Garden Weather Essentials

We all know Summer as the time of year we can laze about in the garden making the most of the sun that we actually get.

The last few days, the weather in England has been pretty damn good (for once); feel like Summer is finally starting to arrive!

What I mostly love about the hot weather are the days that I can just lounge in my garden in the warmth while reading my favourite book or listening to some Summer tunes.

I thought I would write a post about my garden weather essentials and what I like to do while relaxing.

So first on my list of essentials is SUNCREAM.

This is soooo important, and it’s pretty obvious why. I’m one of those extremely lucky people: with light hair and fair skin that just burns burns burns. If I’m lucky, that sunburn will then fade into a tan (but that’s pretty rare).

I really do envy the people who can sit outside for an hour and tan immediately.

Nevertheless, whether you’re fair like me or tan easily, it is important to use a suncream to protect your skin. The agony of sunburn is just not worth it (sorry).

One day last Summer, I decided it would be a fab idea to sit in the garden for about 40 minutes before I put suncream on.

One of my biggest mistakes EVER.

I spent the rest of that Summer with a tan line across my chest. It was in my holiday photos, my birthday photos, every photo. I felt like an idiot for months.

Don’t make that mistake, folks.

My next essential is my sun lounger chair.

I love this chair as you can either sit up in it or alternatively it folds back, it’s light to carry and it has pockets in the sides of the chair to hold: phones, headphones, drinks, suncream, plant-pots, the neighbour’s cat etc etc.

I’m pretty sure I got this chair from ASDA, but as I have had it for years now, don’t hold me to that.

Next are my sunglasses – these are a must.

As my funky chair is facing the sun, I have to wear sunglasses if I have any hope of seeing anything for the next few hours!

My sunglasses are by Michael Kors, in the style ‘Sicily’. There are some offers for these on Groupon, so keep your eyes peeled!

When I’m all settled in the garden with my suncream and sunglasses on, laying in my chair, there are a few things I may do.

I’m unfortunately not one of those people who can just close their eyes and do nothing while they’re laying in the sun, otherwise I’ll probs fall asleep and wake up looking like a freshly cooked lobster.

I love listening to music in the garden, whether that be using my IPod, laptop or Spotify (I’ve just recently got this and it’s fab).

My music taste generally varies; I will be listening to Chris Brown one minute and Calvin Harris the second. I have to say though, my preference for garden music is the more upbeat/summer/dance-y songs. There’s something about the combination of the warmth of the sun and some fantastic music that just makes you feel like you’re flying through the sky.

I also love to read in the garden. The book I am reading at the moment is ‘Handle with care’ by Jodi Picoult. I had the privilege of meeting her and her daughter last Wednesday, and they are honestly lovely. It was fab to get my favourite book signed as well!

I may also read my Kindle (usually something Disneyworld related), so I will make sure I bring that outside as well. It is so much easier reading off a Kindle than having a paper-back book in your hand. I can basically move into a potato position and still easily read each page, it’s great!

One particular thing I am guilty of, is not drinking enough fluid. I’ve never been a girl who drinks a lot through the day, but particularly in Summer I tend to drink even less. It’s especially important for me to change that however, in order for me to stay hydrated in hot weather. I now will either have a bottle of water on standby, or I will make a smoothie. Although a smoothie may not actually be classed as a liquid, I think they are so refreshing and they help me feel hydrated.

My favourite smoothie recipe is:

  • Two large handfuls of frozen blackberries.
  • About 10-15 strawberries (depending on size).
  • As much mango juice as you want (depending on preference of thickness).

I definitely made the most of the weather today, and I’m hoping we are given more hot days so I can lather myself in suncream again and go back inside the house paler than when I went outside.

There’s something about the sunshine that just makes me feel happy, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. I always love it when Summer rolls around, and finally I don’t feel like I’m ice-skating to the metro on a morning.

The only bad thing about this weather, is that it is extremely affecting my ability to get off my back-side and go to the gym or train for the Great North Run. I feel as though it is so rare we actually get nice weather, that i’m not going to waste it being indoors!!

Pfft there’s plenty of time for the gym the other 80% of the year anyways.


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