My Top 5 Fave Perfumes


I’m that girl who goes into Debenhams to make good use of the free perfume. Usually, this is dangerous as I add about five new smells onto my wishlist.

There are 5 perfumes in my collection that I constantly wear. These 5 are obviously my favourite; I love the way that they smell and how I feel while wearing them.

I am lucky that these have either been presents or I have bought them with a gift voucher (still a present duh). One dislike I have about perfume is how bloomin’ expensive it is. £100 for 50ml? No thank you. I don’t usually buy new perfumes with my own money…but that does come with exceptions.

5. The first perfume in my top 5, is Prada Candy Florale:


This perfume is a very sweet perfume. It reminds me of Summer and I just feel happy while I’m wearing it. Although it is named ‘Florale’, I don’t think this scent is that floral. I do like floral scents, but some of them make my nose a little itchy. This perfume is a lovely mixture of floral and sweet scents, making it a great perfume to get your hands on. Also, how lush is the bottle, seriously?

4. The second perfume in my top 5, is Cerruti 1881:


I love this perfume for another reason, alongside the fact that it smells heavenly! This was my Mam’s signature scent when I was younger (she has since changed her taste). Wearing this just reminds me of my childhood, and I love some of the memories that come to mind. I’m pretty sure this perfume is Italian(?) and the scent is mature and sophisticated, a scent that is perfect for a special event in particular.

3. The next perfume in my top 5, is Gucci Guilty:


This perfume is fab, next…

Just kidding, but I actually don’t think this perfume needs that much explanation as to why it’s so good. If you go into your nearest Debenhams store, you will know exactly what I mean. The perfume is sweet smelling, while smelling classy (if classy has a smell?) Plus it stays on, ALL DAY and that is a major bonus in my eyes.

2. My second favourite perfume is… Chloe Love Story:


I recently bought this perfume a few months ago and I have nooo regrets. This perfume was actually an exception of the rule I stated earlier ^; I bought this perfume myself. I discovered it a few weeks before I was due to get my next student loan, and as soon as that baby went into the bank, the perfume went into my shopping bag.

This is a very soft and gentle fragrance; I feel if any of the Disney Princesses wore perfume, this is the perfume they would wear. Highly recommend, such a pretty smell.

1. Finally, my favourite perfume is…Chanel COCO Mademoiselle:


(This bottle is almost empty, it’s not amazing invisible liquid).

I’m actually struggling to describe the smell of this perfume, who knew that describing fragrance would be so difficult… This perfume is also sweet (shocker), but it has a subtle musty undertone that really compliments the sweet smell. Although this perfume is really quite expensive, the smell itself is really strong. You will only need about two pumps of the fragrance to make it last all day, so the bottle will last a reasonably long time.

This has been my favourite perfume ever since I first smelled it: how romantic. There’s just something addictive about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if you debate spraying some up your nose for an even longer-lasting effect (please don’t, y’know health and safety and all that).

When I first started writing this post, it didn’t even occur to me how damn hard it would be trying to describe what these perfumes smelled like. If I’ve gave even a slightly acceptable explanation, I will be happy.

Everybody’s taste is different. As you will never be able to tell, I prefer the softer, sweeter smells as opposed to the musty, drier smells. Obviously you won’t be able to form an opinion until you’ve actually had a sniff, but I really recommend giving them a chance.



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