How I relax during times of stress.

11251461_1155892477761563_1750004036_n Apart from having that first lil taste of Summer in May and June, these months are usually filled with stress, and frustration and aaaaaarg. Exam time and Assignment time is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of the year, for A-Level, AS-Level, GCSE and uni students. As I myself am in my first year at uni, I have assignment deadlines looming and wow, that is not fun. Luckily, I don’t have any exams this year, THANK YOU LORD so as soon as I get over these final pieces of work, I am done with my first year and can just chill and relax and maybe possibly work over the Summer?

However, until then stress is eating at me to get this work completed to the best of my ability.

Knowing how to relax is crazily important, especially in a student’s life and I try to do this as much as I can. When I do, there are a range of different things I do to help myself unwind.

It is extremely rare that I do not have at least one cup of tea throughout the day, because I mean who doesn’t love tea? (Ok probably a lot of people but I defo do), and then I snuggle in my cream, soft blanket (purchased from Wilkinsons). I reallllly recommend this blanket: it’s made from the softest material everrrr, it’s a decent price and it comes with me all over my house during Winter. Obviously, it’s not Winter now but with it being England and all, it may as well be.

I always love having a candle lit. My current favourite is ‘Fireside Treats’ by Yankee Candle. 11257665_1155892554428222_1888315784_n The smell of this candle is absolutely unbelievable. It smells like a mixture of wood, fire and melted marshmallows in the middle of a forest. It reminds me of a memory I have of last Summer, toasting marshmallows on the white sand beach of the Polynesian Resort in Disneyworld Florida (for non-Disney fanatics like me, you’ll just have to trust me that the smell is on point).

Another thing I will do is read a magazine or book. 11210135_1155892504428227_1792498031_n Glamour is my absolute fave magazine; with other magazines I tend to flick through most of the pages, uninterested at most of the information, but with Glamour, I really do enjoy reading every page. I love going through the magazine and circling the items of clothes I must purchase, but never do (just me orrrr?).

I’ve just recently finished a book called ‘Nineteen minutes’ by Jodi Picoult.

11245363_1155892541094890_1931873221_n WOW.

If you like books that once you start reading, you just can’t stop and would sacrifice your sleep for, then this is definitely the book for you. I was devastated to finish this book, and I generally want to just pick it up right now and start reading it again, it was THAT fab. However, I’m going to resist as I have started reading another of Jodi Picoult’s books called ‘Handle with care’. I haven’t read enough of it so far to form an opinion, but it seems good so far.

I love reading when I’m stressed. I find it a really effective way to unwind, as it makes you forget about all that stuff you haven’t revised yet, or that other 1000 words you have to write before your assignment deadline the next morning.

If I decide to read Glamour magazine, I like to listen to my current playlist while doing so. I don’t only listen to relaxing music as expected. My music can range from: I want you to know (Zedd ft. Selena Gomez and Hold my hand Chris Lake remix (Jess Glynne) to: Violet Hill (Coldplay) and Kiss quick (Matt Nathanson). I listen to music practically all the time, and any song I listen to automatically puts me in a good mood (most of the time anyway). Mind, I can only listen to music while reading magazines, not books. I do not know how that works.

Finally, watching a film always helps me to unwind whether that be during the day, or at night. I will watch any kind of film, whether that be a comedy, a chick-flick (how cliché) or a tug-on-your-heartstrings kind of movie (even more cliché). As long as it’s not boring and making my frustration grow, I don’t really mind.


Alternatively, I’ll watch a few, or a dozen y-know episodes of my fave TV show ever…One Tree Hill.

Honestly if you haven’t watched this yet, you are seriously missing out.

I was given the box-set for Christmas 2013, and literally I have watched it again and again since then. I probably sound crazy now hm…

Anyway, I always do these various things when I’m stressed because I just find it makes me feel so much better. I think the worst thing to do is wallow in stress and sit there for ages staring at a blank screen.

If I can’t find something to write or the information is just going in one ear, and out another, I always take a break and completely distract myself, and that way when I go back to my work, I have a clear head and fresh ideas. Sure, it may seem like wasted time, but in the long-run, if you stay stuck in that rut without doing anything about it, it will definitely waste more time in the long-run.


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