NAKED eyeshadow palettes: Review and combinations

Naked Palettes, Urban Decay

So, with this being my first blog post all-in-all: I decided I wanted to write a review of these Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes, alongside the colour-combinations I use.

First of all, these eye shadow palettes are AMAAAAAZING. The only fault I could possibly find is the product fall-out. You can get quite a bit of fall-out when applying, and the palettes tend to get a bit messy inside. Apart from that however, I could not fault these products at all! The eye shadows are extremely pigmented; with just one brush over the eyelid, that’s all you really need! A little goes a long way with these palettes, and they will last you a super long time.

The first palette I bought was the Naked 3 palette. I had fancied trying out this palette for a longgggg time but was unsure because I had little experience wearing eye shadow. I was very tempted watching tutorials on YouTube from the top Beauty Gurus, as they raved about how fab it was and their eye makeup just looked flawless.

I finally jumped on the band-wagon when I was on holiday in America last year, and I have to say the Naked 3 palette was the best purchase I made all holiday.

The rose-gold packaging is flawless, and I often found myself just sitting on the bed looking at it (sad I know).

The colours in this palette are definitely more for an everyday, neutral look.

My Top 3 fave combinations are:

  • Naked 3 paletteLiar (eyelid), Limit (crease), Nooner (outer crease) and Strange (Inner corner).
  • Dust and Trick (eyelid), Nooner (crease), Mugshot (outer crease).
  • Strange and Burnout (eyelid), Nooner (crease) and Liar (outer crease).

Because of how much I loved the Naked 3 palette, I decided that I simply HAD to buy the other two palettes.

I received the Naked 2 palette for Christmas, and I was again blown away by the range of colours and fab quality of the individual eye shadows.

Naked 2 palette

This palette is again made up of mostly neutral colours, however they can be transformed into a night-time makeup look, depending on what combinations you make.

My Top 3 fave combinations are:

  • Half Baked (eyelid and inner corner), Tease (crease) and Suspect (outer crease).
  • Verve (eyelid), Foxy (crease) and Tease (outer crease).
  • YDK (eyelid) and Tease (crease).

A few days later, I purchased the original Naked palette.

Naked 1 palette

Although I do love this palette as well, I have to admit that it is my least favourite of the three, simply because a few of the colours included I haven’t used yet (particularly Gunmetal and Creep), as I haven’t managed to combine them with the other colours in the palette so far.

Nevertheless, I still love this palette and there are many combinations I use on a daily basis.

My Top 3 fave combinations are:

  • Sidecar (eyelid), Buck (crease) and Half Baked (inner corner).
  • Toasted (eyelid), Naked (crease) and Virgin (inner corner).
  • Naked (crease). Sometimes I use this by itself to give a hint of colour when I cba to do a full eye makeup look, or if I’m running late because I’ve chosen sleep over my appearance (oops).

Overall, these palettes are definitely my holy grail of eye shadow. Although they are a bit pricey, in my opinion they are definitely worth spending a few extra pennies on.

I rarely use any other form of eye shadow now, as I have been using these palettes almost every day since I have had them.

Do go and treat yourself. I promise you it’ll be worth it!




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