Three Different Ways To Wear Shorts

With Summer here (atm anyway), it is an absolute must to make sure our seasonal wardrobe is ‘on point’.

I don’t know about you…but I love versatile pieces of clothing! I love how you can change the way you wear something in order to suit it to the situation/occasion.

Versatile clothing is just the best. It saves you money, time and stops you from wearing something only once (we’ve all been there).

In this blog post, I wanted to talk about three different ways to wear shorts. Being an extremely popular choice of leg-wear (obvs) shorts can be easily dressed up or dressed down: making them a key element in your Summer wardrobe.

First, a trip to the beach.

Summer shorts are definitely a suitable choice of clothing to laze around in with the sand running through your toes and the warmth of the sun beating down on you.

Whether you are there with the family, friends or even your dog: in my opinion, shorts are the best way to go.

An outfit I would put together  for the beach consists of:


  1. These Summery shorts (duh) from Abercrombie and Fitch.

I am a huge Hollister fan and as I love the shop, I had high hopes for its partner ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’. I actually purchased these shorts in America last July at the store in Florida Mall. I was impressed. I came out with a few items of clothing that I now wear often, a great shop in my eyes. (P.S. The shorts look like they need a good iron, but this is how they naturally fall).

2. A white top from Hollister.

Every girl needs simple white vest top. They can be worn with pretty much anything, and still look good. I like the way this top looks when tucked into the shorts. The material is cool and airy, making it perfect for a warm day, lounging in the sun.

3. Flip-Flops.


Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with flip-flops. They’re great for keeping your toes lovely and cool BUT…  how embarrassing is that noise they often make while you walk. I mean, seriously? Anyone who says that that noise does not bother them, is LYING.

However, flip flops are the perfect shoe-wear for the beach. They have a sturdy sole which helps you walk on the uneven sand, alongside being very easy to clean. It’s actually ridiculous how many shoes I have thrown away simply because the sand will not come out of them, bad way to ruin shoes guys.

4. Sunnies…of course.


These are from Michael Kors, and they definitely fulfil their purpose of protecting my eyes while at the same time looking stylish. It is rare that these are either not on my face or my head during the Summer months.

5. Finally, a brown Cardigan from Hollister.


This is optional. If you live in a pretty cold area like me, you will be patting yourself on the back when the temperature suddenly changes. The material of this cardi is soft and woolly: perfect if the sea breeze is starting to make you shiver a bit.

A second way to wear shorts is on a night-out.

Whether that be a few drinks with the girls, or a evening meal date with your boyfriend; by simply changing the top and shoes, the shorts can be suited to a whole different look.

An outfit I would put together for an evening consists of:

1. The same shorts from A&F.


2. A plain vest top from Topshop. I think the dark grey colour contrasts nicely with the light pattern on the shorts, the colours compliment each other. Plus at only £4 in the sale as well as being my favourite colour, it’s a win win!

3. These dusty pink/nude platforms from New Look.


The addition of these heels transform the outfit. Although the shorts are some-what casual, the shoes dress the look up; also the colour of the platforms match the pink shade of the shorts perfectly, enhancing the many colours.

Finally, the last way to wear shorts I want to mention is during a shopping trip.

While shopping, it’s normal to want to look your best but comfort is key.

As you will be doing a lot of browsing/walking from one shop to another, being uncomfortable may make the trip less fun, as you will be more focused on your appearance rather than on the new shade of Joni Jeans that you just HAVE to have.

An outfit I would put together for a shopping trip consists of:

1. The same pair of shorts AGAIN, what else were you expecting?


2. A black, long-sleeved top from Urban Outfitters.

This top is actually a crop top, which leaves you with two options. You can either tuck it into the shorts or you can leave it natural. These shorts are high waisted, so if you do decide to show a bit of your belly off, you don’t have to worry about bloating issues being noticeable.

3. White Converse.


No one can go wrong with these shoes: they’re comfortable, go with just about anything and are reasonably affordable. The only downside is with them being white, they can get scruffy easily. Arguably, this is why a lot of people like them but I haven’t really formed an opinion yet myself.

With walking around a lot and hopefully carrying around some nice treats, you will definitely need some comfortable footwear. Alongside this: if your shopping centre floor is anything like mine, trainers or plimsolls are the only footwear you can wear unless you want to feel like a ice skater in the annual performance of ‘Disney On Ice’.

Fashion is definitely one of my newer obsessions; I love being able to bring out my individuality through clothing. One of my favourite parts of creating an outfit is being able to mix and match, and link items of clothing together that I have not experimented with before.

I love wearing these three short-based outfits and will carry on as long as we still have the nice weather, which will hopefully be a while!


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