My Favourite Makeup Routine – MAC, Urban decay, Benefit + more.

Recently, I have been soooo interested in trying new products and creating new looks for myself. I don’t know what it is about makeup, but I may be a little bit obsessed with it – oops.

I’m forever seeing Beauty Gurus describe a certain foundation as their ‘new Holy Grail’, or saying ‘there is no need for false lashes when wearing this mascara’.

In this post I am going to show which products I use pretty much for my everyday routine, and which order I apply them in. All of these products are fab, and I recommend them to everyone – you won’t be disappointed!!

So, when I’ve finally forced myself out of bed (it takes so long), I have to make sure I’m wide awake before applying any makeup. If I don’t do this, I’ll have my eyes shut and we’ve all seen the blindfolded makeup challenges on YouTube = DISASTER. I’ll usually wake myself up by grabbing one of my makeup wipes from Boots and wiping my face.


These wipes are so refreshing, and they remove 99% of makeup without an issue. They are successful in waking me up too, as it would be way too blinking hard to still be asleep while feeling like a blanket of snow is on your face.

After my face has dried, I will apply my ‘Moisture + Nourish’ Moisturiser from Garnier.


I wouldn’t say this is a necessity for everyone, but I have extremely dry skin, and if I’m using a liquid foundation, my skin has to be as smooth as possible. This moisturiser does the trick though; when using this in my makeup routine my foundation glides on my face easily AND my face smells nice, so it’s a win-win really.

The primer comes next, and my favourite primer is Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’.


Not everyone would like the silicone-y texture, but I think it’s great at creating a barrier between your skin and your foundation.

Most people would now apply their foundation, but I have a trick that helps my makeup look freshly applied, for longer. I use my fave concealer ‘L’Oréal True Match’ in the shade 10 – Ivory, under my eyes, on my chin, down the sides of my nose and anywhere my blemishes are too noticeable. I think applying concealer UNDER the foundation has a better effect, as the application of the foundation will lock-in the concealer, making it harder to budge.


To be honest, when I first bought this concealer I wasn’t a hugeee fan, but only for the reason that I was used to using liquid based concealers rather than cream based. However, I’ve found that this concealer has the best coverage of any I have ever tried, and it is really easily blendable.

Now it’s finally time for the foundation. I use the Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ for applying.


This is definitely my favourite foundation brush; I am interested though in trying a Beauty Blender, so I will have to see how they compare.

My favourite foundation is MAC ‘Studio Sculpt’ in NW15. 11303496_1164980770186067_683118951_n

Although I love this foundation, the only issue I have with it is that I have to really blend it in. My skin is quite pale, and although this is the lightest shade of foundation that MAC has, I still find my hairline turning quite orange at times.

This foundation has a perfect coverage, it is enough to cover blemishes and unevenness without being cakey – everything I look for in a good foundation!

Moving away from the skin makeup, I now do my brows. I have quite difficult brows to work with simply because…without any product on them, I don’t have any HAHA. Well I do have them, but the hairs are so light you can’t see them. This makes me commit a sin that every skin-care enthusiast would gasp at: I don’t wipe off my eyebrows on a night time, I simply just re-do them in the morning. I know, I know this is bad for your skin but it saves sooo much time, and saves me experiencing a wonky brow situation.

I first pencil them in softly using the Rimmel London brow pencil in 002 Hazel, and then I fluff them up with the No7 ‘Brow palette’. The brush included in this palette is phenomenal.




Next is the most fun part I reckon…eye-shadow time.11349079_1164980653519412_697207103_n

I prep my eyelids using Urban Decay’s ‘Primer Potion’, and then I start applying eye-shadow. I use a slight range of different eye-shadows here: starting with applying ‘Tease’ from the Naked 2 palette in the crease. I will then swap to the Naked 3 palette, and put the colour ‘Limit’ on my eyelids, followed by ‘Dust’ on top of ‘Limit’. I will use the brush that comes with the Naked 2 palette for this. Then I will use a MAC eyeshadow in ‘Blackberry’ (a purple colour) on the outer corner of my eyelids and blend out with my finger.

Finally, I will use my Ted Baker Pencil Brush to dot a bit of ‘Blackheart’ (Naked 2) in the very outer corner of my eye, to make the look more dramatic.


Following this, I will use the duo (brush and gel eyeliner) from Maybelline in 01 black to create a winged eyeliner look.


11272295_1164980640186080_651840102_nThen I will use the ‘False Lashes Extreme Black’ mascara from MAC. Wooow this mascara is incredible! It really suits its name (totally recommend).

After completing my eye makeup, there is almost always product fall-out down my cheeks. I remove this with a makeup wipe, and use the same concealer as earlier to clean up the mess, and also put more on other areas of my face which need a bit more coverage. I blend this in with the same brush I used for my foundation.

I then contour my face using a Ted Baker brush (number unknown sorryyy). 11291277_1164981113519366_562931505_n

Completely cliché love for this bronzer, but I use ‘Hoola’ by Benefit to contour my cheeks, jawline and forehead. This is the perfect contour shade…not orange but it doesn’t make your face look dirty.11164158_1164980536852757_1325926708_n

After this I usually apply ‘High Beam’ by Benefit to highlight my face. 11301437_1164980586852752_1566829215_n

I apply it on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my brow bone and on the inner corners of my eyes.

Then I will use my MAC ‘Mineralize Skin-finish’ powder in the shade Light Plus to set everything into place and tidy up my contour.


Last but not least, I line my lips with the lip pencil ‘Boldly Bare’ by MAC.  I stay within the natural line of my lips with this pencil, not because I don’t like the idea of over lining, but because it’s my own personal preference. Then I use ‘Viva Glam II’ lipstick by MAC also, to finish off my lips. The pairing of these two products is incredible. It leaves you with the perfect nude lip colour. I have been searching for the perfect nude colour for ages now, and I have finally found it.


Finally, I will use Urban Decay’s ‘Makeup Setting Spray’ to ensure my makeup stays on as long as possible. This product is great; although it’s like a hairspray for your face, it does not feel sticky and dries immediately.


It usually takes me about 40 minutes to do this makeup look if I am taking my time, I know that may seem a long time to those who prefer to spend less time doing their makeup, but I love the results of this makeup look.

Also, I know these are a lot of products to apply for a ‘daily routine’, but this is how I like to wear my makeup and if you skip a few of the products it will defo take less time. This makeup look can be toned down, or played up. That’s what I love about it, the versatility.

I’ve only recently discovered some of these products, and I’m really looking forward to discovering more!


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  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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