sofa, eating minions cake while hoping & praying I can get my hands on the new Naked Smoky palette that is being released tomorrow nationally! I’m going to be one of the makeup-obsessed people tomorrow dragging themselves out of bed to get into town for Debenhams opening, and I have no regrets.

On a side note, on Monday morning I passed my Driving Theory Test! It’s another step closer to completing my Summer goals and I’m excited to attempt my driving test in a few months time. But that isn’t what this post is about…

So yesterday my boyfriend (Tom) and I arranged to go up to Edinburgh for a shopping/chill day. I had an absolutely great day and I wanted to write about what we did, where we went, and include a mini MAC haul.

So having our plans confirmed on Monday afternoon, I started getting ready at about 8.00am. Now, for anyone who knows me I’m bloody hopeless early in the morning, I’d definitely consider myself a ‘Night owl’. However, excited for the day ahead I got up and started doing my makeup.

Products used:

  • L’Oreal Lumi-Magique Primer
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation
  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
  • Urban Decay Eyelid Primer
  • Naked 2 palette: Half Baked, Tease, Snakebite & Blackout
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in BLACK
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in BLACK
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (as concealer)
  • MAC Blush in Harmony (as bronzer)
  • MAC Lip Liner in Boldly Bare
  • MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam II

11805903_1212154025468741_1696127915_n 11846496_1212153995468744_2029807707_n I was very confused about what I should wear as the weather was having a bit of a wobbly. So after doing my makeup, I spent quite a lot of time with my head in my wardrobe having a stereotypical girl crisis: gals, you know what I’m saying.

Finally I made my mind up and decided on:

  • This red/burgundy crop top from Abercrombie & Fitch.


  • A pair of burgundy/purple Joni jeans from Topshop



  • A Pair of black Urban Outfitters’ boots.
  • A Pale pink and leather coat from River Island.

I straightened my naturally frizzy/wavy/curly hair with my GHDs and I was ready to go!

We set off at approx 10.20am with Tom driving his car. We went the longer way to Edinburgh through Jedburgh instead of up the A1 and I have to say that in my eyes this is the best way to go. It does take longer, but the views you get of the countryside and the hills in the distance are beautiful! I love the countryside and have done ever since I was a little girl, so I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely views.

When we were about 45 minutes away from Jedburgh, we got stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. God these things are ANNOYING.

However, I hope the surrounding cars, trees and woodland creatures enjoyed our karaoke rendition of ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, cool.

When we got to Jedburgh it was about 12.00ish; we had some brunch and a hot drink to give us some energy, as we were both beginning to resemble floppy carrots at this point. 11857490_1212144902136320_1169524371_n We carried on our journey to the lovely city of Edinburgh and arrived at 2 o’clock ish. Then we began our shopping trip, which I was a bit tooo excited about. When a girl don’t buy a lot of makeup for a few weeks it can drive her insane, trust me.

We spent the next few hours looking in shops and picking up things on our mind-lists. I purchased 4 items from MAC in Harvey Nichols:

  1. Spice Lip Liner- this colour is a brown-nude colour, perfect for teaming with a classic nude colour, or a muted brown lipstick. The colour is really versatile, while helping to enhance the colour of the lipstick you will be pairing it with.

spice3 spice2 spice 2. Dervish Lip Liner – this colour is a pink-nude colour. It is reasonably similar to ‘Boldly Bare’ but it seems as though it will go with any colour lipstick that you purchase (except from the really dark, vibrant colours. dervish3 dervish2 dervish 3. Taupe Lipstick – I’ve had my eye on this colour for a while. It is a brown shade with a slight undertone of red. It is a beautiful shade, and could match with any eye-makeup. 11846382_1212144122136398_2102869213_n 11853876_1212144095469734_21513636_n 4. Viva Glam III Lipstick – As I have mentioned earlier, I have the Viva Glam II lipstick and I loooove it. It is the perfect nude for me; I wear it everyday. However, my eyes were drawn to Viva Glam III. This shade is a blue-toned red which is more suited to fair, lighter skin tones. It’s not as red as MAC’s signature red ‘Ruby Woo’, but carries dark, red/burgundy tones. 11854018_1212144058803071_2102202703_n 11846297_1212144038803073_45158346_n After we’d purchased our new treats, we were flagging. We hadn’t ate or drank in a while, and as we were conveniently next to Starbucks, we went in for a lil snack and ice cold drink. 11844252_1212144475469696_1774986637_nWe both had sausage sandwiches with a juice blend (I think that’s what they’re called). I had Mango and Passion fruit, while Tom had a Blackcurrant and Raspberry flavour. They tasted unreal, they were the perfect way to refresh us and were so so tasty!

However, I think prices in shops such as Starbucks, Costa etc are absolutely ridiculous. There is no need for the products to be as much as they are, pretty sure they’d get more business if they put the prices down! Rant over. Breathe.

I think after our little rest we were just too tired to keep on walking around so we hopped into the car and made our way home. Although, we stopped at my caravan sight in Bamburgh to visit my Dad and Step-mum to have a little chat, before venturing into a nearby village to buy some chips before sitting on Bamburgh Beach to eat them. 11857524_1212144238803053_1313558822_n 11824225_1212144338803043_1437786235_n 11815969_1212144412136369_693632931_n This place holds a very special place in my heart, as I had spent a huge chunk of my childhood up in Bamburgh making memories that I’ll never forget. I think everybody has that one place that they class as a second home, and is incredibly special to them and mine is definitely here.

Anyway, I’ve finished being soppy now. Sniff.

We drove back home after this and got to my house at about 10 o’clock. We were both absolutely shattered at this point and were ready to flop into bed and have a lovely, long sleep.

All in all, I had an absolutely wonderful day with Tom: visiting Edinburgh again, buying some treats and seeing Bamburgh again. Thanks to Tom who took us up there and back and for putting up with my weird car dance moves, my geographically challenged confusion and my makeup addiction.

Edinburgh is a lovely place. It’s filled with great monuments, shops and accents and if you ever get the chance to take a trip up there: do it.    


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Day Trip – 04/08

  1. beautiful post! edinburgh sounds amazing 🙂 love what you’re wearing and the makeup too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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