My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Routine

Can we all just take a second to have a good, long think about how it is August…already?!

I do love August, with the weather, freedom and celebrations, but I wasn’t expecting it to come around so fast.

One of the most popular looks during the summer months, is the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look.


I like this look myself because it looks natural and effortless, all while avoiding the horrid feeling of sweat ruining your foundation (that was gross I’m sorry).

You see these flawless women, with absolutely no makeup on whatsoever and I don’t know about you but they make me ANGRY. I generally just don’t understand how some women can look beautiful all the time smh jealous.


I’m slightly insecure about my bare skin. I have red cheeks and an uneven skin tone, so it is very rare that you will catch me outside with absolutely no foundation/concealer/powder on my face at all.

What is the perfect solution? No makeup makeup…I love how confusing that sounds.

I’ll use the following products to achieve the ‘bare faced’ look:

  1. First I’ll use my Real Techniques ‘Expert Face’ brush to apply Maybelline’s ‘Dream Matte Mousse’ (04 light porcelain) foundation all over my face. I would say that this was my first actual foundation that I ever tried, and I think it’s fab. The coverage is reasonably good and the product is light and fluffy, making it feel as though you have no foundation on at all. The only bad thing I would say about this product is that it sucks allllll of the moisture out of your face; it’s incredibly drying on the skin, so USE MOISTURISER.



2. Next I will do my brows using my No.7 brow powder kit, and an Eco Tools double sided brush. When trying to achieve a natural look, I think powder is the more suitable product as opposed to pencil as it produces fluffy, fuller, natural-looking brows. Pencil is a great product when doing a more heavy makeup look, but when wanting a natural effect, you’re going to want to stay clear of the pencil (trust me been there). However, I really recommend the Eco Tools brushes. They are affordable and really good quality, I have been impressed with them ever since the first use.


3. When trying to pretend as though you don’t have any makeup on, it would usually be recommended to put that eye shadow palette to one side; however, I think one light, defining crease colour is the perfect addition. I lightly use the shade ‘Naked’ from the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette to contour my eye, resulting in my eyes looking bigger.

11805667_1210478755636268_1813129245_n 11802141_1210478748969602_2118185846_n

4. I’ll then add a bit of mascara to my lashes, focusing right in the root of them to make them appear thicker and volumised. I’ll use Benefit ‘They’re real!’ mascara for this…


5. I think it’s soooo important to always have a little bit of shape in your face. I recommend never skipping the contouring and highlighting section of makeup, as it really does make a huge difference to your overall appearance. For contouring I will use my Ted Baker small fluffy brush to apply Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ bronzer in a ‘3’ motion: on my forehead, my cheek bones and jawline.

11356124_1164980546852756_1685178649_n 11164158_1164980536852757_1325926708_nI will then use my cream highlighter from MAC (Luna, frost) to highlight the high points of my face, enhancing my contour. This product is extremely pigmented, it gives a lovely glow and is 100% worth the money!

11778100_1207410825943061_563231433_n 11823797_1207410809276396_507542205_n

6. Finally, I will leave my lips bare and/or use a lip balm to condition my lips and add a bit of shine. Any lip balm/Vaseline will work a treat for this.

Although I will still wear other makeup looks throughout the summer, I think this will be my current go-to look. It’s extremely easy to do, and quick, which is perfect for a girl like me who decides 8 minutes is enough time to get ready for a driving lesson, pfft.

Disclaimer: I’m technologically challenged and have no clue how to make gifs, so I fetched the one above from Google Images.


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